And Introducing…. ZOEY!!! (Having a Baby in the Philippines)

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  1. Baby Zoey! So beautiful, and cute! Congratulations to Chichai (sp?) and Ned *and* Zoey! We did this twice, and both times my wife was a breast feeding machine. Sorry for your tense experience running to the delivery room, yeah they could do better!

    Oh yes, the happiness is definitely a biochemical experience, and you are still full of feel-happy chemicals. Happened both times.

    Best to all three of you!

  2. Smart man, married to work before married to wife, putting the horse in front of the cart, now you can be a hands on dad and be present during the upbringing, good for you guys.

  3. Welcome to the world Zoey ! You will really like your parents because I have a knack for being able spot good ones !!!!!! You two are so blessed! Enjoy her growing up and take pictures more and more and more and then some.
    My babies are 47 and 24 And even though it seems like a long time ago it’ll go faster than you can ever imagine! ENJOY THE RIDE !!!!!

  4. Zoey was born in “The Week of the Enigma.” She is a Virgo II. She will be tasteful, practical, and thoughtful. Also, she will need a space to herself. Family life is extremely important during her development, since she will have a tendency to be guarded, detached, and overexacting too. God bless her and congratulations!

  5. Chichi will lose her belly don’t worry there.wifes beautiful lady Ned your a blessed man with your two girls Ned 🙏❤️👣😃👍💯♥️💙

  6. Congratulations battle! Recently, my wife and I just became a parent our first born a boy, I’m turning 40 years old and all of the body ache and prior injuries we have during our military service you will definitely notice it more LOL.

  7. Congratulations on a beautiful & healthy baby girl..don’t worry about the skinny legs, she’ll fill out really good, she’ll look like a Michelin baby (we call my 10 mo. old grand baby that). Babies will change features quickly too. You may have a brown-eyed girl. You’ll enjoy watching her grow. She’ll be cute as a button & oh so lovable! With the Filipinas, the belly goes flat quickly, no worries. Enjoy!

  8. Zoey is the miracle of life. The three of you are blessed. Just prepare yourself, Ned. It won’t be long before you will have two cute filipinas giggling at your “mental miscalculations” around the house !

  9. I raised 2 children from my ex wife’s marriage ( I legally adopted them)put them through college both boys are marines now , then unfortunately got divorced, stayed in Bicol one year met my neighbor in New York cousin in Bicol fell in love in December 5 2019 at the age of 61 I became a father biologically for the first time I couldn’t stop crying, hahahahaha my two other sons freaked out they are 31 and 28 years difference can’t wait till this pandemic clears up my son and my soon to be wife and farm are waiting hahahahaha , so brother I understand the joy it took me literally 3 days to stop crying hahahahaha, God bless you all , p.s. I didn’t mind changing the diapers hahahahaha but when the aroma hahahahaha comes I’ll have another opinion

  10. last week it was around 86 here in Indiana, today 67–NICE fall weather! maybe look into plastic plugs for your outlets so baby doesn’t go poking around. we had them when ours were little. carseats–when I was in Gingoog City, Mindanao, I saw a guy riding a scooter w/a toddler sitting on his knee!!! and, I’ve heard breastfeeding acts as ‘natural contraception’–most times.

  11. I have to also be honest you had a girl your whole life is gonna change having a girl is incredible of course having a boy as well but the protection that you’re going to have over that girl😆😱

  12. Yes it is a time you dont forget. Life is never the same again. When my wife had her Cesarean they bought him over after his checks and put him inside my t-shirt against my chest. Then they left. Im like hoi where are you going? He is now 11 and my best mate.

  13. hey miss seeing your vlog for a while rumors had it you left the Philippines. Its cool another baby comes to this earth, job well done. Now go pro create another.

  14. Nice to see everyone home, healthy and happy.

    You lift heavy weights, Ned; even a big baby ought to be no match for you. Sleeping through the night, solid food, first steps, first words, and most satisfying … being potty trained, are all awaiting you. So many momentous events to look forward to in the next few years.

  15. since I am seeing way too many congratulations here I want to remind you that she will probably be a smart woman who will graduate law school first in her class and sue your ass off for invasion of privacy based on YouTube 😂

  16. wow awesome great news she’s healthy you’re happy she’s shitting you’re cleaning up and she’s gorgeous!!!!!!
    enjoy this experience!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  17. Congratulations you 2…. it’s a bitter sweet journey that you’re about to embark… enjoy the bad times along with the good. I’m sure there’s plenty of love to go around for baby Zoey.

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