Andre The Sea Urchin Hunter

A beautiful day out. Nathan recounts his first week and we run into Andre the Sea Urchin hunter.


  1. Hey Tim, my wife and I live here in Cavite, I’m an American from Florida and I’ve lived here since 2010 retired from the military. I’ve been married now for 6 year’s and we have a five year old son, I heard you say on you’re visit to the VA that you want to or are going to move to Manila, I’ve lived in EVERY part of Manila over the years, mainly having to stay here close to the VA for my treatment, I’ve had 11 operations since I’ve landed here, all from my service connected conditions, now that I’m pretty much done with the VA except having to see my primary care every six months, I’d kill to be in you’re shoes in way of living where you live and NOT in this shit hole Manila. I know you haven’t been in country long and visiting Manila is one thing, living here is another. To the point, you have something good and a real opportunity to make a good business there with very little out of pocket, I’ve notice the change in you, your not really happy and seem very bored, you’re mind isn’t in the right place, you have a very nice family there, that is where you should focus you’re energy, build a house and a business while the opportunity is still in you’re grasp brother, I just told my wife I’d love to switch places of living with you, but living here is very expensive unlike it is there, maybe when my son has his summer break from school my family and I will drive down with the raptor and visit, maybe talk about some good business?

    Next time you’re this way hit me up, I can pick you up from the airport it’s very near to us here, and for the VA, I can help you with declaring your baby as a dependant and explain to you in detail how to declare a birth abroad, it’s complicated and declaring the dependants, both your son and your wife is the best first step. I could of helped you get the birth certificate with the 6 month period, I paid 20k and had mine done through some people I know that work there within the first 3 weeks of his birth, took 4 days only. Text me, if you want to talk?

  2. Please pet a cat and puppy and upload videos both growing together ur channel will grow in terms of subscriber and views as well bro trust me and u will also be happy when u feel home sick trust me

  3. Americano Americano theyโ€™re everywhere except for the USA. a Philippine urchin hunter, a Brother-in law who plays with spiders, OMG amigo? My maacheen is a low wrider, my green card has expired and ICE is getting promoted !
    Say hey to the Mrs.๐Ÿค™
    Brandon whatโ€™s up ?

  4. you aint fat your just a big unit who needs cut carbs and soon fall of you with decent diet buddy smash kettlebells everyday with burpees and you be huge

  5. so many women never feed from best and they never dump baby weight its still hanging on their ass yrs later its better than lipo suction its calories for baby food

  6. Hi Tim love the videos I went to the phi phi island in Thailand on a boat tour and a German guy stood on a sea urchin that wrecked his day we took him back to shore I always wear footwear when i go in the sea you stand on one of them your in big trouble you live in a beautiful part of the world with a wonderful family stay happy

  7. I am another guy of over weight, I do not think you are too much over. you look good for someone of your height. I am sure like I am have big bone structure. It is good for both of us to lose the pounds. ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep up the cool videos.

  8. There is an apple store in Ayala mall in cebu. When i was in Tagloban 2 years ago they talked about one might open in the old rob but i guess thats closed right now due to the fire.

  9. I could tell in one of your previous videos that your losing weight and a fair bit has gone already ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ keep it up mate your doing fantastic.

  10. I feel envy about the two of you. You keep on swimming in the sea but youโ€™re skin not getting darker instead it turned into reddish color. By the way, youโ€™re not fat just chubby. Keep on exploring Filipino culture Tim. Mabuhay!

  11. My Girl said to tell You to put a condom on your phone to make it water proof thats how they do it there. “Yes I was shocked too but it works haha for under water filming her dad did it haha and still has his phone working like new. Advise for ya. Tim. Take Care.

  12. hey Buddy That place keeps looking more and More inviting every time you show me it . Then every time you show how beautiful the water is makes me want to just pack my stuff and haul A$$.

  13. Tim! I’m coming to the Philippines in a couple weeks how do we get in touch to hangout? I know you are lacking male friends I’d be happy to come spend a month or so down there with you guys if you would be interested. Let me know because I have some plans and possibly start my own vlogs.

  14. Don’t worry Tim when I first came to Asia I was carrying a few extra kilos the hot weather and the lifestyle here soon got rid of the excess I just told myself I was built for comfort and not for speed ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Your home base is stunningly beautiful!! Iโ€™m looking for a place like that now… been living in a city in Philippines for 2 years and looking for a beach community.

    How do I get there brother from Manila please?

  16. I inadvertently submerged my now 10 year old flip phone five years ago in a spa. I was using it to check the time as I forgot my water resistant watch. While doing so, my phone slipped out of my hand into the spa. It fell all the way to the bottom of the spa. I quickly fished it out and saw that the phone was still working. I then pulled the battery out of the phone to remove the power. When I got home, I used a torex driver to take the phone apart. I let it sit dismantled over night to dry out. The phone had gotten water inside everywhere except for where the IC chips were at. The water was just starting to make it’s way to the IC’s when I pulled the phone out of the water. The next day I used 91 percent isopropyl alcohol to clean out the minerals and chemicals from the phone. Although I didn’t think to clean up the keypad when I did this. So when I put my phone back together, the keypad didn’t work normally. The keys were calling up shortcuts instead of the usual functions. So I ended up taking the phone apart again to clean up the keypad with the alcohol. Once that was done, the phone worked correctly again. I would say that I dodged a huge bullet with that phone. This will be the last year the phone can be used as it is a CDMA phone. The CDMA network is being turned off at the end of the year to make room for 5G.

  17. My worst enemy when Im out surfing in the Philippines those bloody urchins, once a urchins spikes pinnned my surf boots to my foot like nails, took hours to dig the broken spikes out of my foot๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿค™

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