Angel’s Burger – The White Castle of the Philippines

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  1. That’s funny cause every time I hear a American talking about white castle it includes drinking or smoking pot. Ps. Anyone from outside the USA has has never seen a white castle so due to the rumors out there it’s not a great comparison reference .

  2. Hey Henry, Thanks for posting your “Pinoy no Reservation travel channel ” videos. I find them very entertaining. I would love to see more of the local scenery of Bohol. I was born and raised in Manila and been living here in So Cal since 82. When the right time comes, definitely retiring 6 months of the year in the Visayas region with my beautiful family. Take care and God Bless!

  3. I’m loving it here.. best move I ever made. I plan to cover more and more of Bohol and Panglao once the storms give me some sunny days to shoot good video.

  4. ha!.. good point. Between the two I prefer In-N-Out because.. that’s what a hamburger is all about. But I spent a week in New York and Jersey where I ate as many fresh White Castle burgers as I could get my hands on. The frozen ones they sell in the grocery store don’t even compare to getting them fresh.

  5. Yep.. in fact I did this video at the Angel’s burger just around the corner and maybe 2km from the ICM mall, going towards the bridge to Panglao in Tagbilaran. When I was on Mactan there was an Angel’s Burger about five blocks from my place. Another good place, but harder to find them, is Burger Junction (aka ‘BJ’s, ha!) BJ’s is about the same thing as Angel’s.. both good. Another ‘decent’ one is 1-Minute Burger. Any of those 3 I prefer over Jollibees or McDonald’s.

  6. Two Angel Burgers after a night of drinking (to soak up the alcohol) before bedtime and I don’t get a hangover. When I was in California, I did the same thing with the 49cent burgers at either Carl’s Jr. or Jack-in-the-Box. Although JITBox Tacos were another favorite of mine.. but didn’t help with the hangover as well as cheap burgers.

    1. AFTER drinking, and BEFORE sleeping… intake 2 paracetamol tablets.
      I don’t have headaches when I wake up.
      I countered the headache before it even manifested in my head.

  7. I’m taking a wild guess here.. but back around the 1970s was right about the time people started asking for “No MSG” in their food. Maybe the seasoning packet was MSG? Here, as you probably already know, Magic Sarap (which includes dehydrated garlic/onion) and MSG packets are a popular shelf item direct to consumers.

  8. If I have the finances, I’ll put up a Carl”s Jr. in Major Cities of the Philippines. I’m so sure, locals will be lining up for miles(exaggeration). Before I left the PI, Burger King came to town in Manila. Probably ’98-’99. People lined up 1000 everyday. And traffic doubled in the vicinity. I even heard stories, people that can afford traveled from there provinces some 100 miles away just to try it out. Big size buns and burgers + fill-up soda stations.

    1. There used to be a Carl’s Jr here in the Philippines.
      Carl’s Jr tried its luck in the Philippines twice. It also failed twice. That’s kind of sad, really, because their burgers were definitely tastier than most of its competition in the same price range. The Star Burger was delectable, and was the precursor of all those burgers trying to drown you in bacon today, and their onion rings, with how tasty and well-cooked they happened to be, were the reflection of perfection.

  9. You’re probably right. The interesting part is that up until May of 2012 there were hundreds of Burger King franchises all thru the PH. Then, in one swoop.. Jollibee managed to buy all of them and converted them to Jollibee’s. Why would Burger King agree to such a deal? They had to be making money big-time. Jollibee is a huge Corp here, well connected I’m sure (politically). There might be a lone BK somewhere, but Jollibee knocked ’em outta the PH last year.

  10. Oh no. You got me there. It’s been a long time. I did not know that. Thanks again for that info. It’s franchising. Local owners could fill up the demand. Jollibee started in the 80s to compete with McDonalds. They just have solid foundations. Hard to crack + they serve the Asian taste. Sad to hear that.

  11. Come on guys. I was thinking a El Polo Loco or Capt D’s would be the ones to have there. Matches the local taste best in my view… No beef which I would think need to be imported cause I never saw a fat cow in the Philippines. I am surprised how much business the franchises get . In a poor country to boot but then the cell phone thing confuses me too. Seems everyone has one. Send me load,,, haha

  12. They are good, and cheap. I just don’t like mustard or mayo on my burger. So I carry a small vial of mustard if I think there is a good chance of getting a burger ha ha

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Too many carbs you say? For people who eat 3-4 cups of rice with a single piece of dried fish for a meal this is heresy! lol

  13. hungry now!, also like the burger machine, and big mak, i love the philippines, glad i am able to visit 1 month every year, guess thats why i watch these vids thanks

    1. +graceheaven hi have you contacted angels burger franchise already? please send me the details miss I’d like to franchise too. thank you so much

  14. Went there once. My wife found a hair in hers patty and both of us got tummy sick after. Bad luck perhaps but not planing to go back anytime soon. 

    1. @TechMorning yah, i don’t doubt you.  haven’t had that happen to me, but each one is independently franchised/run so each location kinda stands on their own.  in general, about the cheapest meal on the go. 

  15. personally I think the Hungarian sausage gotta be the best by far on the menu there, very tasty at 40 peso or so.  (one is never enough. Get 2 !! )

    1. @steve powell yep.. those are pretty good.  unfortunately the angel’s burger here near my house ONLY does burgers and plain hot dogs.  no eggs.  no sausage.  just burgers/hotdogs.  🙁  but i did find a good 24 breakfast place finally, in duma.  which is what i need for my odd schedule.

  16. Wtfb. i fuckin hate angels Burger!!! Lately i like the burger coz its so cheap and yeah the taste is cheap too!!!! here in cebu angel Burger in my place is so yuckkk! Like the mayo is so wet white like there is water and the burger (bread) is so flat . and Spoiled lool! kinda smells spoiled. And the burger patty is like half cooked only and its not that cooked really so yuck. I better go jollibe for real burger for only 30 and delicious ! Angels burger Sucksss

    1. +Fick Yoww each one is run by the franchisee. while overall it’s a basic burger.. some owners run their Angel’s Burger outlet correctly, neatly. but others just let the place ‘go’ and often are always out of stock for eggs, cheese or drinks. so some of them can really suck while many others i happen to enjoy if i’m in the mood for a greasy, cheap burger snack.

    1. Seem cheaper than the burgers in our school cafeteria, which costs 25 php for one piece with only a burger patty, ketchup, cheese, and mayo

  17. Nung unang beses ko makakain ng angels burger siguro mga 2008 or 09. Nasa labas pa yung ketchup nila and hotsauce. Kaya ginagawa dun ako bumabawi hahaha. Kaya lang nabago na kse siguro dami nila nauubos na ketchup.

  18. The only problem with Angel Burgers is that the burger is too small for the large bun that it comes on. If they would use the White Castle size buns it would be perfect.

  19. I usually get 2 double minute burgers that’s one order because it’s buy one take one because there’s no angels burgers in GenSan, Mindanao not that I know of I order with 2 orders of cheese that’s 4 slices and I add a little hotsauce and stack it it’s aaaaaammmaaaaazzziiinnngggg!!

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