Are Taiwanese Racist? WHO Attacks Taiwan! 台灣有種族主義嗎?| WHO點名譴責

[有字幕] 台灣有種族主義嗎?| WHO點名譴責 Are Taiwanese Racist? Why is Dr. Tedros, the chief of the WHO, blaming Taiwan for racist online attacks against him? And, more importantly, are Taiwanese actually racist? Hint: They aren’t.

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    1. @Simulate Jason I recommend you to visit a doctor. Also, I think you can blame your president who didn’t nothing during virus period and let many people be killed.

    2. can world believe that the official name of government daily virus briefing in taiwen is called chinese wuhan virus briefing.
      taiwen is the most racist area in thw world.
      taiwen = racism.

    1. Can’t be pro-China in Taiwan ? It’s forbidden thinking with a different opinion ? So everywhone has to think the same opinion, it means there is no freedom of thought, Taiwan is a dictatorship.

  1. I am a Taiwanese. Thanks to the many foreign friends who spoke for Taiwan in the chat room. We Taiwanese really do n’t know how to be racially discriminatory. You are also very welcome to travel to Taiwan. I ’m sorry I do n’t speak English. All of them are translated.

  2. 台灣當然會有種族歧視的人啊,應該說每個國家都有. 只是這些人也不能代表全部台灣人. 都是依些鍵盤魯蛇而已, 只敢在網路上打打嘴砲, 現實生活不一定是壞人啦

  3. 1台湾的防疫工作很好。2很多台湾人也很nice。3Tedros收到了很多来自台湾的攻击,种族的。4网上也有很多台湾留言是对Tedros的种族攻击,如果你读中文,这些很容易找到。1234这些都是事实,并不矛盾。台湾防疫做的很好不等于没有台湾人对Tedros做出了种族攻击。还是你觉得只要是你不认同的人,就可以用种族歧视的字眼去侮辱他?

  4. 痰得💩跟他老爸中共才是在霸凌台灣,台灣不會因為你黑來說你怎樣,但是人黑心也跟著黑,跟你的中共老爸害死一堆人,現在還賣假口罩,假溫度計,盡是做些不是人做的事情,天會收你們。

  5. Imo Taiwan isn’t completely not racist,there’s still some stereotypes when it comes to different skin tones especially towards South East Asian foreign workers. I don’t think it’s because Taiwanese are bad peoples but because a lot of the time people don’t really know any better which is understandable. For example kid using N word because they saw some memes and didn’t realize how offensive it is. Or thinks all south east asian are annoying and loud since he can’t understand them. So in conclusion,I think Taiwanese are very friendly people by nature,yet like many other countries,there’s still racial problems and we shouldn’t pretend it doesn’t exist,we still have a lot to lear. HOWEVER,this really has very little to do with that douche bag Tedros,he’s taking all the heat not because he’s African ,but because he’s impotent. 我把中文版打在下面如果有人懶得看英文

    1. 我覺得台灣依舊有種族歧視,或至少刻板印象的問題,這不代表台灣人很惡劣,很多時候是因為對其他族群認識不多,就只知道這些刻板印象而已,這樣就算沒有惡意也很容易發生讓別人覺得被歧視的誤會。 比方說看了美國的搞笑影片就覺得講尼哥沒關係,在台灣人面前講當然沒人在意啊可是如果讓非裔的人聽到這完全不難想像他很多生氣吧?所以我覺得台灣的種族歧視問題不是在於大家不肯不歧視,而是根本不知道自己很歧視。不過我自己覺得這幾年對於東南亞移工或移民的歧視有在降低,希望大家都能把他們當作來台灣幫忙我們經濟成長的客人看待而不是只是批評什麼洗髮精味道太重走在路上很吵什麼的。最後話說回來,除非舔共仔是一個種族,不然譚德賽和這一切幾乎沒有任何關係,他應該要因為反人類罪被當成戰犯審判的。

  6. 你分析的很棒,也認同你說的,台灣最美的風景是人,我相信台灣人不會做如此惡烈的行徑去傷及他人的名聲及種族意識!!∼∼

  7. 其實還是有
    台灣通常用漠視的方式 主動傷害的比較少 所以還不至於直接威脅被歧視族勤的性命 但是長期還是不健全的

  8. 我對於「種族」這詞非常陌生,言下之意就是我根本不會看別人是黑人還是白人,反正都是人,有差嗎(´・ω・`)

  9. 每個國家都會有種族主義者 單挑台灣說也太故意了 我就不相信黑人不會歧視 只會拿種族議題來轉移焦點對疫情有三小幫助 唐德賽什麼時候下台?

  10. He did n’t talk about racial discrimination in Taiwan, he just said that someTaiwanese netizens and some official websites in Taiwan did give Dr .Tedros some racist comments and ugly names. Not only did Taiwan ’s political officials not prevent this, they also insulted him together,Only because WHO does not allow Taiwan to join,Those of you should really be ashamed and embarrassed, and still send videos here to continue to laugh at him, you should reflect on your bad attitude。

  11. As a Taiwanese, I think Taiwanese are racist, but not really more than any country in the world. Every person on the planet is racist to some extent, and the important thing is we acknowledge that and take actions to communicate, understand and prevent consequences. I just think that the comments from Dr.Tedros were ridiculous because they couldn’t even give evidence on Taiwanese people being racist, while people in southern China are actually attacking the black community there.

  12. Taiwan has done well in preventing the virus spread, therefore now is capable of helping other countries to fight the virus, and gains great reputations as well. That annoys Tedros and China which both on the contrary have been scolded that they should be responsible for the epidemic. Numerous people have been continuously diagnosed positive and many people died.

    Taiwan is a diversified country and also the first country to pass the legal LGBT marriage in Asia. Taiwan is the least possible country to have racism if you ask foreigners who live in Taiwan. Many foreigners choose to settle down in Taiwan because Taiwan people are friendly and nice. Tedros tries to shift the focus with false accusations on Taiwan in order to get away from the responsibility of epidemic. And China, the country Tedros works very closely with or for, that always bullies and tries to invade and occupy Taiwan supports Tedros’ comments for sure. It’s easy to tell why Taiwan becomes their target.

  13. 謝謝你的影片,很感動!感動的點是,台灣人本性友善,卻有人惡意中傷誹謗你,這種被誤解的感覺很不好!

  14. 我覺得只有部分台灣人會歧視同性戀,所以平權教育不能等,對於各種性別的尊重很重要,做到這一點台灣人就真的很棒了

  15. 我承認我有歧視,那就是歧視中國共慘黨,欺,騙,偷,搶,拐

  16. 台湾人不歧视,这个没有什么争议,网络上总是有一群喷子,这一点全世界都一样,但总不能把这事推给大陆吧···第一次看到这个新闻,第一时间就觉得肯定是台湾的网络喷子干的,紧接着看到台湾说是大陆干的,瞬间恶心了一下···

  17. 沒有嗎? 我馬上幫你叫
    我是中國人。中華民國就是中國 不是台灣國。政府一直在向美國賣屁股 下賤無恥。
    好了 1450即將到達戰場 來摧毀我的玻璃心

  18. Hi, Nathan:

    As a native Eng speaker, you may not notice one thing here in Taiwan: We don’t teach the “N” word.
    Also, you may already found since you lived in Taiwan for years, MOST of the Taiwanese cannot speak Eng, only a few well-educated people can speak…. er…. broken Eng. Not to mention if they know the “N” word.

    Racism, yes, it’s undeniable, we may have some racism, but NO, most Taiwanese would show up more about CURIOSITY instead of RACISM. However, I’d admitted sometimes those questions may be VERY OFFENSIVE; but NO, there’s nothing about racism. Sadly to say, our people don’t really know the boundary of “Offensive” question due to different culture. One good example is asking age.

    Still, Thanks for speak up for Taiwan.

  19. I think that he has made a fool of himself more than whatever that he was trying to achieve, by pulling such a cheap race card. Just as you mentioned in the video that someone in his position should speak appropriately, let alone that none of his accusations has anything to do with world heath issues. Most probably a puppet to be disposed by his master in the near future.

  20. 新聞模糊在台灣有沒有人罵譚德賽
    但是罵種族的就要好好查查 到底有沒有人罵了也是譚德賽在乎的

  21. RFI letter = Warning letter to W.H.O
    (confirmed by Taiwan foreign ministry on 13Apr2020)

    Taiwan can’t build the bridge of trust with the scaffolding of lies and underhand deals.

  22. The matter is not about whether Taiwanese is racist but it is just Taiwan opens its mouth and speaks the wrong thing at the wrong time. Using the word ‘black’ on a negro is of course racist, that is why the ‘Blackie’ toothpaste had changed the name to ‘Darkie’ toothpaste.

  23. Tedros blames Taiwan because Taiwan is the easiest target for him to shoot. Also Tedros gets paid very well by his master China for boycotting Taiwan. Money talks. He will not end well.

  24. 我相信一定有台灣人會透過他的臉書或twitter或任何社群去罵他,包括我都想罵了。可是罵他不是因為他的種族,他的膚色,他的個人任何種種。而是因為他身為WHO的秘書長,在此期間種種的作為與不作為,或是無能而罵他的。事實上,應該不只台灣人想罵他吧!

  25. Taiwanese people are awesome! Like you said, they are so welcoming and friendly. Tedros is crying racism just like CCP and putting the Taiwanese down because he is personally being funded with bribes from from the CCP. I heard that they’ve tracked those comments back to IP addresses in China. Like you said, who would say “Hi, I’m from Taiwan…” and then go one with stupid, ignorant, racist comments? Doesn’t make sense. I feel sorry for the Chinese people for having such a crap government and crap leader.

  26. 台灣人就是心太好,被指著罵還要做捐助,一樣是活在同一顆星球,同一片天空,到底為何要被這樣對待?人,生而平等,無論貧富貴賤。

  27. Thank you for your clarify , this is really important to our country I’m so proud because I’m a Taiwanese and Taiwan is a democratic country 😎 #TaiwanCanHelp

  28. 台灣人有一小部分歧視東南亞國家和非洲的人,不過那不是種族歧視,單純只是用金錢衡量一切而已。如果有一天他們變得比台灣有錢了(比如新加坡)馬上就會從歧視變成尊敬。

  29. 譚德賽只是中國中共操控的傀儡吧!WHO整個感覺就是中國在主導的~ 各個國家怕得罪中國,所以不聽台灣的話!就跟著中國一起病毒大流行~最後還是各個國家自己的人民買單!如果得罪一個中國能讓你救下你國家的子民,你的選擇是!?

  30. The _onset index_ case for this virus was reported on *November 29, 2019* in China: the earliest confirmed mediatic reports and papers from China (which were subsequently squelched and destroyed) started in *early December.* Shows one of the earliest, verified sequence dates between *_12/13/19_* and *_12/14/19_* for China; with an inferred date on *_12/13/19,_* which aligns nearly perfectly with the suggested late November reported date for the most severe cases. The identified hospital admission, likely index case, and RT-PCR test on *Dec. 10-11th* was that of *Wei Guixian.*
    This could mean upwards of hundreds of millions of recovered and uncounted cases because the first *_-Worldometer-_* reported test for China was on January 22nd (highly dubious) and on Jan. 21st for the U.S. (possibly true as it is fully consistent with the data) respectively. It’s also why mortality rates will always look highly-inflated worldwide because China did not start counting suspected cases via RT-PCR machine on Dec. 10th with *Ms. Guixian* and those she had contact with.

    This is where China’s *_scrubbing campaign_* and _bait-and-switch_ will go into overdrive and will be used to blame the United States or other Western nations for COVID’s reemergence. China seems to scrub their past data as we go along so we can’t get a very accurate gauge of where they’ve been. This means that, for China, they only started reporting positive tests a *month and a half* or so after they had COVID sequenced via an RT-PCR machine in a forensics or bio-lab (when the lab itself could have been used to confirm more samples until fully accurate, portable tests were developed). Failed national containment and a potential accidental/purposeful release from the lab… but with a twist that it is likely not as bad as we originally thought or expected. See below for proof (especially the antibody section).
    Smoking is barely in the narrative when it can cause pulmonary fibrosis, which is one of the primary causative factors leading to death with this disease (imagine being a 40-year smoker and getting this). Life expectancy and average age of death or level/interaction of a very serious complication is not in the narrative. Level of and amount of comorbidities of those dying is not in the narrative. Age cohorts not changing in terms of statistical death rate over time since they came out of China, not even by a fraction of a percent… and even Worldometers is now reporting that 1 in 10, minimum, cases are under-counted.

    “A study by disease modelers at the University of Texas at Austin states that ‘Given the low testing rates throughout the country, we assume that 1 in 10 cases are tested and reported. If a county has detected only 1 case of COVID-19, there is a 51% chance that there is already a growing outbreak underway’ “- April 6th
    “A study by the University of Bonn tested a *_randomized sample_* of 1,000 residents of the town of Gangelt and found that 2% of the population was currently infected and 14% were carrying antibodies suggesting that they had already been infected – whether or not they experienced any symptoms. The team concluded that 15% of the town were infected at some point with the virus.” – April 10th
    We see also that, while Gangelt is in Heinsberg, and that Heinsberg is indeed one of the most infected spots, *only .615%* of the entire population of the district of Heinsberg is currently tested as infected. Additionally, only *4.65% [12,446/254,322]* of the population of Heinsberg lives in Gangelt… further solidifying this theory.
    By consequence, we cannot explain the discrepancy of *randomly selected, positive antibody tests* as a percentage this high (15%) in the town of Gangelt vs. the current tested (.615%) for the entire district of Heinsberg, unless this virus was in the population for quite some time (much earlier in February [possibly into mid-January] than the reported 25th).

    Just to make sure I wasn’t being mislead by the above links, I found the link to Heisenberg’s population (it’s also a city, I’m talking about the district). The Heisenberg’s case count of 1564… and it directly matches the link above these two in terms of returning .615% infected for the entire district. A further confirmation that this testing could have proven something *_vital,_* as the small town in question of Gangelt only has 4.65% of Heinsberg’s total population, yet 15% are already immune a little over a month into Germany’s pandemic.
    “Most deaths have been among the elderly. Figures released by NHS England show more than half of deaths have been among people aged over 80.” Average age of life expectancy in the U.K. is 80. – April 12th
    Another thing to note about the fact that elderly are just now getting it in large numbers is that they’d be less likely to be exposed to it if it was in the population before it was noticed by the mainstream. They travel less and have less social interaction than the youth to begin with [especially during winter], so they would have a much lower chance of contracting it until it truly picked up steam in the asymptomatic/mild population (which incidentally would be about the time the elderly started prepping since they move a bit on a lag due to age and news sources).
    Another quote of note from Chinese Researchers, local citizens of Wuhan, and tourists themselves is that *”according to municipal reports and the testimonies of 31 residents and 28 visitors, the bat was never a source of food in the city, and no bat was traded on the market.”* This leads us to question whether this virus was accidentally released from the lab (which is quite possible if you fail to follow _doffing_ and _decontamination_ protocol to a T.), or purposely released by a psychopath or team of psychopaths that were subsequently quashed. The natural host reservoir of the virus is in horseshoe bats over 500 miles away from the market in question.

    *_A final, anonymous quote:_*
    _’They (China) are admitting that it “came out” of the Wuhan lab because people are starting to realize that this is not a “super virus”: in particular because the natural host reservoir contains 30 coronaviruses and some of them have likely ran their course through the human population at some point. This likely would have conferred some level of immunity because this coronavirus is a sub-species of Sars-1 and a few other (perhaps unnoticeable in humans, but still transferable) coronaviruses… which could have also played a role in immunity because a large portion of us could have already processed some instance of _*_a_*_ coronavirus and thus built up our immune systems in the past. These could even apply on the genetic level depending on how old coronaviruses are as a clade and how they shaped our evolutionary history. These genetic immunity postulations are independent from where and when we account for the lag in knowing the true index case as initially postulated when we opened above, which, in turn, inflates the _*_actual case and recovered numbers_*_ exponentially without the aforementioned considerations of potential genetic immunity if the index case is indeed revised. The nice consolation prize is that if there is built-in evolutionary immunity, it wouldn’t be race specific._
    _The media and the doctors were telling everyone that this was worse than Aids. But now we know that it’s a weak virus. That it can be k!lled or prevented with vitamin A, D, C, Zinc, antibiotics, and Hydroxychloroquine. That cases are being lag-reported under the “recovered” stat to inflate the active case mortality rate. That the ventilators are causing patients to die in some cases through _*_increased pneumonia via VAP_*_ or other _*_ventilator/iatrogenic causes._*_ That Medicare pays hospitals $13,000 for every “case” of the virus, and $39,000 for every patient that’s put on a ventilator. That the infected with the virus don’t need a ventilator in most cases, but what they really need is oxygen in most cases. That anybody that dies “with” the virus, is registered as if they died “from” the virus. That’s why the narrative coming out of MSM is changing. They got caught, or at least they believe it. Politicians are involved in this “conspiracy”. A conspiracy of blowing all of this out of proportion for personal political and economic gain. They are trying to change the narrative to cover their tracks. That’s how it looks like to me.’_
    We are losing informed consent and our economy. We are doing grave damage to our social psyche and societal health without waiting for more facts before committing to harsh and hasty decision-making. We need to think wisely moving forward.

  31. 3個月前,台灣民眾專心在總統大選,根本不認識譚,更何況罵譚。

  32. Do you think Taiwanese are not racists? But a spokesman for Taiwan’s presidential palace openly attacked who on Facebook, and you should visit Taiwan’s PTT. PTT can’t register an account if it’s not Taiwanese.

  33. 說實話 台灣長輩還是有種族歧視 性別歧視問題

    80歲的奶奶 看到 同性戀 或是男生打扮女性化

    女性打扮男性化 也是會說不男不女之類

    看到原住民 也會說是嘎類 番仔

    罵人的時候 還會說 你是嘎類是不是



    老一輩的人 還是存在著老觀念

    沒這麼開放 國際化

  34. 譚德賽說台灣歧視他,現在非洲人民在中國被打壓歧視趕出去,譚德賽要不要去抗議中國一下,無恥,柿子挑軟的吃

  35. Taiwan knows how to deal with the China government: if they declare something positive, discount it by 90%; is they declare something negative, multiply it by 90,000 times

  36. 個人覺得拉,三個月前他說這病毒會人傳人不會造成大流行的時候

  37. You tedious are the one who is a racist. You ignored and neglected Taiwan as if Taiwanese are not human beings and are not of this world just because of ccp. Who. World health except Taiwan.

  38. Chinese Ambassador in France published this shit:
    ” Director-General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. The Taiwanese authorities, supported by more than 80 French parliamentarians in a co-signed declaration, even used the word “negro” to attack him. I still do not understand what could have gone through the heads of all these French elected representatives.” Source:

    As you can see form the Chinese ambassador, the problem has to do with China’s face. Now they even accuse western countries of “abandoning their citizens alone in the face of the viral massacre; to shirk medical supplies; resell to private structures the equipment purchased with public money to enrich themselves personally; residents of retirement homes were made to sign “Emergency Care Waiver” certificates; nursing staff of EHPADs”. Maybe all those images of European hospitals treating old people and old people recovering are just fake. I can’t stand these Chinese officials and their political attacks now because more than 100 european politicians signed a petition asking Taiwan to be a permanent member of WHO. That’s why Dr. Tedros is so upset.

  39. 畢竟國際上對於台灣的認知大多還是陌生的,剛認識我們的外國人大概只知道台灣防疫做得很好而已,譚德賽大概想用最具爭議的種族歧視來轉移焦點,讓不了解我們的人以為台灣就是這樣的國家,幫他分攤一些語論吧?

  40. 台灣愛心傳播全世界


  41. Even if he have received critics or rascist attack, he should be the mature one and the professional the world needs. Not act like a indefense victim

  42. 台灣不歧視某單一種族,


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