Where in Asia to Retire, Try Cebu Philippines

As to which locations in the Asia are best for retirement, that easy, the one location that affords the most natural protection from the elements is Cebu Philippines. First most typhoons miss Cebu completely and are carried north of here to Luzon and Manila. Cebu is surrounded by large islands so any tsunami’s are cancelled out by them before reaching us here in Cebu, we have few earthquakes and no active volcanoes. Cebu City is the second largest city in the Philippines yet does not have the traffic problems Manila the Capital city does. Crime is much less although as in all cities anywhere in the world, we do have crime, the one thing you can’t avoid.
Only the Philippines as a nation has adopted English as it’s official Government language, and most of the locals speak at least some English. Other local dialects here are Cebuano and Tagalog is the national language.  Road signs, the government and Colleges are all using spoken English. Driving in the Philippines is a challenge yet not really that hard to master and they drive on the same side of the street as you are used to in the US and many other countries. I have been coming here since 2004 and still have not mastered the local language (Cebuano), just been too busy with so many activities here, and since my wife speaks fluent English she doesn’t force me to learn it either. Personally I learn better in a classroom but have not found one here yet. The images on this page are of signs in the Philippines which are in English.
This sign in Pampanga near the Clark Air Base made me laugh.

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