Are Foreigners Welcome Back To Thailand? Let’s ask some locals.

Vlog#834 Today I will test the locals attitude towards foreigners and there return eventually to Thailand. What do they think about the current situation.
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  1. The stress level is high, I can see in Thailand, as it is here in the states. Once alcohol can be purchased there for home consumption, it might just be time for a good family funday!

  2. chuck dont be fooled by thailand too. how much testing have they actually done. you have to test test test to get accurate numbers. take care of the family

  3. I had a really interesting conversation with a Laotian on the train up to Udon. He had really good English and he’d been somewhere on business. He said, “Yeah, it’s communist, but you can have a business, you can travel”. I thought, okay, but you can also go to TescoLotus in Nong Khai and but 300 packets of 5 baht ramen noodles, because the Laos economy is so bad!

  4. The next big breaking news in the world will be that there was actually no ‘virus’. We just wanted to see how much people are willing to accept, when they are scared enough. Imagine that.

  5. Awesome. πŸ‘. Care about what matters. I think you did an awesome job of showing people rather than put your spin on it. πŸ‘what would i know right.

  6. International passenger flights to Thailand are suspended until 31 May.
    Also, Thai authorities have barred all foreign nationals from entering or transiting Thailand except in certain limited circumstances, which for the average tourist won’t apply anyway. I have a ticket for late June, but I expect that I won’t be able to enter the Kingdom. I love Thailand, but I have little to no trust in Government (any Government for that matter).

  7. Thais are the same as any other people who rely on tourism for financial rewards. It’s all about the money.If they were financially independent they simply could not care less if they never seen another Farang.

  8. Thanks for another great insight into the situation but anything can happen and please take care yourself and family first.please check out my channel on the latest in pattaya,khob khun khrap πŸ™

  9. You talk which has meaning, with videos it is jackpot, liquor is on sale here, but I am not buying yet, We are with you, people have thronged the places here in India with liquor shops open. You have a talent to talk and it’s humorous in between..cheers Chuck.

  10. Greetings Chuck and Paige, I was trying to keep up with your Thai but you say some things differently (rot row) must be the Texan lol, great video and great interaction with the Thai men, Thai people are very accepting and forgiving when they see you trying very hard. Looking forward to see the blood and puss and glory of your eye surgery snok snok , hope all goes well for you.

  11. It great for you Chuck to be able to interact with Thai ‘s you speak really well, I hope one day I can be the same, right now my Thai is nitnoi

  12. Hello Chuck, Behold, thinks possitive is hard, that why I watched your You-tube. Life’s will get worse if you think it’ll get better, so enjoy the moment. And believe in miracles because as they’re saying. “Be careful What’s you wish for.” Take care.

  13. No alcohol? Really? The ban was lifted yesterday. Bought supplies today and my missus can open her salon again. You all keep safe. Things can only get better.I never had a problem being accepted here in Suphan Buri.

  14. Do they call Wuflu Corona up there? In Bangkok it seems to be called ‘coh wid (sib gow). I don’t keep up with the news so didn’t know what the hell everybody was asking me about in early March.Oh, that question was answered, I wonder if the girl you spoke to first knew what corona was. Henry wants you to come to that Sala where they gather to meditate and see what it is and how it can help you, at least there will be no need to say anything. I have friends who really believe that they have spirits visiting them and make them go to the wat to tam boon so that the spirit can be calm. It is fun to go to go and have the Pra say a homily but painful sitting or kneeling Thai style if it takes long. Religion does away with the need for analysts.

  15. Where i live as per my previous comments on your video’s ,here in the mountain the thai guys ,girls do not blame foreigners ,tourists for this infection as the general comment is they blame the chinese. This is not a criticism but you and your wife living with in laws every day,seems you do not have any space where as me no way i could live with my wife’s family. I love where i live no neighbours as we have our house and gardens homestay plus the views over the valley and forest. Mind i do tae care here of my wifes mother and she coming on 79 still as fit as a fiddle. Some spelling mistaes my buttons some finished on my lap top.

  16. Well this will be most memorable video for me, lot of Thai conversation, the tone, the sound, and the translation. Learnt a lot. Felt like I was there by myself. Cho chang To tahhan do daek ko kwai kho gai ro rhiea po phan fo fun lo ling no ngu moma na nu

  17. I Googled it! These noisy freewheels are apparently a consequence of loads of splines and no friction-causing heavy grease. It’s made so there’s not even a millisecond of delay when you put pressure on the pedals: instant drive. I don’t think I’ll be putting out 1500 watts and racing for points in the Green Jersey competition, so the cheap stuff will do for me!

  18. Loving your channel and watch when i can.
    I think its not a topic I’d talk about to locals , especially the Laotian girl.
    Hey at least your able to fish. Its a no no here i n Melbourne Australia πŸ₯Ί

  19. A water plant could help the fish by filtering the water. May be worth a try, otherwise the fish poo ends up toxic to the fish so its probably not pops fault…

  20. Yes, the masks are a pain but possibly part of the reason Thailand has faired better than most countries. Thailand was the first country outside China to get the virus.
    W.H.O, CDC etc all say masks do work.

  21. Keep up the videos chuck it’s nice to see the daily comings and goings in Thailand an your prospective as a farang. It’s a beautiful country and l wish l was there very much.

  22. When u speak thai there is no punctuation, so u must flow more. To many pauses between words. But hey you’re trying that’s good!

  23. Hi..enjoyed the video,a fishing video would be good..on the tackle you use and the rigs you use and what sort of baits are best..I don’t think things will change in Thailand in the next few should get Paige a surprise with some new fish..anyway stay safe

  24. Nice conversation, but I’m thinking not everyone is going to be honest about how they feel about Farangs when they are being asked by one. πŸ˜ƒ.

  25. Enjoyed this video , I’m always interested in hearing Thai peoples thoughts , specially lady’s on dating πŸ˜† btw I’m single lol πŸ˜†

  26. Chuck… it takes 5 minutes to learn meditation. Then it’s up to you to practice. Of course, you think too much… that is the point of meditation. You need to control your mind. Good luck, it will benefit you πŸ™πŸΌ

  27. I don’t know what is more dangerous…coronavirus.. or being in this lockdown here in the uk,I have never felt so unfit & frustrated in my life with this lockdown.. the governments are controlling us very well.. back in 1967-68 ..80,000 dead in the uk to do with Flu ????
    Stay safe. πŸ‘

  28. Chuck, you’ll need to update your USSA CV death numbers because CDC revised down from 60k to 37k. And that 37k number on their website has a footnote with it that there may be any number of “presumed” (as in not confirmed) cases of death. CDCs own instruction document says that if patient dies from ANYTHING and has been exposed to CV, the death is to be attributed to CV.

    PS, tell that older Thai guy that YES! many Americans oppose masks because they represent curtailing of freedom. THANK HIM from me Chuck.

  29. Totaly amaze about your conversation in Thai….great job Chuck. I can’t cross the border (4 km from my home) to see my family and if I have to wear a mask in Belgium I have to respect the law and to be smart. Or should I take the risk to pay 400 euro (or more)?

  30. Thank you for this very interesting and rare video. To see “normal” Thai men in their spare time, how they interact, what they think and speak. How calm they are. Thank you Chuck for giving us this glimpse into your life and showing us these beautiful people.

  31. Please continue your daily rants. Lots of us are in lockdown – myself included and the day goes quicker and easier with a daily dose of notime2bsad πŸ™‚

  32. Very nice video Chuck, keep them coming daily!. Your pal seems like a very nice guy, what a great spot to meditate.
    The mask is there to protect others, not yourself. The mask stops large particles passing through but will not stop fine particles . It does reduce the distance and amount of particles spreading outside the mask .
    Much more effective indoors .
    The mask motto is I protect you, you protect me.
    Chuck, the virus has spread like a wild fire in the U.K. due to government incompetence. Official figures have us at almost 30,000 dead but the figures are still being massaged and many believe it is much, much higher.
    The biggest mistake our government made was not locking down soon enough, followed by a weak lock down .
    The Thai Government have gone a tremendous job if the figures are accurate.
    Please be careful what you wish for, one slip and the virus will sweep through indiscriminately.

    Stay safe and well 😊

  33. Thanks for sharing! I normally spend 3 months out of the year in Thailand with my Thai wife who lives there. Unfortunately, I can’t due to all of the hype about the virus! Actually, I was suppose to leave this week to stay there for 2 months. Anyway, watching your videos is the next best thing to being there other than video chatting with my wife.

  34. If I have the money I will be the on the first plane to thailand, if my country will let me out and Thailand will let me ind. Even if I have to wear a mask (But no alcohol restriction) 🀣

  35. If I was back in the UK I would never wear a mask, but I do here out of respect, even though I think all this virus rubbish is exactly that…… rubbish. Love your videos πŸ˜‰

  36. I think mask may stop people spreading it if they cough etc my my Thai friend is in the mountains in Nan they where mask when there out

  37. Meditation for me is not something you can put a goal or length of time to fully learn. That is why it is an ongoing practice.

    Practicing meditation is letting your thoughts pass by and not focusing too much on them. After a while, you will notice your thoughts slowing and you will feel like they’re longer gaps between your thoughts. Once you experience how much peace and calmness you can receive by just witnessing your thoughts and nature surrounding you. It is like listening to soothing music and the gaps in your thoughts are like the short pauses between the notes in music. Music would not be music without the gaps between the notes.

    The few masters of meditation who reach nirvana are here to guide us to only be able to see a glimpse of truth. We have to find our own path.

  38. Chuck the reason one has to wear a mask is very simple. Covid-19 has what is called asymptomatic transmission and this means a person can be infected and have no symptoms at all but can pass the disease on. When one speaks one expels thousands of micro drops into the air and this travels into the face of someone you are facing. And this is just talking ….coughing and sneezing increases the range to over a few meters. Since everyone does NOT KNOW their state of infection for sure at a point in time it is only a matter of common sense and respect to wear one. There is adequate scientific evidence out there for this but do some research. Think of it as a condom for your face πŸ™‚ Governments around the world have no time to convince naysayers and will use “the fines method” which is why you will get a 20 000 baht fine there. Here in South Africa they would take you straight to jail for breaking a regulation. If you look at the death rate in the USA which heads the leaderboard it is probabky because of the lack of recognition of basic science that points to using masks to lower transmission rates.

  39. They have lifted family gatherings here in Sydney l had a Sunday funday with my daughter, we would have put the soi Mafia to shame ,what a gathering.

  40. Hey Chuck, It’s the same here in Roiet with the masks. Everyone, including me always has one but unless it’s required to get into a store many men don’t wear them. I noticed tonight when I went to Tesco for ice cream with my daughter and sons the women were 100% wearing masks. Many of the men took them down or completely off. There aren’t many farangs here and I go for days without seeing one. I agree about the younger women not knowing what to do when we say Hello. The older ladies are a kick and love to interact with us. You are also right about the younger men, they seem to be challenged by our existence. I say that for the useless younger ones and there are many of them. The hard working and successful men aren’t challenged by us and look to interact. I am almost 69yrs old and have a stepdaughter 22 and two sons 5 and 9. The last thing I want or need is some young girl but we are judged by their standards and have to act accordingly. I’m in the middle of the video and this so far is one of your best showing the real people we live with. Just watching you question you fried about meditation. I learned TM about 45 years ago and still use it today. Anyone can meditate, you don’t shut down your thoughts, just go with them after settling down and focusing on your mantra. Twice a day for 20 minutes is recommended but I use it when I need it and it works. You can learn the technique in a couple of hours with a coach. If you’re looking for a different perspective on the virus check out Rose/Icke lll interview from yesterday.Hang in there Chuck, it’s almost over for now. The second wave will be coming once things are settled down.

  41. At first I Thought it was Crazy to Ban Alcohol in Thailand, But then My Wife Who is Thai explained to Me that A lot Thai People seem to Group up and get Together When They Drink.

  42. Please don’t say, “Thai people” this Thai people that because you don’t know ALL THAI PEOPLE. You should say Thai people I know or Thai people in my area. Urban Thais and rural Thais have some different mentality. In the big city like Bangkok they use face mask in public more strictly than those in rural areas because the density of the city etc.

  43. That’s true what you say about the foreigners standing out not just for not wearing the mask, it’s for many other things.

  44. Chuck no matter where one is they can only hold people back for so long, granted there is a problem here, however humans are social and cannot be kept apart forever and a day……sooner or later something will give and lets hope its for the better and not the worst!….what ever you do just e safe my friend.

  45. A very interesting video Chuck. I like these friends of yours. Salt of the earth Thai people I think. Make more videos like this please.

  46. Your right Chuck, the stress caused affects us all in similar and different ways. The fish situation is a bummer I wonder if you got a small filter/oxygenator system I wonder if it might help clean the excess phosphates from the water of the decaying overfeeding by pop? Hope you guys get to the beach sooner than later πŸ™‚

  47. I agree chuck u.s or Europeans should wear masks, look how well Thailand and south Korea have done in the highly populated city’s by wearing masks, gloves and goggles. No problems from thai people many good souls there so i knew the answer before you asked, covid came from china the big thing is do china come holidaying in Thailand to fast. I can not wait to come back to see my family.

  48. Like it how you say foreigners not wearing masks, here in Jomtien I see Thai not wearing, and on my beach road walks who do I see on the beach, ? Its certainly not foreigners,

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