Are you living in the Philippines or just existing?

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Are you living in the Philippines or just existing? In this video I discuss living out here in The Philippines or just existing!
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About me: My name is Teacher Gio to my students and Gio to my friends. I left the USA over 4 years ago to travel SE Asia and live a better life. Follow my journey as I travel around The Philippines reviewing different islands and cities.
My channel: Reviewing different islands and cities in The Philippines as places to visit or live, condo and apartment reviews, dating advice, how to travel and live inexpensively in The Philippines.


  1. I’m too used to a western lifestyle. I’d imagine I would need about $2200.00 USD and up to live comfortably and would want to be no more than an hour away from a city like IT Park, BGC, Makati or something. The province is great but you will never have a western lifestyle there.

  2. I agree but if you exist in the states you gotta go out to a job. So I’d take existing in Phillipines over existing in states if I gotta go to a job daily. So it all depends on how much of my paycheck stays in my pocket instead of going towards bills and rent living in states. I kinda rather make less $$ and live in Phillipines cause of cheaper cost of living (rent)

  3. Yes ,ofcourse Gio,in Philippines when money goes ,everything goes ,all these true love ,sweethearts leave ,so it’s always important having a ticket to go home ,everyone. Who wants to go south Asian countries should remember this

  4. Great video gio, iam in a relationship for three years now, retiring there next year as soon as air travel is possible. Between me and my fiance, we can live very well. Our house is paid for. I will be able to save half of my check, after all bills and health insurance are paid. My fiance owns a sari sari store and we also raise pigs for sale. Yesterday my fiance told me she made 12000php from her store. The sad thing is she worked 16 hours in order to make it. 12000php is very good money .iam very proud of her

  5. Good video. You may know this, but there is an IRS provision that allows you to access an IRA prior to 59.5. I’ve heard you mention your 401k in a couple of videos. You’d need to roll your 401k over and set up Substantially Equal Periodic Payments (SEPP) under 72t. No 10% penalty under this and a lot of information is available online. I’ll be using this in 2 years to retire at 53 and bridge that gap to 59.5, and ultimately 62. Just an option and it’s not for everybody, but works well for many.

  6. A 6-month stint on a proposed budget will give you chance to work out any plan details you have and then to adjust..doing this will help with your final decision…thx for the vid 🙏🏻👍🏻✌🏻🕊

  7. Yes I would like to know what it does cost to actually live there as far as a condo or or renting a house…. Now my social security is disability social security which will run right into social security because of the condition I have… I don’t know how the government will react for someone being on disability social security going there… This is the kind of information I would like to find out

  8. That’s all good advice and having a plan is great. But how do you plan for a once in 100-year pandemic? I just read an article by a 57 year old doctor that said he wants to die at 75. He has seen the decline as people age and the quality of life diminish.I think he’s right. Surviving is not lving once you have been used to something different. Better to strive to live, not just survive. .

  9. Well, I’m just “existing” in Canada and when I retire I won’t have enough government pension to exist at all. Looking at retiring in Latin America, S.E. Asia and possibly Eastern Europe isn’t as much a choice as it is a necessity.

  10. Yeah i agree Gio you need income as well as savings i personally wouldnt risk it without a 100K dollar buffer but thats me, beers are on me when i can get a flight lol !!

  11. Costa Rica requires 100% coverage for Covid-19 and a 14 day Quanenteen along with tons of crap regulations., took 5&1/2 month’s to get back to my wife and property, I don’t recommend tourists to come here.

  12. You are 110% correct in having some backup funds. If you are a senior like myself (70) you are approaching a time in your life where you will at some point have a medical issue. It is a fact and so it’s not if but when. The retiring of somewhere overseas has now become a BIG trend as people are made aware of the possibilities of escaping from the thought of having to work for many years until you reach a predetermined age. Unfortunately in not meaning to be disrespectful, many people that are attempting to retire early overseas are amateurs. Therefore these people do not have the insight to forward project what their personal needs will look like long term.

    Given a choice, there is no point in attempting to try it unless you have quality of life! To me just existence is not acceptable and you would be putting yourself in your remaining years of your life in bondage. Having traveled and worked overseas for 50 years, I am fortunate to have the insight knowledge that I have to know that you speak the truth. Your video is spot on and very much needed. Finally to those reading this comment, do yourself a favor and do not cut corners in an attempt to hurry up and retire early and then to later regrettably find out that you have shot yourself in the foot (metaphorically) and it’s not going to work out or go well. Actions with CAUTION!

  13. Americans. the bigger the better. The beaches is pretty much the same everywhere, Dig in you area. I can live in Phil for 700us, have a girlfriend and have fun, no problem..

  14. Great video Gio! Excellent advice for people to hear, especially having at least 6 months of expenses back home. If you’re going to just exist, you might be better off staying home.

  15. I would think that just existing in the Philippines would be even harder for a retired expat. You have all this time on your hands and don’t have any money to do anything……

  16. Existing vs Living…..that puts things in perspective and is really important to factor in if considering becoming an expat in SE Asia. Just focusing on the bare minimum and nothing else will likely lead to perceptions/expectations not being met and possibly re-evaluating the ‘big picture’ financially.

  17. Since the day I moved to Canada from Germany about 30 years ago, I get the same question here on a regular basis and you know what I tell people who ask me this:
    I tell ‘em, if you struggle in your home country, what makes you think it would be any different here ?
    Sure Asia, or Southeast Asia specifically may be less expensive then most western countries, but you know what the problem is when you tell people they could exist on a certain amount of money ? They look at you and think they would immediately have everything you created for yourself over the years and are likely very disappointed if things look a little a different in reality. The fact is, you can’t predict someone’s fortune. Some people might be able to save money on your recommended budget, some may break even and are most likely very thankful to you, but there are also some that won’t be able to handle it at all and I would feel in a small way responsible for my well meant advice I was trying to give. Therefore I usually tell people, the more you have the better you’ll be living. I know this isn’t the straight forward answer that people want to hear, but I rather tell ‘em this than feeling shitty if they don’t make it.

  18. I lived and worked in Taiwan for 15 years. A different country, I know, but the same lessons learned there would apply just about anywhere, really. The trick to saving money and having a good life is to live like a local, as much as you can. Eat local food, date-marry local women, take public transport like a local, dress like a local, learn to speak like a local… other words, get out of the mindset of wanting to live like a privileged American in SE Asia. If you don’t want to embrace the local culture, then why live in SE Asia anyway? The long-term Westerners I knew in Taiwan who lived like Westerners were mostly wealthy businessmen.

  19. Gio exist in a cold weather as in my country that everything has to go fast that people forget about each other i rather exist where people great each other and there is the human warm for each other,

  20. Thanks for the video …I guess my question is do you think its possible to “live as you say there in the Philippines with a thousand a month and minor savings …thanks

  21. Malaysia instead of Philippines, but my brother in law recently had his gallbladder removed. His condition took a turn for the worse and couldn’t wait for the free but rationed government hospital. He went to a private clinic/hospital. First surgery cost 10,000RM and he needed a follow up surgery. Doctor waived his fee for the second one and it only cost 3,000RM. My wife ended up sending her sister $3000 to help out.

  22. If you want to duplicate your western lifestyle, nice house, and a car, girlfriend, you will need a minimum of 3000usd per month. If you just want a studio outside the city, and like to live a simple life… 1200usd would be ok. And ALWAYS have enough cash or credit to leave the country quickly should the shit hit the fan. So basically… it’s not really about yr income…. it’s wat is yr expenses.

  23. Got to agree with you, I can exist here, but I don’t care to exist there, my thoughts are to exist on 50% of income, and then live on the other 50%, whatever is left on the living 50% at the of the month, gives me a better next month, and so on! At least that’s my game plan.

    Do you think 2020 is not going happen for travel from U. S. To the Philippines? After this weekend we will be seeing a huge surge in cases for all of the unthoughtful people who insist in crowding and taking up every square inch of sandy beach and of course not distancing or God forbid wearing a mask! Between that and college starting with more partying than study going on with very little if any fear of the virus spreading we are going to see massive new cases I fear !

  24. The comparison is not even close. I will gladly just exist in Asia vs the US. At least in Asia I don’t have to keep a horrible job just to do that. If it came down to it, I could work part of the year in the US and increase the non suffering time.

  25. Neither cause I’m still in the states. However if I was there I’ll be living cause I’ll be doing alot more than in the states cause I can afford to.

  26. I wondered where my cash went so fast, Da. Not to mention spending over a week in expensive hotels, I had a GF 2 daughters a BF of one of them and two grandchildren I was taking out to eat. It went fast.

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