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  1. Must be in good health to get away from two police officers saving 1000 pesos for a trumped up world’s smallest flu pandemic to bring on one world government; because the public believe the mainstream media and government hypocrisy of destructive bioethics liars!

  2. Didn’t watch all the video, because this man was acting so ugly towards the police. He’s so arrogant and stupid. Alchohol makes some people act like a Jackass ! He’s one of them!
    I felt very sorry for his wife! What a terrible life she must live with him. (No one has a right to disrespect a police officer. ).🤬

  3. Many foreign countries from China, Europe and Australia always due this to the Filipino authority like the PNP (police) and other Filipino in a disrespectful manner. The Philippines are generally a patient country and let things go with foreigners. Even a few bad expat Americans do this too. These foreigners should not disrespect the Philippines because they think there money is more value there in the Philippines, all people deserve resect. I appreciate the Philippines when I was station there in 1991 at Clark Air Base and I am sure even today they get along when you get along today in the year 2020 in the Philippines.

  4. He did the WORST possible thing you can do in Asia – he lost his temper. He made everyone in the situation lose face. Deport – no. but I reckon his neighbours and Pinoy friends might be giving him a wide berth for a while. Control that temper Little Man! If he did that in the States or my country (or plenty of other countries) he would have been thrashed or shot.

  5. Brian, That man has no respect for the policeman just trying to do his job. I’m sorry Sir, would have gone a long way, with the policeman. He just should have gone into his home and stayed there.

  6. Absolute great restraint even while going hands on…Regardless what this tool says in the future, the video speaks volumes. He better pull out that check book…Also he knows he f#*ked bringing up Pacquiao.

  7. I just saw this, right before you posted it too. One of my subscribers, I also sub to his channel, posted this and I was outraged. Rather than retype my view, I’ll just do a copy paste. Haha. Also, I think my channel name change went through as TennRides now and not V. Vking. Still me though. I don’t know what country that DRUNKEN FOOL is from, but it is jerks like that who give foreigners a bad image to so many people! I’m not sure what started the entire issue, but the way he was insulting the police and not wearing a mask, the minute he stepped into the street I would have wanted to slam him to the ground and handcuff him. If he would have done the same thing, under the same circumstances in America, they would have pulled out a taser gun and he would have been on the ground shaking like a scared puppy dog. Man, I wanted to punch that fool right in the face, and I’m not a violent guy, the way he showed no respect for the police, or the people of the Philippines, he even was disrespecting his wife. I hope he was taken to jail and had to pay a fine before he could leave. What is wrong with people like him? If he is in his own home not wearing a mask, fine, but once he stepped onto the street he was NOT in his home. I could continue, but this is long enough and shows my view on this idiot. The man needs to be respectful if he is going to live in someone else’s country!

  8. Kudos to the Filipinos!
    I wish we had laws like that here in the state’s!
    Here, Illegal aliens can run roughshod over you with impunity! Pretty
    fucked up!!!

  9. He should make an appointment at the police outpost or station where this Sgt. came from and sit down with him and his C.O. and just PLAIN SAY SORRY….
    Everyone is stressed out and I think with the right attitude it can be straightened out…
    Just my thoughts from past experience………Be genuine…

  10. He handled it the wrong way i’ll admit. But there is only so much of this we can take. It’s getting so stupid. That being said, that might be the nicest looking neighborhood i’ve seen in the PH.

  11. If that was in the U.S the cops would of tasered his nut sack and then whacked him in the mouth with a billy club. I’d say he got off pretty easy .

  12. On the flip side people sneak into America, kill, steal, rape etc. and if American citizens attempt to stop it or merely disagree with it they are called racist (by a certain political party)

  13. The Police tried to extort 1000php from him because his maid wasn’t wearing a mask while she was outside watering plants. Of course the authorities are gonna twist the story to make it seem like they were in the right. The authorities (police) don’t know the law and never should have tried to extort him for money.

    It’s also true what you’re saying though. Foreigners need to know that they are quite often targets of extortion by law enforcement and need to factor that in when out in public. Who knows, maybe he has been extorted before and is fed up?

    It seems the foreigner should just shut up and go inside the house, but is instead chose to taunt the officer(s). With that said, the officers could have also simply walked away as well.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right and, in this case, I think the foreigner is right as far as the law goes and the attempted extortion, but that’s not how it works in the Philippines. So, in reality, the foreigner is always wrong. LOL.

    The officer(s) were actually fairly restrained as far as I could tell. I think the foreigner was lucky that things didn’t end up much worse for himself.

  14. Disrespecting or verbally abusing a cop or any persons of authority is a crime in the Philippines, under the revised penal code. Ignorance of law excuse no one

  15. The PNP were waaaay patient with him….in his native Spain or US, he would have been flattened and eating pavement much sooner…I’d sorry for PNP that put up with that. He’s lucky….everyone knows if you dont have a shirt on, its prolly gonna be a felony (j/K)

  16. That’s behavior is unacceptable anywhere in the world. You need to show respect to a police officer, but instead he is bad mouthing them. He is an undesirable alien that can result to deportation .

  17. We need some unruly in the U.S., this is complicated and they knew about this and this will be the norm if we don’t stand up! Also why does Alcohol have a play in this, He is right!!!!!

  18. I think this guy a dick but I’m seeing alot of comments regarding the foreigner, the foreigner. He lives there, basically a permanent resident. Here in Canada that shit wouldn’t fly, follow the law as a citizen, whether born here or a permanent resident from anywhere. Alot of these comments are focused only on him as that vs the issue, he’s a disrespectful asshole towards authority, period.

  19. There is a right way and a wrong way to speak with the police which applies to any country. This arrogant drunk chose the wrong way. The laws of the Philippines does not stop at the gates to his upscale community. I’m willing to bet that if he spoke to the Policeman with a calm and respectful tone, he may have asked for a verbal warning and it would have been granted. In the United States this man would not have been allowed to escape into his home and claim to be a victim to the media. I’m disgusted by this foreigner’s actions and it makes foreigners living in the Philippines like myself look very bad.

  20. Lucky he didn’t get a cap in his a@@. No respect. Losing face. Totally disrespectful. He is a foreigner. Respect the law and respect The Philippines. What an a@@hole.

  21. A very arrogant foreigner disrespectful of person in authority. The law applies to everybody in this country be it local or foreigner. He should be deported to where he belong damn!! He thinks he is above our law just because he is rich.

  22. What can one say! Wow talk about being out of order. Thought the police showed restraint given the situation. Deserves to be given a period detention in the local jail.

  23. It’s kinda funny how so many people say Deport for this… yet in America it’s almost impossible to deport illegals who continue to break laws…

  24. He’d be lucky to just be deported. Public embarrassment is punishable by a minimum 6 months in a Philippine prison. In the Philippines it is illegal to say anything bad about anyone or any institution, living or not. They take public embarrassment very seriously. If you do it online, then the minimum prison term is 6 years if I remember correctly. There is no right to free speech in the Philippines. it can land you in jail, no matter if what you say is true or not. And the penalty for embarrassing someone in public can be worse than if you killed them. You want to yell and scream at a Filipino or Filipina in public, then be prepared to spend some quality time in jail. Or pay them and their family a lot of money to drop the case. Different countries have different laws, if you want to travel outside of your home country, it’s best to learn what you can and cannot do.

  25. I saw the video the day it was posted and called his arrest. I never thought i would say this but i missed the American way of a policeman not taking that kind of abuse. Forcefully apprehending such idiots. Funny thing is that i had just finish watching a YouTuber’s video on blacklisting. I’m sure if that guy saw that video he would have been smarter! Waiting for the update on his deportation and return ban.

  26. What an arrogant p@#$% he has no right speaking to these men like that when they are just performing their duty. He must obey the law it is simple and his charges are now much worse than a simple fine. His wife should be charged with obstructing as well.

  27. Philly, THIS is when things might start getting dangerous for you. So far it’s been mostly peaceful, but many many Pinoy are getting desperate to feed themselves and their families. Double or re-double your safety.
    Curt in San Diego, California

  28. Any video an ” x” number of minutes long never portrays the entire story, but what I saw was an angry, drunk boss with his hands on his hips trying to push his authority in a place where he certainly was not in charge and a cooler head should prevail. If he does run a business and has trusted local employees I hope it’s not the way he treats them. I feel the most sorry for his maid… a sweet woman that gets stuck in the middle of this situation.

  29. I have also read that all this happened within a private compound and on the foreigner’s own property. Don’t you think this intrusion deserves to be questioned. There is always a language problem and understanding what each other is saying can be complicated. But I do not think the foreigner actually broke any laws and as I understand it the police cannot enter the property unless its because of pursuit, i.e a drugs chase

  30. Amazing how he remembered he had a back injury when Kuya had reached his limit with the disrespect. In all my time in the Philippines I never once addressed anyone with disrespect. There was never a need and I hope this guy gets what he deserves. Those officers have enough going on right now and don’t need to hear from some entitled drunk telling them to fuck off. Respect is a two way street, the officers seemed to show respect and the Spanish knucklehead showed none. Hope he gets the boot!

  31. He did show disrespect the PNP. Worse yet to his wife and child. Mistakes, we’ve all made them. I hope they can forgive his alcohol courage with probation. With his temper he needs to refrain from alcohol.

  32. looks like another instance of a police state of mind ,the virus brings out the best and worse of everyone ,the guy was clearly egging on the police man or marine guy but each could have just walked away from the situation and chose instead to esculate it

  33. The drunken fool thinks he’s a “citizen” and thinks he’s entitled to speak to the Police that way? I agree with Senator Lacson, the BI should teach this man exactly what his immigration status is and deport him and stamp his file PNG. Let him sober up where he IS a citizen and appeal it in 5 years. Maybe he’ll learn a little humility and learn to respect people. I really think they should change the name of the BI back to what it was when I lived there, the BID (Bureau of Immigration and Deportation). It might remind fools like this that while the Bureau graciously giveth, they can also taketh away too, in a heartbeat.

    I learned some sad news today that I wanted to pass on to you Brian, and all the other expats here, about a man whose name, most probably didn’t know, but who touched every Philippines expat and former expat lives, who sadly passed away on Monday (non CHIMPP related). I’m sure, at some point, while discussing the Philippines, we have all quoted him, many of us hundreds of times, without even realizing it. That man was former Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez, who started the “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” campaign. I think we should all take a moment and offer a thought or prayer to him to thank him for the wonderful impact he had on our lives. My deepest condolences to his family.

  34. Wait, so i read it and i heard what you said…..the guy was getting a ticket for watering flowers in HIS front yard without a mask…..not walking down the street….not in a public place….in HIS front yard where there is no one else. I 100% agree with the guy, the police are the ones in the wrong and every single one of them should be fired. He was on his own property watering flowers not close to anyone else. The police should pay damages and all beg the foreigner for forgiveness on national tv. Attacking someone for watering flowers in their own front lawn…..that is 100% the most oppressive thing i have heard of in my whole life.

  35. This quarentine in affecting all of us Brian. For some reason our Barangay will not let me be on the pass to do the shopping. It wouldn’t be so bad but my girlfriend has to walk quite a ways because there is no public transportation. And she can only go out 2 days a week while most other places on Luzon go out for 3 days. We have very few cases here in Lipa City. I pay for everything and I need to go to the bank ATM to withdraw money but I can’t do that. I am stuck here in the house. I just hope President Duterte doesn’t impose Martial law. But I respect the laws here and I would have just paid the fine. Just some of the rules don’t make sense.

  36. I am considered a foreigner and I say deport that fool being drunken is no reason to be stupid as a foreigner we are GUESTS in there county, if any foreigner were to act that way in my country they would need to go. It doesn’t matter if they are helping the economy or not they need to be deported if they cannot abide by the rules and laws in the country than are not welcome and they just make things worse for those of us who do follow the rules and laws. That makes me so angry 😡. Anyway hello Brian I hope you Lot, HG and Lots brothers are all doing well and please be safe, take care.

  37. From what I read and saw on ANC, the PNP tried to fine the maid 1000 PHP for not wearing a mask which is a legitimate fine but are they really enforcing it for being at your property alone? I think that’s what got the foreigner and his wife upset enough to come out of the house. The maid is being charged with assault too. I guess she feels she wasn’t going for a walk or to a sari sari store or to the market. The fine is meant to keep people safe in public places and it was probably enforced because it’s a rich area – easy pickings. I don’t know are people standing in front of their houses without masks? I saw a drivealong video of some foreigner in your neighbourhood handing out relief goods and the people in front of their houses are in groups of several people and nobody is wearing a mask. It’ doesn’t excuse this guy’s behaviour though.

  38. Apr 02, 2020 · “Shoot them dead”: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte orders police and military to kill citizens who defy coronavirus lockdown. Lucky Guy.

  39. Its a shake down of a foreigner. They are on his private property. So what’s the law now, face masks in your back yard.
    The police had no right to go on his private property. No one was in danger.
    He is married to a philipina, he is a philipeans citizen.

  40. I thought the Officer was extremely calm, despite the abuse he received from the angry foreigner. Perhaps when he sobers up he will realise he was in the wrong. In many countries he would have been handcuffed, gassed or worse.

  41. tanga deserve niya yan..walang magagawa ang kakasigaw mo…sana tinuruan mo ng good moral and right conduct yang foreigner na yan..dapat hindi binabastos ang frontliners lalo na at army tapos nasa pilipinas pa siya..

  42. Everyone was wrong in that one. But it was started by the (police). Standing on your front lawn watering your plants, is not being in (public). And there is no rules in place right now requiring persons to wear masks while on private property. As with most (police and security guards) in the Phils, he was trying to extort 1000 pesos into his pocket under the color of law. Trying to extend his (authority) onto private property, and the drunk guy was not having it!!

  43. The cops are overstepping their legal rights, and the foreigner is a drunk a$$hole that deserves to be deported. If the guy would have said, sorry policemen we wont water are flowers without a mask, and went inside. We would not be talking about this. And the cops should not be going after people on their own property for not wearing a mask. And what is this guy thinking, water flowers when there is a water shortage anyways.

  44. I would have given the officer the money, but get his name, take a picture then go to the police station. He is lucky the officer was calm. The homeowner was way out of line dealing with the situation.

  45. How is being in your front yard being in public? This man was not arrogant he was infuriated. The police came on his property to shake him down for 1000 Pesos which would have gone right in their pockets. You walk in your front yard with no mask and asked to pay 1000 P fine? These cops in the Philippines are on a power trip because of their enhanced authority with the virus situation. I would have been pissed off too! This makes nation news and they want to deport him! How thin skinned they are!

  46. Sorry, but with Duterte courting China, the heady old Days of Foreigners doing what they want is OVER!
    You could be outliers and all subject to arrest, Punishment, and Deportation – OR may “Dissapear!”

  47. I think both guys could have approached this differently..

    I had an issue at a checkpoint where the guy tried to tell me I couldn’t proceed with shorts on. There is no such rule. Then, he let 2 guys proceed with shorts.. I told him I was going thru also and I did.. They didn’t do anything

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