Arrested for making a joke about Xi Jinping

After posting an innocuous joke about the Chinese “president” on his wechat, this university student was arrested and interrogated for 9 hours, come and listen to his story…

They also collected the social media accounts and details of all of his friends who laughed at Xi Jinping

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  1. Milan Kundera (of Unbearable Lightness of Being fame) had to leave his homeland, a Soviet satellite.
    His first novel is The Joke. This protagonist makes a joke about the government / the system in a summer camp as a student and his entire life is ruined … Americans were laughing at people who grew up in such countries … now watch how obedient they themselves are.

  2. Not much time left, one fine day Chinese people will drag Wini the Poop into the streets like Mussolini and we all know the history. Wini the Poop can get angry but when citizens unite, you see something similar to French revolution. History repeats itself.

  3. You can lose your job in uk now ,just by posting jokes about the virus and commenting negative information about boris .who would have ever thought uk would end up communist country.

  4. Xi is more dangerous than kim jong un…kim jung un at least laughs smiles but if you see XI he looks like perfect villain dictator

  5. Have no idea why You Tube recommended me to this site. I’m a American doing business in several countries around the world. And what is being said/stated here I’ve diffently not heard or experienced. ‘Amazing ‘…

  6. Well here iran we have the same condition as the people in china , god forbid if you make fun or critisize the system , oppose the hijab (even though there’s no law to enforce it) , have an diffirent opponion or be a foreigner along with crap-tone of other things

  7. Anyone else experiencing anomalies with their YouTube subscriptions? I was subscribed to serpentza and a couple other channels for years and all of a sudden I’m unsubscribed.

  8. I have looked at and studied china and what has happened there for the last hundred years, from the inception of the CCP till today, It is terrifying for not only what they have done and more importantly what they are capable of.
    Iam of the belief that if given the opportunity they will commit genocide and attempt to depopulate whole countries,

    Convince your politicians by what ever means that china is to be resisted no matter what, and everthing they do should be considered a strategy to gain world domination.

    I know some will think not even china could go this far, but in some ways they already have within china and against their own people,

    I often remember the words of an old jewish man when asked why didnt you escape germany he said

    How could anybody ever believe it could happen. It was beyond the realms of understanding

    China has crossed that line

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  9. xi jinping is too soft and compassionate for that guy, he should have sent someone to whack that person until he become a comatose patient just like how kim jong un did it to that u.s student Otto Frederick Warmbier.

  10. CCP is the greatest threat to the humanity the history has never seen something like this before. Even Nazis were not as dangerous as CCP.

  11. All of the Western apologists for China need to realize the true character of the CCP. Unfortunately, they won’t as they are already brainwashed beyond hope. How very sad and depressing.

  12. “You can elect into communism, but you can’t elect your way out”
    I hope the oppressed Chinese citizens will break free of the CCP.

  13. Good try Serpentza! I can get my neighbours ir a relative to talk, I blurred his image and can tell he’s from any country Or can tell any story I want

  14. Good try Serpentza! I can get my neighbours ir a relative to talk, I blurred his image and can tell he’s from any country Or can tell any story I want

  15. Can someone tell the China CCP party to make steel spoons properly. I got made in China spoons from Kmart and they rusted within 2 days . Boasting propaganda everywhere, can’t even make a spoon properly…don’t you ‘loose face’ when your spoon rusts within a couple of days?

  16. When will you go back to your original video format which is more positive and informative- recently it’s been too political and we get enough of it in the news

  17. During the Cold War, the Czech author Milan Kundera wrote a novel called ‘The Joke’ about a university student who wrote a postcard to his girlfriend, in which he made a joke about a high-ranking Communist Party official. It ruined his life. The book is rather funny, but it portrays the brutality of life under communism. Obviously, that spirit lives on in China’s CCP!

  18. It bothers me so much that people in the US take their free speech for granted. I just can’t imagine why people are so willing to give freedom up. For what? Why do people seem to want so badly to be controlled?

  19. Well that was an idiot move by the government, The growing mood in the lbgtq community is getting angry here, yet another group they don’t realize is a force to be reckoned with , their dismissive attitude is their weakness.

  20. Great video 🙂👍
    In the UK when our Police intervene and arrest drunken, brawling louts, “It’s a Police State man!!”
    When our Police politely intervene to advise folk, that they are breaking the rules of our ‘Lockdown & Social Distancing’ during the current Covid-19 crisis “It’s a Police State man!!”
    If our Police subdue and arrest violent and antisocial criminals, using their batons & tasers, mostly for their own self defence “It’s a Police State man!!”
    Police in the UK, who apparently Police by Consent, are dammed if they do & dammed if they don’t.
    This video should be mandatory viewing in the UK.
    How things actually work in a real Police State.

  21. In this world today there is no place for communism that is a thing of the past. Its about time they they let it go back into the past where it belongs

  22. CCP has just become another Nazi Regime and they are in illusion that…… one will stand against their massacre and illegal activities but ultimately the same will happen to Xi that happened to hitler……..

  23. ChiNazis. What can you do, they want their revenge upon their century of humiliation to let the West have a taste of their imperialism medicines in the 19th-20th century.

  24. When people talk about freedom of speech and the American 1st Amendment you cannot forget the 2nd Amendment either. When tyrants try to take away freedom of speech, the citizen has a duty to use the 2nd Amendment.

  25. Haha Winston, can just see all the little pinks or wu mao frothing at the mouth and jumping up and down screaming: “Winston just called all Chinese people Nazi’s!!!” (obviously you very carefully made sure you didn’t, but you know what those… creatures? Are like… 🙂 Video made my day. Cheers mate.

  26. I know you said you wouldn’t reveal any of his personal details, but what industry does he work in? It’s a bit hard to know if people can help him find work outside the country if we don’t know what he can or wants to do.

  27. Can you imagine if America did the same to people picking fun at Trump! They would need to make every American police officers 😂
    World, wake up to the CCPs black heart 🖤

  28. So many Americans on the Left including Politicians, should experience a country like China to make them see what real freedom is. Not just a facade portraying it.

    They are in their Bubble.

  29. How can the Chinese people be so lovely if they’ll turn against you with a drop of a hat. Especially if they’ve known you for years.

  30. With Paranoia and Xenophobia currently on the increase in within the CCP, it smacks of desperation and they will only attract more and more attention the louder they get. World Wide disapproval is ratcheting up and it must be driving them (the CCP) crazy. This will hopefully bring this evil regime down from the inside.

  31. US is an absolute shithole too and Canada is not much better. If you must relocate then why not to somewhere liberal like most European countries.

  32. It’s crazy how there are Westerners who live in free countries defend CCP like a bunch of paid shills (California, LeBron James, Mulan actress, etc etc etc)

  33. Is it just me, or does China seem to be turning into the next North Korea? It is a relief that both you, Laowhy and your families left China when you did. I think we would all worry for your safety if not and the probable persecution of you and your families and friends. However it does concern me that you are being heavily watched in every move you take, not just YouTube and social media. Stay safe and keep well.🙏😷🌏❤️

  34. In the Philippines, if you’re unlucky, the NBI will come arrest you without a warrant if you tweet full on criticism on the Philippine Govt’s handling of the pandemic.
    President Duterte allowed the Philippines to become another province of the CCP.

  35. Oof that sign of was powerful Winston. We take a lot for granted living in a country like America, everything isnt perfect, but it certainly could be much worse

  36. If you could not verify the whole story, then it is better not to use it on your channel. The matter does not sound that simple according to what the guy says.

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