Ants, spiders, lice and other bugs

Ants, spiders, lice and other bugs – We surely do have a variety of bugs here. The first bug I encountered when I  arrived here in 2004 was a tiny fast moving ant. The nice thing about them is that they don’t bite but the can get into everything and come with the rest of their army by the thousands when they do. I have a constant battle with my spray can trying to keep them out. There is a also a larger dark brown ant that you often find walking along the wall looking for food. One day at my house in Bogo I saw some ants on the one of my light switches in my office. I got my spray can and sprayed around the switch to kill them, a while later I returned to find a pile of dead ants on the floor and I mean a big pile many thousands of ants there under the light switch and on the floor. I figured out the ants were coming in on the house wiring and ending up there at that switch. When I sprayed on the switch they just kept coming and dying right there until the entire ant army had fallen to my single application of ant spray.  I used to go out side and walk around the house looking for ants, if I found any I would spray them so they can’t come in. As long as I kept up my spraying almost daily the ants would stay away. Another time I went to the cabinet to get some sugar for my coffee and there where those pesky ants all inside my sugar jar. The maid took it and banged it on the table a few times and all the ants climbed out and left, hmmmmm and I’m supposed to eat after those ants… I currently use Raid available in Gaisano stores just about anywhere.

Here is a great website about all the critters native or otherwise here in the  Philippines.

Wild LIfe in the Philippines

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