Are Filipinas Really All That Jealous? – Philippines (video enhanced)

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  1. Really enjoying your video’s. And spot on with jealousy stuff. However my gf within a very short time learned that i was there with her and for her. Our time was for her and I. I even got her to tell me how to say “nice ass”, in Tagalog. Which of course i have forgotten already. Would like to meet up with you when i get back there. I will be Argao again and if your still in Bohol, it is not a long boat ride. Take care.

  2. Argao is nice. My wife and I have had a home there for 6 or 7 years. Just got back from there too. 3 month stay and loved every second of it. Too bad we did not get that chance to meet in Cebu. We are setting our selves up right now so that we can stay there most of the year and then return to the U.S. for part of the year. Stay safe. And by the way, your video is spot on.Great video.

  3. the bubble as you say.yes but it take time for them to trust you but after that you will newer find any better wife they think this way you have can anyone you want to so why take time (and you olso know what most of the turist is doing in the ph so no wondere it take time).nice ass haha it is gandang asno werry rude to say so dont.oh how is it going with the baboyfarn you have? we have 5 home big famely.topic good advise just take all the time in the world no rush it will come

  4. tagalog gandang asno nice ass or pumunta asno good ass depend what you did learn now you did not forget it smile hope i were to a is allways no matter what langurage you learn allways something “bad” you learn first…i can olso write when i come to ph again but that take a year or two minimum before we go back home to san carlos city..(pangasinan) but he is spot on with the jealous thing..and all the rest he say olso.. best regards from denmark

  5. Conservative is the word brought by the Catholics. Since we don’t have divorce, it solidifies the marriage. We got marriage annulment? It’s easy if you can prove your a battered wife? The other thing the wife will be in shame a disgrace to the family and it’s really, really big. And of course we do have the 1% exception to the rule? It’s not easy for women to find the “ONE”. Finally find the “ONE” and so the other 10 women. Your gonna see cat fights in public. Jealousy is the reason.

  6. Heehee! Did you get that translation in google?! We do not have the word “asno” in our language. Nice in tagalog is “maganda” same as with pretty or beautiful and Ass is “pwet”. To make it a phrase it would be “maganda ang pwet” or when you are saying it in a bit naughty way you may say “ganda ng pwet”, just learned the right intonation so can express it the way you want… ^_^

  7. By the way whats with the beard “bi-go-te”. Just a correction.
    Pu-wit derived from “Salumpuwit=chair” is the right Tagalog word not pwet or poet. “Asno” is a local dear.
    “Bu-li” is the Hiligaynon or Ilong-go word for ass.

  8. Ha!.. I just woke up one day and figured I’d skip on shaving. That led to another day, then another. Finally it felt to scratchy so got rid of it. Just a bout of laziness. 🙂

  9. “Ay Caron”… LOL… That is a testimony of an easy life.. Enjoy and have fun. My sis went to Bohol 2 yrs ago. It was her first, and she likes it. A lay back province, she said. She’s trying to make room for her trip in the Philippines. There’s is just so many places to go.

  10. Yes! They are jealous, I have been together with my girl now for 7 years and this year we are going to get married but she have been and still is jealous on me

  11. knew one recently that lies, manipulates, gossips, and has brainwashed close people around her. This one invented a situation in her mind where her husband “had an affair, and she got arrested for DV on her husband and even claimed that she was sodomized while in jail. Most Filipinas are sane, but not all!! Be careful!!!

  12. Great info brother.I need all the advice I can get befor i go out there.Also can you make a vid or give some advice in regards to older philipina woman and their mindset.the reason I ask is because the philipina I’ve been talking to for the last year and a half is 34 and sometimes she just bugs out man.My brother say’s its normal and it’s how they all It took me a while to get the jealousy thing but I understand it now.can you talk a little about what to expect from the older one’s?

  13. I will add that to my queue of new videos to speak on. What I can tell you for now is that, I, personally believe a Filipina over the age of 27(ish) is really the way to go. That’s just my preference. They are more mature, have dealt with life a bit, etc. The younger ones will mature and change as they enter their 30’s and that may or may not be an issue. Pros and cons though, comes down to preference.

  14. I don’t like the trust issue that I’m having, If one has problem this early in the relationship what happens later in the relationship I not willing to go any further to find out I don’t like what I’m experiencing. You can destroy a relationship before you can get to know the person. Not fun being call a lier and your not doing anything. rather just move on instead of dealing with the confusion and insecurity

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines hahaha yes, i hear that all the time when I was growing up, my aunt tells my uncle ” you have to be happy I am jealous because that means I love you” …

    2. Absolutely.   And that’s the biggest challenge for a Filipina to understand early on.. that we do not view jealousy as a sign of love.  We view it as mistrust and insecurity.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines  Sir, Love your videos.  At some point in the next 2 years I will need to talk to you before I visit Cebu.

  15. Lol this is true. But know that they are not born that way. These filipinas being jealous are a product of relationships in the past with, most likely, a filipino man who is a player. Sadly, filipino men does’nt really know the definition of being in love. Most of them thinks they are in love when their ‘eyes’ said so… and they end up with a girlfriend or two. And unfortunately, most of the time, leaving a woman pregnant and runs away or marry them but continuously do what they do. I am myself a product of that. After living with my now exhusband for 7 years with 3 kids ages 4, 6 and 8 then, I decided that it’s time to think of the kids. I left to Guam, and found it a perfect place to live since it is only 3 hours away from the philippines. I filed for divorce and was free. To make the story short, I dated about 3 american men and a mexican and I learned a lot about myself and relationships. I was jealous with my first boyfriend and i’m driving myself crazy about why i was like that to a point that I have to end it because its embarrassing. Embarrassing because he is the nicest guy I’ve ever met but I can’t stop thinking and accusing him of things he does’nt even do. As I moved on to my 2nd, 3rd…. my trust issue improves. And I will say it took me 14 years to finally become a normal person that I am now. My experiences are my therapy. And I would say that yes, most filipinas need to undergo to some serious therapy to forget their past, to learn to trust, and to know that not all men are the same. They don’t need to go to an expensive therapist, the first step is to help themselves. It will be hard to make someone admit that they are jealous or that there is something wrong with them and I don’t know a way to make it easier for men who are married to one. As for my exhusband, he have now 3 more kids, still running around jobless. Left my 3 kids but hey, my son just graduated yesterday, another next year and 2 more years for my youngest. My youngest will be a jealous filipina, I can see it coming. Of course, she grew up questioning why am I not around, why is their dad not always home and so on. It will take a long journey for me to make her understand that I am the sole person who put food on the table, put clothes on their back, a roof on their head and the only one who sends them to school and those are the reasons I am here. And I did not marry again, nor have more kids unlike their dad. It will take a long journey for her to trust and love life but I am hopjng to be with her soon enough to guide her and fix those issues 🙂 I am now working at Quantico, Va. Maybe I will send her to join the navy.. so, jealous filipinas? = filipino players. LoL ask around..  with these said, i’d like to thank my friends overseas who are not filipinos of course,  because i learned a lot from them about life. 🙂

    1. Hi i love your is Lol.i got married when i was 23 .nov.04,2003.i was so immatured.after 2011 we separate over im 37 and i just realized and thinking all the time about the past how stupid i am.i think it’s because im more now matured and knows about what is life .wisdom and experiences of life is the most important and GOD is the number one of my life.

    2. I agree with Monica C. There is no particular reason why someone would be born jealous, there is jealousy gene. It is a product of the environment. The tele novellas on t.v that constantly show adultery and cheating combined with the experiences of many Filipino men having multiple relationships creates a mistrust that is hard to ignore. As a foreign man with a Filipina wife, you have to accept the cultural differences and just be faithful to your wife.

    3. Very familiar story and I agree, so touching. You must be very tough and brave.
      Filipino players are typical. This runs in my family, even back to my great grandfather who has many women, mistresses, down to my uncles , male cousins with complicated relationships, finding out illegitimate children is some hidden surprised unearthed  huh. This is the reason I am off with relationship with Filipino men. I’m not stereotyping, but how many faithful  Filipino men left out there .

  16. I’m from Sweden and have a filipina………..Sometimes I cant help it…..when she asks “who is that lady you stood still next to for 45 seconds”. I just have to say “My mistress”…ofcourse it doesnt makes things better xD
    But back to what you discussed….for me its actually a big turn off….relationships should be trust-based.

  17. you have described them superbly lol I have gone through it all and it does test your relationship to the limits sometimes but so far we have survived.

  18. I can relate to your story because I have a filipina wife who is exactly as you described. Very jealous but also very loving, loyal and faithful.

  19. Yes.Most Filipinas are jealous and possessive over the person they care about.If she isn’t,it’s either she doesn’t love u that much or trust u fully

  20. if filipinas hates u, getting angry, means to sya they are jealous. or they are pushing u to another girl, they are jealos, they just dont like to show their feelings.

  21. Yes You have to Love a Beautiful Philipina Woman ready to claw the eyes out of any woman coming near their man 🙂 It is annoying at first but you will get used to it and it makes you feel wanted unlike a lot of western woman that makes your wallet feel wanted….You not so Much…..LOL

    1. @Tyrion Lannister I would say in some ways you are correct and of course no two Filipinas are going to be exactly alike. I my case yes My Fiance costs me about the same as My American Ex Wife did but there is a Very Big difference on where the money goes. My Fiance Spends only part of the money on herself and the rest goes to family on a case by case basis. She is Very careful with our money ( Yes she has a successful career and contributes as well ) I don’t mind this to much as I see it helping the greater good. My Ex Wife was a money pit that used my money to buy a life style she didn’t earn nor deserve. As far as your observation that Filipinos / Filipinas as Very Materialistic I have NOT seen the Personal Greed I have seen in American Woman so I am Happy.

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines man I love your videos I take everything you say to heart cause I’m going their to meet my girlfriend.. keep up the good work do u have anymore tips?

    3. @14wordsforlife jealousy is definitely a two-edged sword.  the ones who love much can be very jealous as their way of showing it.  but i’ve known a few guys who told me, “she was PERFECT for me in every other way.. but i left her because of the high jealousy.”  i can relate.  being constantly interrogated, accused on a daily basis just because there are other filipinas on the island does a lot to suck the fun out of life.

  22. I am getting married in just over a month to my beautiful, intelligent, God fearing, filipina fiance. It is true about filipina being jealous. We have been a couple for approx 2 years now and she is only now beginning to ease up on the jealousy and occasional moodiness. This is partly due to a concentrated effort to cultivate a healthy level of trust between us, me always making that extra effort to let her know where and what I am doing so that she has no reasons to be suspicious (you get used to it lol) but I think the main reason her jealousy and moodiness is subsiding is because we have had an agreement to have a biblical based relationship/marriage from the beginning, and as of the past few months I have learned to regularly refer her to any relevant bible verses which might help to diffuse any ongoing conflicts, or in hindsight to help her to see why being jealous and angry is not healthy.

    For anyone here wanting to marry a filipina, I highly encourage you to make an agreement to live a biblical life together.  When you can both agree to always follow the guidance and wisdom found in the bible, to try your hardest to lead a perfect example of the traditional christian family, with God as the foundation… Your relationship will be unshakable!  🙂

    As to why filipinas are prone to jealousy.. I suspect it is because they are aware of the cunning and general shadiness of many of the “street smart” filipino women and due to this have a habit of assuming that all women we come into contact with could be capable of acting in such ways, and we could find ourselves seduced by them just as we were once seduced by our wifey.    

  23. Funny topic Henry 😀 I’m one too. My hubby is a survivalist. But we rarely have fights. Only not long ago as this  Filipina man-eater ( who mess up with her best friend’s husband, sleeps with him whilst she was away, eventually  broke her marriage ), the same woman seemed over friendly with my hubby. So this was addressed with no delay. Grrrrrr 😀

  24. lol,,oh yes..this is soooo true,,,for us Filipino women, stopping from being jealous is like stopping from loving the guy,,or not caring anymore at all..this somehow enlightened me tho ;p .thanks for the vid ;d

  25. This is true! I am a Filipina and married to a Thai guy. I usually get jealous especially that I know bout my husband’s culture but my husband is not flirt like the rest (Well, he was kinda used to when he was younger)….but I actually told him bout my feelings that I love him so much and that I dont wanna be jealous so he shouldnt do things that can make me jealous…There were times that we fought and argued cause some bitchy women are there always (sending senseless texts, bitchy gestures at parties, etc). But I didnt stop loving my husband and he didnt entertain sluts,too. I told him once, if ever I stop being jealous with you, beware…that is the time that I stop loving you. For us, being truly jealous means loving your man so much.

  26. Im engaged to a Pinay she is so over the top jealous really it throws me… she even gets angry if a speak to childhood female friends the most recent one is a lesbian for crying out loud lol it can drive anyone insane dealing with it…. but it is nice and cute when she gets jealous but their is a limit to how far it should go unfortunately for me it often exceeds what i consider to be reasonable

    1. @Clint East i feel for you.  some men have been able to discuss the jealousy with their pinay and, over time, they curbed it a bit.  but it doesn’t really go away entirely since in their mind, jealousy is part of how they measure their love.  there are filipinas who are not so jealous, but i’d say not quite so many.

  27. Stay away from manila women they are wurst than American women . i know i fell in the manila trap and they are all the same in manila street women looking for dumb Americans.

  28. you’re so awesome man . I’m learning so much from you,well you know I’m go there to find that special one,and now with all the knowledge I’ve been getting from you,i going to have to buy you drinks and dinner ,to pay you some how back ,,,THANKS A LOT   

  29. I’m dealing with jealousy of another kind.  My Filipino wife’s family. They are so jealous that she is coming to the U.S.  She has uncle’s, cousins and friends causing her trouble all because of being jealous of her coming here. It’s really sad. She feels she has lost a lot of her family to this. So now we just avoid all contact with them.  We don’t post anything on any social media.  Anyone else experience this?

    1. @Dennis Eggenburg It’s called the “Kanya-Kanya Syndrome.” When filipino/a are living a different life, their jealousy takes the best of them and try to hold them down, maybe sabotage them. Reason being: Filipino culture is collective not individualistic, so there’s much need for uniformity. Picture a crab trying to climb out of the bucket, another crab will pull it down.

    2. @Dennis Eggenburg a common expectation placed on filipina women is that, IF they marry a foreigner and go to his country.. they will work, earn lots of money and send it back to them (for a wide list of supposed reasons).   when your wife’s family heard she won’t be sending back money (or only to her parents).. my guess is that they feel cheated even though they have no right to that expectation for free money.  it’s very non-logical, but that’s how some filipinos process the situation.  your best bet is to just do what you’re going to do, block the troublemakers on your wife’s facebook so they can’t manipulate or guilt her, and only give support to her parents.. nobody else.

  30. Hello – To me, this level of “jealously” is extreme, and would be a deal breaker.  It sounds like it boarders on just being nuts, and a total lack of trust.

    What about religion there.  I understand that being catholic is predomminate and almost 100 %.  I have no desire and will not convert, attend church or anything else.  How strict are the filipinas and their families in this regard. 

    1. If you won’t accept their religion or consider them nuts without taking into consideration their culture, then I would suggest you don’t bother getting married to a Fiipina. Not sure why you think you should make these kind of statements, it’s as if you are demanding they see things your way. If you can’t accept a foreign culture, marry someone from your own country, it’s quite simple.

    2. @Dennis Weifenbach it depends on how you look at it. technically, catholicism is the national religion. and i’d say about 98% of filipinos asked would say they are catholic. but.. very few expats deal with being asked to convert. some go through the motions to have a catholic wedding in the ph. but nobody is forcing anybody to do anything.

  31. I’m American… I met a girl through a website, from the Philippines… I get jealous.. I’d love just the same, it just means she loves me and she’s loyal. It is going fast and I am more than okay with that.. I do love her.

    1. Richard Carraway slow it down don’t let go to fast get to know her be careful of being scammed remember love takes time not days ok 👌

  32. First off love your videos!  Some great inside info about the Phils for expats.  However I can’t imagine Filipinas being more jealous than Puerto Rican girls.  Puerto Ricans are an 11 out of 10 when it comes to jealousy and rage.  Besides that can’t wait to make my first trip to the phils.     

  33. That’s true. .I have been with girl from claveria for almost a year and we have been through a lot of who is this person on Facebook etc…but I actually enjoy it as my ex wife here in the states flew the coop on me for guy from childhood that she connect with on Facebook. ..traveling to claveria next month to meet her…very excited!

  34. I have my girl there but she  want’s to get marry but she want’s to come to america and do all of that life stuff so next year around that time she will come soooo is that a  good new’s to say? Cause i all way’s wanted to go out with  them as in that one special some one and all of that in a positive way as possible ^^.

  35. Love your video’s I’m heading to manila to meet the future women of my life ur vids have giving me a lot of info I desperately need lol I think I am gonna have my hands full but she is simply a wonderful women.but we both are having trouble finding out all the paper work to get her here with me wow didn’t realize so much not given up on her I land in manila may 21 to meet her then to Bohol hope to maybe run into u there I have questions then to tacloban oh yeah gonna be fun

  36. I think an even bigger “problem” there is envy between pinays. I have had a pinay girlfriend for the last 3 years. Unfortunately due to different circumstances I am still living in Europe and she is still living and working in the Philippines. However I have visited her 3 times and she has been here 1 time.

    I think envy is a much bigger problem. Until now 2 or 3 of my GF´s “socalled” friends have tried to break up our relationship by telling lies about my girlfriend. I know they are lies because I could prove it. The lies went from claims that my GF was cheating on me over to different other accusations about my GF – accusations that I have been able to prove wrong. 

    My GF says that this is how pinays are. I dont know if I just had bad luck or if in general pinays are very envious to other women there – especially if they have boyfriends who are foreigners.

    1. @savagedragon79 Why dont you just shut the fuck up, considering you dont know shit about our relationship or the circumstances? You are a pathetic FUCK.

      First of all – I live in a country that probably has the strictest immigration laws worldwide. She cannot just go here and live here. Getting a work permit here is impossible. Secondly my profession is VERY specialized and there are not many places in the world where I can find a job – unless I want to live on a salary that is 80% lower than what I have now. I dont see how I can find a job in the Philippines within my profession. Thirdly we have lived together for a period of 3 months on a visitors visa. And fourthly she has been under education until recently – and we did not want her to end that.

      Maybe you should just STFU if you dont know shit about our circumstances.

  37. exactly right,  I have a awesome wonderful wife who is Filipina and I know inside she is a little bit jealous but she doesn’t show it at all.   mainly because she doesn’t want to stop me from talking to her female friends and she wants me to be comfortable with her friends and family. I don’t speak to women I don’t know and the women I do know my wife either knows or will meet  but we have a wonderful marriage and family.   she is my world and I show her and tell her every day that she is my world.

    1. @Christopher Reyes it’s a fantastic experience to find someone who has a strong love. so many guys have been burnt by opportunists that they no longer believe love is possible in the PH. but way too many happily married couples would disagree with them. 🙂

    2. You cant take love without giving love. And since filipinas hold on to their men so fiercely as you say it seems as they understand that

    3. @Christopher Reyes i’m not sure if i understand the question correctly. i try to not discuss my old g/f’s with my current one. that never ends well. 🙂

  38. In my experience the answer is a resounding YES!! They are very jealous. I am currently  involved with a Filipina now. I am 16 years older than her.  I love her very much. Will be returning to see  her again in August. But her jealous attitude can be challenging. But aside from that she is a good woman. Can’t wait to finally bring her to the States.  But I completely agree with your assessment. Everything you said is exactly what I have experienced.

  39. Take the jealousy of a typical Latina and multiply that by a factor of 10 and you pretty much have a Filipina.   Five feet of dynamite gift-wrapped in beauty. Levels of jealousy that run legendary.

    1. @Maxx61 hehe.. i hear you. i’ve gotten to know quite a few filipinas during my 3 years (so far) here in the PH. while the jealousy is always there to some degree, some filipinas have it in very, very low levels and others make up for it with over-the-top jealousy. 🙂

  40. probably my biggest mistake was going on datein asia and the women came as well as the jealousy I love filipinas they are so beautiful but the jealousy is too much

  41. Can’t help it but I have to post a comment. I am a Filipina and married to an American. I am actually using his account. 😀
    There’s this line that gets me.. “The more jealous they are, the more they love you. ”
    I am very jealous of everything, maybe even a woman approach him. Just because I am so in love with him and so over protective about our marriage.
    I was watching this video with him and he was laughing at me. Specially on that lady on grocery store?? that’s SOOOO ME!!!! lol!

  42. I’m happy you were able to put the rights words together to describe what Filipina jealousy is.
    Well cheers to you brother, enjoy your stay here.
    God bless you! =)

  43. If people in general simply realize that if God wanted you to have whatever it was , a person doesn’t have to ask. God would simply grant whatever it was he want that individual to have. Theres no need to be jealous ,if it were meant for you you’d have it and the reason why you don’t have whatever it is you’re jealous of is because God doesn’t want it for you ,that simple ,so stop being a jealous person, God helps those who help themselves why be jealous of another person if you yourself aren’t doing a damn thing about changing anything so stop hating on others for being great and worry about yourself

    1. Aren’t doing a damn thing to better yourself so stop wishing bad on somebody doing good in their life just so you feel good about your miserable self don’t hate the player hate the game

  44. Every Man and Every Woman on this Earth is Jealous , maybe in different degrees , a little or very Jealous . If anyone says they’re not they’re are Full of **** either that or they don’t Love the person they are with . If a Person says they are NEVER jealous than they don’t love the one they are with .

  45. It’s good that the woman is Jealous , I like that myself . I know that there can be extremes , if you’re not doing something and you’re being accused of it that’s not good . It shows you care if there is some , not 10 tons of it .

    1. Side-note – these are girls age 17 and under. It may well be that these girls get seduced after High School and end up abandoned and pregnant later, but the desire and expectation is still there in the population.

    2. I have informally “polled” high school populations in the Philippines to find out the answer to your question. In 2010 I asked girls at a High School in Mindanao, in 2013 in Manila. Both populations quickly rattled off the names of girls who were NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth). NBSB girls were indeed a majority of both populations. Not only are they avoiding sex, but no boyfriend- their husband will be their first kiss.

    3. +Eder Castillo short answer is, “no”. in the mountains the older generation might have that expectation. but in most of the PH you’d be hard pressed to find a filipina over 23 who doesn’t already have a child or 3 and no husband around. many of them take off once a child appears.

  46. nyahahah trueee iam a mix pan filipina ..i am so jealous and territorial to my bf ,of course la i love my bf even though many of my friends says he doesn’t match with me (i am a petite product model endorser)but i don’t care..cos i think of “your having your own ice cream will you let anyone to lick your own ice cream? ahhaha
    we are jealous but we are very loving and caring…(in fact i help my bf parents to clean the house cos they are so old) ^^

  47. So true! I agree to this. I can relate much! When i felt jealous over my man that doesn’t mean im insecure, im just protective because I Love him. Nothing more to say. Insecurity is a whole different story!

  48. I find this interesting. Jealousy is a very serious Catholic sin and a woman who is active in church (actually goes to Confession for example) will understand the dangers of jealousy (actually chasing away the one you love with smothering possessiveness). However an American coming to the Philippines will turn a blind away to the mass of Filipina women who are active in their religion and instead be attracted to the women in bars, women who will openly date without a chaperone, women you mention who get tattoos and smoke etc. THOSE women will not have the inner meditations and cautions against jealousy taught by the Church. I think this explains the seeming contradiction in your statements that mistresses are common (low-jealousy) but jealousy is common (should be few or no mistresses). The difference is in the religious (tolerant, patient) and non-religious (possessive, more fearful) populations.

    1. in any country, there’s a big difference between the people who are ‘religious’ and those who are ‘spiritual’. plenty of people can be found going through the motions. it’s the ones who actually take their piety to heart you see a difference in. the rest, you’ll see them doing all manner of un-spiritual things during the week and then they “do their time” on sunday mass and repeat, week after week. me, i have a little more respect for those who just stay out of church while they live a life that is neither religious or spiritual. at least they know where they stand.

    1. absolutely not. if you want chaste, find a good g/f. 🙂 she’s being paid for services and she may very well have other clients the other days of the week. she’s an independent contractor so, don’t go falling in love with a mistress and.. use a condom.

  49. very good and informative….living this out now…its over whelming she is gone most of time to filino friends and comes home with attitude and im home cooking cleaning feeding dogs fixing her car n others cars …its become ridiculous

  50. To all women’s the jealousy only.this is for us.for me now,jealousy is only for immature woman.if you are a woman that has wisdom and full experience of life bad and good,and also you earn your own money yiu have Job,uou have business and of course you don’t neglect your responsibility of your husband and the best can cook the favorite food of your huband.i don’t think you will ever ,ever a jealousy woman.give to your husband what he wants.all he needs and if he want a conversation give ,talk ,talk all through the long as you make him happy ,you don’t have nothing to worry about.

  51. Yes we are jealous woman specially if we really love that person, we are very protective to the person we love. If woman don’t jealous its a sign that she doesn’t love you.

  52. If they are jealous, they continues to teach this behavior to their offsprings. That explains why they bashed one another, and other countries, all over You Tube! I guess it’s cultural.

  53. I had a girl in davao shed be that jealous . Even smiling at people in davao. Shed accuse me of smiling at girls . I told her I’m friendly with the culture. I went back to my hotel room once and shed trashed my room even stuck my clothes down the c.r well i was furious the hotel banned her from entering the hotel again .wat she did was crazy

  54. You know Mr Reekay….. I admire you and your videos. You are like a Filipino who grew up here in the Philippines. I am a native of the Philippines and i have’nt seen any expat or foreigner the way you think and observe things around you. I am really amazed. I can’t say any word….except…. Exceptional…. Views.
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  55. Everything you are saying is very true I’m married to an Filipino she’s very jealous and she’s very loving she’s very protective of me her husband and family and you said it the home as well meeting my Filipino wife was the best thing that ever happened to me the lady vet she gives me and to all who read this Filipino woman are the best of the best a true Filipino woman that is not this new age type just use you for money 💴 but listen to this man he nows what he talking about learn from him and talk to other foreigners there as well they will help you but be careful who you trust it’s just like and where else

  56. You are absolutely right about Filipina jealousy. I once mentioned to my wife that she should compliment the waitress at our table because she looked like a model. I meant it innocently, but, boy, did my wife blow up. I’ve since kept my opinions to myself.

  57. I met a 57 year old Filipina living here in the US. She found out my phone code the first weekend we were together (without my knowledge). Since then, I’ve found out that she has been through my phone multiple times. She’s written down names and numbers of every female in my phone (relatives, old girlfriends, and even acquaintances that I’ve forgotten). She’s called my sister out of the blue asking questions about me, called other female’s numbers telling them that I’m her man (for no reason whatsoever), and she’s accused me of still sleeping with every female in my contacts. As long as I’d been with her, I’ve never slept with anyone else. I’ve had to delete her from FB. The last time I caught her going through phone, I called it quits. She still doesn’t think what she was doing was wrong. Of course it’s off putting and wrong. She simply doesn’t care. I’ve even caught her going to places I frequent looking for me and dropping in unexpectedly thinking I’m with another woman. She is definitely a stalker. We’ve broken up many times, and when we do I she drives around my neighborhood looking for me. In my opinion she’s not only jealous, but dangerous. Yet she says she loves me.

    1. yah, that’s outta control. i would have just broken up once and moved on. usually people like this don’t change any time soon.

  58. I had 2 Filipina girlfriend’s in my life time and only 1 was jealous her and I argued over it a few times. But the make up sex was amazing but that was years ago

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