Happy Fathers Day out there to every MAN who takes care of their children and is a TRUE FATHER.



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About me : Retired American Expat Brian & Filipina wife Luisa, living in the Angeles City / Clark Pampanga Philippines.


  1. I just got back from father’s day with my two year old girl and mama. Walked all over down there. No problems. Prostitution is also illegal in pi. So, there’s that…

  2. Happy Fathers Day Brian. What a great day it was. I love that steakhouse, its yum. When i stayed there i found its authentic USA menu was a real oasis. Truth is in the eating!

  3. Happy Father’s Day! Nice to watch your video and be reminded of the happy father’s day times in Angeles. BTW you asked in an earlier video how to pronounce “Angeles.” I never heard any Filipino including my gf’s (now fiancé’s) extended family pronounce it the way you do. I lived in the Philippines for over 8 years 3 of which were in Angeles plus many more traveling and not once did anyone pronounce it as you are torturing yourself to do. Am I missing something here? Hmmm. What scholarly source do you have for such a pronunciation please? Brian please stop torturing yourself! The word “Angeles” is etymologically Greek not Filipino (=Tagalog), Bisaya, Spanish or English or any other language you can think of (etymology=linguistic origin of a word). It comes from the Greek word Angelo (= Αγγελω) pronounced with the Greek sound “γγ” the closest of which in English is the “g” sound as in the word “angel” or the way we pronounce the city of “Los Angeles” in USA. The word appears in Homer’s Iliad and numerous times in the New Testament (Bible). The New Testament was originally written in Greek. The term angel means messenger in Greek (someone who announces something). The Greek term angel (“aggelos” =αγγελος) has been associated in the Christian faith as a result of the New Testament and other ancient Greek language texts with the messengers of God (those who carry the message of the Christian God)… hence the term “angels” in English to refer to the messengers of God’s message. The term “Angeles” is the Spanish derivative of the original Greek. Philippines is no longer a Spanish colony so why stick to the Spanish pronunciation which is after all worse than the English one (given that the original Greek word’s pronunciation is closer to the English language rather than the Spanish)? Have I confused you enough already? LOL Furthermore Filipinos stopped using Spanish long time ago ever since the conquistadores were essentially defeated by the Filipinos and after turning the country over to the Americans left the Philippine islands. Only one area in southern Philippines (Mindanao) still uses a form of Creole (mixed) Spanish known as Chabacano (mainly in Zamboanga city). The Spanish were replaced by the Americans who changed many place names from Spanish to English including the name of the country itself: Las Felipinas became “Philippines.” The Americans were apparently by far better educated in ancient languages such as Greek than the mostly ignorant conquistadores who mispronounced or misspelled the original Greek. This is why when the Americans took over the country they correctly spelled the word “Philippines” with two p consonants in the middle of the word “Philippines” because the term Philippines itself (=the name of the country) is also etymologically Greek: it should have two p consonants according to the original Greek spelling. Why bis that so, you may ask? This is so because the word Philippines is a compound term which is etymologically derived from two Greek words: the Greek words for love and horse. The word horse in Greek has two p consonants. Here is a more detailed analysis: The word “philos” (Phil-ippines) means love or friend (Philos=φιλος); the Greek word for horse=ippos (or ιππος) refers to the second part of the term Philippines (ippines) hence Philippines can be loosely translated as the country that loves horses. This is because when it was first conquered by the Spanish it was named in honor of the King of Spanish king at the time whose name was Philip (Felipe)… Spanish royals often followed a long tradition of European royals of naming themselves after ancient Greek heroes such as Alexander or his father Philip (Felipe in Spanish or Φιλιππος in Greek). In ancient Greece the word Philip was quite common because there were many people who loved or cared for their horses (=main means of transportation for upper class warriors). Hence someone who loved horses was called “horse lover” or Philip…eventually it became a common name. Thus by strange coincidence the country is referred to as the country that loves horses not because its people were at the time the Spanish conquered it avid horse lovers but because of the name of the Spanish king at the time. Hence the spelling of the term Philippines with two p consonants because the Americans who took over the country after the Spaniards left knew that the correct spelling for the word “horse” in Greek is with two p consonants in the middle of the word. Say ANGELES the way you see it: it should be pronounced the same way we say “Los Angeles” in English rather than in Spanish. Spanish is after all not only an incorrect way of pronouncing the original Greek but the language (Spanish) represents in my view a long gone conqueror who was more interested in looting the country and building admittedly beautiful churches than education itself (let alone public education).

  4. brain i maned up came back to angeles got my son he is 12 now a boxing champion his boxing name is the fallan angel watchout for him in the future

  5. Happy Father’s Day! I will remember that RBI steakhouse is inside the Queens Hotel for next time I am able to visit Angeles City again! Enjoy!

  6. Nice video again, and for all the advertising and showing every page of the menu, you would think that the meal should have been on the house. I would not be surprised if they get a serious upswing in business as a result of your video. Glad you enjoyed your meal there, because I could see the prices there were every bit as expensive as they are here in the USA or maybe even more, in some cases.

  7. Just finished watching yours and Lots posts. Love, love, love great way to start the day. I think I would have just bellied up to the pastry cabinet. Wow just light up my taste buds. It is wonderful to see the love you both have for one another and I really appreciate you guys sharing your life with the world. Thank you for calling out the “dead beat DADS.” I’ll leave it at that.

  8. WTF dude? You’re supposed to be suffering through a pandemic in a 3rd world country not feasting on steak and seafood will I’m stuck here in the U.S. eating a bowl of Fruit Loops. You’ve got it good brother!

  9. You made me want to try that place. there is far and long between places that serve good steaks in Angeles,, Anyway Happy fathers day Brian, great video. and I am 100% with you on the child support.

  10. Ate there many times; last in March 2020. Wish I were there now. You are so right on about the love them and leave them dads. Abington High.

  11. Well said Bryan, this is why Philippineo’s don’t like foreigners they take advantage of these beautiful girls, then Peter pays for Paul and Paul pays for all.

  12. Love the RBI,,,great food,,friendly staff,and nice owner,,,,,I used to stay at Queens until they went up on there prices,,now i prefer there sister hotel ,The Royal Amsterdam,,,nice rooms and affordable.. Happy Fathers Day Brian !!

  13. A Happy Father’s Day to you too my real father passed away years ago and never knew my father because he never knew he had a son just to let you know to I’m still here still talking to her my sunshine need to get away from all this drama because I don’t feel good anymore I’ve been stressed out and tired of work I just need to go somewhere and start a new drama with less stress and I need someone professional help to get me over there and my stuff and go from there but I don’t know who to get to help but it would be kind of nice to have that professional help or from the heart that believes in Jesus 100% that is willing to help out from the heart cuz I can’t take it over here anymore I just feel like giving up sometimes and yes I do talk to Jesus life and sometimes I asked Jesus why can’t you just take me instead of me being here on this Earth why can I be in your heaven in your kingdom in your Paradise get away from all this drama I’m just tired of it like I said if I had the money right now I would go there to Philippines but I don’t and I wish I did that’s why I need professional helper that’s honest and trustworthy that leaves in Jesus 100% that’s willing to help out 100% also but tell me time have a blessed day and happy Father’s Day to you

  14. Watch a lot of police shows like “The First 48”. Interesting how many teens have multiple children. The taxpayer supports them while Pops is behind bars.

  15. So glad you mentioned the fact about foreigners to man up. The Philippines is not a playground for foreigner to play and then go back home. Have a little decency.

  16. Happy fathers too, i have bff 3 grown children, and two teenage boys im.planning on adopting once i.get there and we get married, enjoy your evening

  17. Philly, this may be what you were trying to say:

    What is the definition of mass confusion?

    Father’s Day in Angeles City.

    Happy Father’s Day; best always, Joe

  18. I totally agree with you if you father a child just take care of it okay now I’m married to also Filipino who has a little boy I have become this boys dad or father if you want to say I love this little boy so much he is a good little boy and I miss him I’m in the states right now she is in the Philippines and which is really difficult take care of the ones you love

  19. Thanks for a steak and a sermon. Too bad you had no company there. I will have to pass at those prices. Maybe the lunch special. Happy fathers day to all the true fathers out there.😇

  20. Hi Brian Happy fathers day. I have heard lá cafe in manila is open. One of my favourite bars back in 2005, 2006 and 2009.but you have to wear a mask in the bar. So how can you drink your beer? 😅😅

  21. You’re right about guys who fathered a child should support their kids. .. Have you heard the story about the relationship between Steve Job, the Apple founder, and his biological father? Steve Job never forgave his biological father to his dying days. It’s very sad….the father deeply regretted what he did!

  22. Happy Father’s Day Brian🎂You guys really enjoyed this day and what a yummy food🤪Love ribeyes and looks like relaxing place😎Had to make a good breakfast for my honey too, thanks that it’s a day off🥰

  23. Man. Great looking food. Pastries, French onion soup, rolls, Baked potato 🥔 ect. RBI Stake House. With a great message at end to be a man about your business in AC. 💯 👍👍 Another great Vlog

  24. Times have changed. In the 70’s when street kids would ask for money, they would call me Joe, Hey Joe, Hey Joe. In the province elders would call me Joe. ( carry over phrase from WW11 ). So I would give the kids a Piso each. Or what ever coins I had. Back then the fare from Dau to Maingate was only P.35 Sentimos .Since day one my Filipina wife of 29 years calls me “Daddy” . And I call her “Little girl” (petite). Because I couldn’t believe her age. We feel sweetheart, darling and honey are too cliche. To each their own. Happy Father’s day !

  25. We now have a house in Cavite, HAPPY FATHER’S TO U! Wen COVID-19 settles a lil more, we will have time to move around more. I very much look forward to meeting U and Ur Asawa! This is us…… I would like to post this to my wife and for my wife as a reminder that her husband ❤❤loves ❤❤ her very much and appreciates all that she doing of the front line work 7days a week, keeping her job safe…….Her husband married over 12 years misses her soooooo much!❤❤COME HOME SOON HONEY!❤❤

  26. Hey Philly, another very good vlog! The video was so clear even on the menu. That was so good to treat yourself and at the same time try to promote the great local entrepreneur. Keep up the good work!

  27. Happy father’s day Brian. I have four girls and know what it means to be a father. Some successes, so not so good moments but you never stop loving heart to heart.

  28. agree 100% to supporting your children there. Too many men go there , have children and run. Its not right and they should take responsability !!!!!!!!!

  29. If you watch the Ahern Family, lots of kids, not just their own children, call Brian Daddy and Jodalyn Mommy. The other kids know Brian and Jodalyn are not their parents. It’s become their name sort of.

  30. Barely legal is still legal dawg. The only problem is they are too shy to date. This is what put’s the average barely legal out of reach.

  31. Hey Brian do they have baked potatoes with sour cream and chives to go with the steak? I ate steak and baked potatoes at Blu Rock in Baloy Beach and the Aussie steaks were tough

  32. What? no balut? Happy Father’s day Brian, my son rode his Harley over this morning to bring me some donuts, later my daughter called, so nice day.

  33. 100% ALLOWED. Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque holds regular virtual presser on Monday (June 1, 2020). Roque said 100 percent of residents in areas under modified general community quarantine (MGCQ) will be allowed to leave their homes as long as they observe minimum health standards. (Screenshot)

  34. Not many philipin0s can afford that restaurant… that’s a weeks wage for most of them… lol. Fathers day in the philippines is fun cause there is no child support… lol😂

  35. The bar girls don’t call every customer daddy only the managers owner and people who take care of them only a small percentage will find a nice guy and have a good life the bargirls know the score but you don’t

  36. Great video, Great job of telling these guys who go there to molest these young girls and then not take care of the children they create with these young girls

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