Anxiety In Thailand – I Need A Haircut – Travel Restrictions Update

I woke up this morning with a little anxiety after learning some sad news and having bad dreams. I’m also in dire need of a haircut. After going for a drive, I feel much better. I also discuss updates on travel restrictions coming into Thailand. Please Like, Share, and Subscribe.
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Intro/outro song – True Colors by (Nolan Van With Remix).
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  1. You should see me. My head looks like a mess. Jesus. The situation in New York and New Jersey is really serious. It’s a tragedy. I am really sad that i have to see all that. In Europe it’s slowly getting better but England and Italy have so much victims. I don’t know why god is putting us to this test.
    It’s like a nightmare you know only from a DVD.

  2. Dunno if you can get a cutter off the net Joe , I’m sure Gift could give you a number three all over , my misses never used one but has cut my hair now for the last 14 years . Be great if you come to the UK mate I will pick you up from Heathrow , take care both of you

  3. Hi Joe and Gift 🙂 Thanks for the video, it´s always nice with a little distraction.. Good idea to take a trip to that wonderful beach and get some food and see something else than your own 4 walls 🙂 I bought a motorcycle last Fall and really enjoy it a lot atm. Its a great way to get out of the house, even if I haven´t got anywhere particular I need to go 😉 I hope the Covid-19 has topped and we relatively soon can get back to somewhat normal life again. I know 4-5 people who have been sick, but they are all recovered with no problems, even though one of them needed a few days in a respirator before he got better. Where do you plan to visit in Europe? If you travel anywhere near Denmark, I´ll be sure to drop by and say hello, that would be fun 🙂 Lets hope it wont take too long before that’s possible again 🙂 Best wishes, stay happy and healthy 🙂

  4. I cut my own hair using 3 settings. 14 mm all over, 3.5mm from the bottom to the crown, and then 7 mm to blend in the line on the crown. Philipps has clippers in places like Big C and Tesco Lotus. It’s a fade style of haircut.

  5. Hey Joe and Gift. You guy’s seem to be enjoying the new location. Sorry about your Aunt. Things are slowly reopening in different states mostly rural areas first. Stay good

  6. Joe we’re all in the same boat, hair growing to long and unbearable,stuck in or around or home, limited food,like you said all that matters is our lady,Joe I want to send our condolences for your relative in Florida who has feel ill and has passed,my wife and I sorry to hear this 🌴🙏🏻🌴

  7. Minute 09.40. I know that big golden bird (?) so so well. Landmark for sister in law house in Thap Sakai in 20 minutes time. Not this year as Songkran party cancelled. Maybe in a few months.

  8. While you live in Thailand on a generous govt pension, and during this crisis, have you thought about donating back to the US job losses soar? You’re talking about world travels, travelling to Europe. Donate back %50 of your pension to churches and food banks.

  9. Great to see you two enjoy some time out. A while back I wrote to you about my daughter who is living and studying in Bangkok. She is doing pretty ok considering being cooped up in her condo, but she is busy studying. While there Nina is finishing up her last online year and will receive her degree from Florida International University. Hopefully, once she has her degree her opportunities to teach in Thailand will open up. I believe that she would like to venture out into the country. I am excited for her, as well as admire her sense of adventure and strong spirit. Watching you and Gift helps me to relax and realize how normal, beautiful and enjoyable life can be in Thailand in spite of this pandemic. It sure puts this mother’s heart at ease. Continue to be blessed and enjoy the love you two share.

  10. Sorry for your loss Joe. I think the whole world is anxious, I know I am but all we can do is look forward to better times. Thailand looks beautiful as always. Stay safe 👍

  11. My wife and son went to bangkok for 30 days and my wife came back by her self cause the virus .march 5 left my son behind with her parent’s and now i hear more bad news till jun 🤦

  12. I’m very happy for you guys that you are together in this particular weird times…..

    I also had to come back home in Montreal,Canada in the beginning of march after being 6 month’s over there but my wife got stuck in Thailand because of all airports closed before her departure to come and join as usual…
    So we will be separate for how long?……guess only God knows!
    We talk everyday by Line …..but i wish she would be with me by my side now.
    You make very nice video ….thank you for sharing ! And keep both safe …you are very sweet couple !

  13. Great video Joe, a good mix of everything in there. I particularly respect the comment around 3:10 as too many people are either seeing their life as so hard (when it isn’t really) or complaining about the inconvenience of lockdown when in places like the UK, US & north Europe we have friends/family dying alone and we have to watch their funerals online. The world will be a different place for many people after this.
    On a more positive note, the area you are in now looks so much more relaxing and like a picture postcard paradise compared to Bangkok. Having the puppies around must be fun too, something to take the mind away from the troubles of the world 👍🏻😎😷 keep the vlogs coming 🙏

  14. Love to you both,,, Joe i broke my old cricket clicker when I laid in tall grass stay strong and kiss Gift for Pa pa Craig I’m still alive can’t beleive it sorry for my typing my eye implant’s are blown out,, I never give up namaste

  15. It’s a huge privilege to follow along with your life and what makes it even more precious is the honesty. I have great respect for you and Gift, especially in your example of self-care, taking your personal inventory (voicing what you are blessed to enjoy), and in doing how you gained perspective. So hold fast to the simple joys of living! That is my take-away from your story today. God bless you both!

  16. I was lucky! One of my good friends is a barber. She did me a favor and gave me a haircut at my condo. I was starting to look like a barbarian! haha 😂

  17. Hello Joe love watching you guys! My husband and I are planning on moving to Thailand next year. We would love to link up with you guys. He is retired Marine and I am half Thai . Would love you contact info .

  18. I used to have anxiety too, maybe look into the Carnivore Diet. I’ve been on the Carnivore Diet for almost 2 weeks now and feel pretty good. Check out Dr. Shawn Baker on Joe Rogan Podcast

  19. Hi Joe feel for your family loss buddy lost my Dad 6 weeks back even though he was 96 it still hurts… I hope your boy can make it to Thailand soon to catch up with you & Gift
    my partner Mod is still stuck there as mentioned before until they open up again … But as you probably agree we are travelling a lot better than most Thai people.. keep well my friend.

  20. Hi.i know how you feel about needing a glad to see you getting out and relaxing at the beach.maybe that’s what you needed.just a change of wife in buriram is worried about the virus here in the uk with me stuck here..but I keep my expectations low which I’ve learned by being in Thailand and hopefully be there for Christmas and make sure we all have a good one..was nice watching gifts video the other day..stay safe Brian

  21. I just wanted to say thanks for the video. Sorry to most of the commenters, it’s not about you. Those dogs are not mucking around with the food.

  22. Sorry to hear about your auntie Joe and the rest of your family.
    Lets all hope for better days ahead – 2020 is shaping up to be a lost year the way things are going.  I am lucky with a house all paid for and can work at home on full pay, but some are not so fortunate.  As you say you are definitely in the right place at present.
    All the best.

  23. Hi friend 👋 My condolences for your loss. I know that N.J. was hit hard with that virus… I’m so sorry for your loss. Also, regarding the loss of jobs and cut-backs in the USA…I would like you to let the World know through your vlogs that our Government did, in fact, step up to take care of us Americans. We are receiving 💰 from the Government. They didn’t lie… they are providing for us! Some people may not have received their money yet but the money is coming through many different avenues. Not only the stimulus money which is forgiven and we don’t have to pay that back. But also through unemployment… Not only are we receiving the state unemployment amount per your income, but the government has included an additional $600.00 in every week’s unemployment check. So if your state unemployment amount is $200 and you also receive an additional $600.00… you are receiving $800.00 every week for 11 to 15 weeks. Other than the soorowful passing of some and some physical store buildings being closed…trust me… Americans are doing very well.

  24. If any American is not receiving EXTRA money right now, it’s because they didn’t Apply for it. Some people do not know how to ask for help or ask their neighbor to show them how to apply on the computer.

  25. Great update Joe , I had to cancel my first ever holiday to Thailand due to Covid-19 , I am glad I am a home in Australia safe , but I am sad it will be months before we can travel again, thank you for your updates it keeps a lot of us positive to be able to see you and Gift are safe and sound in amazing sorry for your loss, sadly you are not alone in that aspect 😢 and also anxiety levels are high everywhere ,stay safe and keep posting…. especially the puppies 🥰

  26. The rest of the world for some reason is thinking that America is completely shut down is in a worse State than any other Country, but that is simply not true. You know I’m in Atlanta, Georgia and to be quite honest, aside from TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and other major department stores, and salons… Everything in my neighborhood and where I work was still open for business with some alternative ways of service. Maybe only a certain amount of people inside the building, or placing orders from the outside, but considering what the virus can do America is doing very well. Poor Italy…that is a real-life shut-in! You know Americans are not even going for something like that! Not being able to travel internationally is probably paining Americans more than anything.

  27. Your right , could be much worse , a haircut ? I’ll trade problems , I haven’t combed my hair in decades , I’m bald .
    Sorry about the dreams , I know about that . Even if I can’t remember them it’s the feeling I wake up with that’s unsettling . Best thing for me is to be grateful for the nights I don’t have them .
    I thought that was a jersey accent , jersey city or Newark but couldn’t be sure , could be Bronx .
    Or I could be wrong could Short Hills

  28. It’s easy to say that you shouldn’t have anxiety. The truth is, even if your life is perfect, you cannot control if you feel anxiety. You are only human!!!

  29. It’s bad back here Joe. I’m in Connecticut but I have family in NJ. They are Dr’s and nurses. Sorry to hear about your family. I would not come back here for awhile 😕

  30. Hey Joe, sorry to hear the bad news from the USA, this virus really is nasty and a lot of good folk have been lost.

    I do enjoy your videos, the pups are growing every day and I think you in are the right choice moving down from Bangkok.
    Good luck to you and Gift and I hope your family and friends are ok

  31. Deepest sympathy for your loss Joe and everybody else’s loss. My dad is staying with me in Vietnam , I’m really glad his here instead of the UK . His been here for two months and to be honest we haven’t done a lot except for playing a lot of bored games . His due to go back next month but things here are looking pretty good unlike the UK so we’re extending his stay . Stay safe everyone , be patient we will get through this.

  32. Brilliant Joe, feeding those puppies would bring a smile to everyone’s face, Gordon Tickle posted a news conference from two American doctors that is well worth a look in terms of your poor Aunts death and the real affects of c19.
    The food looked amazing good job you didn’t go go there on the bike with that rain on the way back.
    Like you I too need a haircut but the way things are going here in the UK I think that you’re far more likely to have one before me. Sad news about having to delay your son’s visit for another year but hopefully he’s safe and healthy.
    I enjoyed this as always thank you for sharing take care of yourself and the lovely Gift.

  33. May you Aunt’s soul rest in peace and may your other relatives be restored to health. Amen. In times like this prayers help. Your family and you are in my prayers.
    My wife shaved my hair off. Looking bald;-)
    Stay Safe and Stay Blessed!

  34. joe its great the puppies got shots. can you get them the once a month worm pills? I bet it’s cheap there. heartworms very dangerous. love those dogs!

  35. Blessed are the merciful for they shall be shown mercy! Very happy to see you take care of those doggies. I am from NYC originally but have been living in Vietnam full time since 1995 with my wife. We are now retired. My wife is Vietnamese and we met in NYC in 1976 and married in 1977. When the virus first started rearing its ugly head in February outside of China my sister suggested that we come back to the US. But we have two doggies and I told her that our fortunes will lie together with our dogs who we would not leave under any circumstance. Who would have thought that we are now safer in Vietnam and Thailand than in New York!!

  36. Stiff upper lip, Joe. I sympathize as my two principal stress relief mechanisms are off the table here in Maryland (going to the gym and getting turned into a pretzel a/k/a Thai massage) are both prohibited now until further notice. And I’m so desperate for a haircut that I am almost ready to let my daughter cut my hair (not quite, but almost 55555)

  37. I am stuck in Abu Dhabi , my work is on hold here also , now the travel ban is extended i hope i can start work again in May and then we will see when i can go to see my wife in Thailand. We will have to take it as it comes , no way around it. Luckily everything is ok with my wife and the family and we still have skype.
    I see you have some raining in Thailand now , i hope it will start rain in Isaan also soon because my wife is telling we running out of water to keep the garden green.

    Hope everything we will be back to normal in a few months.
    Take care and stay safe.

  38. TOURISTS NUMBERS WERE DROPPING this year ,this virus lockdown make it worse for coming to Thailand. lots of people are losing jobs over there lets hope it goes away soon

  39. Yes, we are all kinda suffering in some way. Sorry for your loss. My joke is “life sucks then you die:, I dont mean it but it makes me chuckle. Love those puppies!

  40. 30 million Americans out of work and the numbers will grow over the coming months! Global depression has already arrived, things are definitely going to get worse before it gets better. Patience is the key, we need to learn from the last Pandemic. Rushing to open things and not keeping social distance is most likely not a smart decision. In 1918 the second wave of the Pandemic killed more people than the first. Keep safe, rethink your priorities and appreciate your health, family and friends cause money is NEVER going to miss you!

  41. Sorry to hear about your losses. My aunt has had her heart operation put off until mid June, and has to self-isolate until then. High sunlight, heat and humidity – according to the US government – kills the virus really quickly.

    I’m about to give in and have the home clippers buzz cut. I used to look like a convict after it. Now I look as if I’m in a care home!

  42. Hi Joe, I know exactly what you mean about anxiety after waking up from a bad dream , I was a firefighter ( retired now ) and I constantly wake up from bad dreams pertaining to that , its crazy, you know for sure it was a dream but yet your stressed out for hours as if it what you were dreaming about actually just happened !
    I’m sorry about your Aunt , on the news they are saying that New York and New Jersey were the hardest hit states, very high numbers here in Massachusetts also , for some reason the Northeast got hit real bad .
    Your lucky to be in the land of smiles , even the dogs smile , if I put down food for a group of five or six dogs where I’m from a fight would break out before the food hit the bowl.

  43. Hey Joe hopefully I will be over end of the year my Thai girl left Australia on the 12rh of March she lives near kampeang phet which is 1 hour drive from gifts old home town we should be going around your way being calling into Hua hin and catching up with Jonny and having a few meals at Ian’s stay well hopefully I’ll be over end of this year

  44. Oh my friend, I’m so sorry for your loss and the anxiety you’ve experienced. I’ve had that a couple of times as we’ve been under stay at home orders since the middle of March, six weeks now and Brett probably looking at another month as well. This is a really tough situation for the whole planet. Sadly, there are large segments of Americans who are now out protesting the shut down and yelling at nurses that the virus is fake and the nurses trying to get by the protesters are actors. It’s so sad. So glad you guys got out for a drive and some good food at JJ’s. The beach and the drive even brought tears to my eyes. I miss Thailand so much!! Keep taking good care of each other and stay safe and healthy. All our love from Paul and I.

  45. Anxiety all around with this ‘cerveza with lime’ virus. Joe try this (can’t hurt)… Thais will usually give a quick prayer to a new place they stay or move in to ward off Anxiety and to welcome good vibes. Hopefully this works and we will continue to see uplifting vids from ya.

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