Arriving at Boracay!! – Philippines

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    1. @californiarific ha!  i did my weekly diary update from the resort in boracay, and then began editing the video i’ve been shooting, starting with the beginning of the trip in Duma.. so that everything comes out in sequence.  🙂

  1. Excellent video! Very sharp, please use that resolution all the time, hopefully I’ll make it there one day, I know you had a great time dont forget to show us the food.

    1. @Aprille Shepherd
      Don’t know if I’ll be doing my usual Jamaica trip at that time of the year.  A fever (chikungunya) is going on down there at present and might not have burnt itself out by Feb.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  Enjoy your trip.  Would like to know how you find the Philippines.  Lots of info on how the guys feel about it but not much from  the ladies.

  2. I was there in July!  We also used the Southwest service.  The bus ride to the ferry was long but I was with my girl and her parents so it was an enjoyable drive to enjoy the scenery.  The big ferry was the one I thought I would be on too, but I was glad it was the smaller boat because the big one looked run down.  I still had a carry on from my flight from the U.S. and then from Manila so I had quite a bit of luggage with me unfortunately.  Since I was “Cano” there were guys there who would grab my luggage (without my saying so) and haul it around to the bus/boats and expect me “tip” them even though I never asked. So other people seeing this video that make multiple plane hops like me, be aware!  Guys will try to grab your luggage right away and expect you to tip them! 

    All in all, I really had a great time there!  The flame dancers were neat to see at night, the scenery was nice, and the different restaurants there had good food and drinks!

    My only gripe is you can’t walk down the “business” part of the beach without constantly getting harassed by someone trying to peddle you for souvenirs or “beach fun” packages.

    But I hope you and your newfound buddies have a good time there Henry!  Which hotel are you guys staying at?

  3. Thanks for posting all the views around the north end of Iloilo.  There were two deaths from hypothermia in N. Iloilo so we were concerned about the storm damages.  Looks like everything is intact.  Thanks for the visit and enjoy Boracay!

  4. King Kong? You mean Jack Black haha…I never went to Boracay because I heard about it being so commercialized and expensive. I wonder if they have different rates for locals or Filipinos? Seems like a nice place to me so far based on your video.  Guess me and the misses will have to take a trip there one day if I can find a off season bargain.  I just have trouble paying high prices at places where I can drink the water.

    1. @Tom D i think most who call it crowded or commercialized are those who visited it more than 10 years ago.  comparatively i suppose it would be.  but the beaches were not crowded and i enjoyed having so many shops and restos to pick from.  in the evening, you can easily get a long stretch of beach all to yourself for a romantic walk.  🙂

  5. You make such great videos Reekay, it’s almost like going there with you, especially when one has done similar type adventures in the Far East before. It is really great to following your journey’s especially as you switch on your camera during the interesting bits and switch it off when nothing is happening and then presto, back on and we get the next leg of the journey. It all looks very beautiful out there. 

  6. what’s up from San Diego… landlord just up my rent!!!  I so want to move out of Cali for PI……..just a matter of time…saving….tic…tac…tic….tac….the money I would save!!!

  7. love ur vids as always…..Please add more info on INTERNET speed and access…..What is the best and fastest service in CEBU….price is no issue when it comes to INTERNET….must have a good fast internet…..THANKS…..maayung ugma!!

  8. This is awesome & helpful video, Boracay is on my list of places i be coming to visit, looking so forward to chilling in Boracay…

    However i really do not want to leave my luggage unattended on top deck, always want to keep my eyes on it, Do we have to leave it unatteded?

    1. @awis kwan I will also be in Boracay around April 2016 as well, i’m to excited my self, but that heat is only thing i’m not gonna like.

    2. I know right @***** I was nervous to but then i was like, i been waiting & wanted to go to philippines for a year & now that i got the freedom & income, I say to my self, i’m not gonna let nothing stop me from going, so now i’m still gonna go haha, i be there in Feb 2016, so very excited, hope u have a great tip there next month.

    1. +David Migneault this was my first time to boracay. personally i’m glad they now have a pier, resorts, outdoor mall, etc. i had a great time and since it was early december, not crowded at all. a great experience.

    1. +Larry Richelli is it easy? yes! i enjoyed swimming, eating and hanging out. is it expensive? again, yes! 🙂 figure a decent resort will be about $85 – $120 usd per night. restos are about $7 a meal (unless you go to Andok’s Chicken place). it’s more of a high-end vacation spot. Alona Beach is smaller (on Panglao) but less expensive.

    1. yes, no issues like those associated with southern mindanao. generally speaking, anything north of mindanao island or samal is fine. Maasin is not an issue.

  9. Wow, this is where I stayed on my honeymoon October 2014 at the Shangri-la Boracay just a few months before you. Was with the same girl who scammed me into getting married. $800+ a night of memories that got destroyed.

  10. you ever out in Riverside and need good Mexican food let me know buddy. Im in LA but my primos own a little market with a food deli inside 😉 near the 15 and 60frwy, Salud!

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