An Effective Treatment–Cure For Covid-19 Virus?

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  1. Thanks for the info Brian, as usual yours is a learning channel. I agree with you Brian, the medicine approval process is too darn slow and maybe we should take a chance and distribute some of these drugs.

    I say isolate yourself as much as possible and do what you can to streghten your immunity system. When and if you come in contact (exposure) with COVID-19, your body is at it’s best for the battle.

    It will be 18 months before we can expect a real vaccine and most of us will have already come in contact with COVID-19 before that vaccine is available.

  2. Yeah this is being looked here in the USA. Real closely. President has been talking about it a lot.the president. Is telling fda. To cut the red tape so to speak. On theta things.

  3. Thanks for the tips and info I had not caught the Ingrahm one. Also, I have several vloggers who have been demonetized for saying the bugs name that is causing all this. And because everyone is sent home there are fewer Youtube staff to vet and possibly remove the restrictions. So everyone is referring to it as the bug or other nicknames right now to get past the censors. Might even want to change the title to this video real quick if you can.

    1. @A Foreigner Farming in the Philippines really? Talk about ‘big brother’.
      Thanks for taking the risk tho Brian.
      Tho, after watching your pharmacy visit, think the cost of the medications is way out of reach for people here, at least out here in the provinces.
      As a UK pensioner, living on my UK pension only, which at the moment get weekly, via ATM withdrawal from my UK bank ( costs 550 pesos in charges.)
      The amount of pesos I get per week has dropped from 12,000 a week a year ago, to 10,200 now, probably fall more?
      Many times the average worker here! But am supporting a sarisari store and large family 😂

    2. @A Foreigner Farming in the Philippines Brian, you’re right – any content regarding the virus that is put in a video will be sourced and fact-checked by them. Unfortunately, opinions are not acceptable as fact, as far as YT is concerned; however, I myself value your thoughts and opinions on the subject, and I agree that it’s important to express them. Your video most likely is put on hold, until it can be properly reviewed by their staff for content .. hopefully it would not be demonitized as quickly as it has otherwise. Thanks for sharing, and for always being true to who you are.

    3. You are correct that this video has been de-monitized already. I knew it would be. Unfortunate for my wallet but information I felt needed to get out regardless of $$

    4. @Whisperwoman, there is a video that “YouTube Creators” channel just put out recently in which YouTube explains the things you mentioned in your comment here; plus they answer alot of other questions. Very informative. For anyone that’s interested, just look up “YouTube Creators” and you’ll find it. It should clear up alot of the misinformation and provide some of the needed answers to the virus questions.

  4. My God People. We are being played think about it
    April 2009 -Sept 2010 H1N1 flu pandemic kills MILLIONS !!!! World wide and there was none of this bullshit. Something wants north Americas and Europe’s economy destroyed just sayin

  5. Good for the 180 on the subject B.🙏🏻Take some steps around the farm too. Would the health care be overwhelmed in Bohol. Think about it.💪Fox and 45 are a little late to the party my friend.

  6. There is no treatment for the covid -19 . Americans have been lied to from the start. Chumps believe the liar good on them you reap what you sow.

  7. excellant video my friend,,,,,,,,,,,glad you trying to look out for the entire family there,,,,,,,,you’ve got a great team with all the hard working people that you employ…………………my thoughts and prayers are with you all…………………………………………….

  8. 1. As you pointed out this was an extremely limited study on 30 patients over a 3 month period whereas the normal trial would be on 1,000’s of patients over several years before the FDA would approve.
    2. Chloroquine can’t just be bought anywhere, especially in the USA. Getting a prescription here right now would be virtually impossible let alone the amount of medication you would need for a 6 week treatment.
    3. This drug can have deadly side effects on the heart especially in young children where 1 or 2 tablets could kill them. Actually 2 grams can kill a human.
    4. Yes it could be promising but let’s not get too excited over a potential drug that hasn’t been proven.
    5. I work in a 300 bed hospital and this drug is not carried in our hospital
    6. They estimate that it would take approximately 1-2 years to properly administer and treat 50% of the population with this drug

    1. @Dan P If they Detox you after taking this medicine (chloroquine) after prolonged use, there’s got to be a reason to get it out of the system. In the military, when assigned to a known malaria locations, they require you take Chloroquine and give you Detoxifying meds after the tour or when you are back.

    2. @Jay and Jhen Loving and Living in the Philippines There’s also the fact that this drug has been in use for a very long time and has a proven track record so long term studies for “safety” aren’t necessary like they would be with a “new” drug. The hazards and side effects are well known. What needs proof is the drug’s efficacy.

    3. 2 grams of ibuprofen (advil, motin) can kill a human
      I agree do the studies as per protocols that take several years to confirm side effects and methodology however there is too much direct causality in the study (all patients who took the drug survived and had dramatically reduced viral counts within days-there were fatalities in the group that didn’t take the drug regimen) to just ignore this as a statistical fluke.
      This one of the few drugs that western nations has not farmed out the manufacture to China and can be produced cheaply and effectively at home.
      If you are arguing caution then your warning is appropriate but if you are arguing that we should not begin running real-time studies and yes even offering this as a treatment (by consent) to late stage C-19 patients then I feel that is inappropriate.
      I am not an MD and offer no medical advice but I think people need to educate themselves with these drugs and come to their own conclusions.

  9. There is no treatment ! that comes from the scientists. Believe the experts not the politician or Fox fake news. Laura Ingram is a lying nut job. 🤥 psycho

  10. Brian, I am glad to see you finally got the cob webs out of your brain. A few days ago you were down playing this virus as nothing more than a flu and that everyone was over reacting. To realize how serious this is one only needs to consider how many doctors and nurses have died from covid 19. The USA PRESIDENT and the Republican senate are disgusting amid this situation. Several senators had insider info and dumped millions in stocks before informing the public how deadly this will be to the world economy. The big threat is not how many are dying now but how hospitals will cope. Hospitals normally operate at full capacity and cannot handle a huge influx of virus patients and still deal with every day patients as well.
    This crisis is going to teach anti social support safety net people a much needed lesson and it will be months of suffering not weeks.

    1. “The USA PRESIDENT and the Republican senate are disgusting amid this situation.” Let’s try not to be political, yes some on both sides sold stocks. The President and Congress along with the state and local governments are trying to limit the spread. This is a time to work together, be political after it is over.

    2. I didn’t need anyone to tell me how bad this was going to get! The writing was on the wall when the 2nd largest economy in the world along with 500 million people goes on lock down do you think stock prices will keep rising?

  11. Northern Wisconsin ..opinion . usa needs to rebuild manufacturing , made in usa . if it takes 5 years / 10 years ok fine .. how can it possibly hurt .. busy fingers making money , high quality , products . less crap disposable / trash in land fills . not being held [ captive ] over things we can make ourselves .. are we crippled .. lazy .. ? no ! i have tools from 1895 & newer , yes with moving parts & yes they work great ! my wall mount cast iron arcadi crystal hand crank coffee grinder looks new ,works as new & looks really cool ! at near 100 years old ,,its not going into a dump any time soon … end of non rant . Salamat .

  12. It’s not people dying diectly from the virus that worries me so much, it’s more what it could do to hospitals in general which would mean they can’t treat anything else. The Philippines is struggling with just 200 active cases, what will they be like if they get ‘just’ 20k cases, let alone the millions that some people think could be possible.

    1. There will be many collateral death that have nothing to do with the Virus, I read in Italy, people having strokes and heart attacks are not able to be treated because they are overwhelmed.

  13. Someone posted the 405 in california on facebook and there wasnt a car in sight
    Those where all workers going to and from i thinks it gonna be a long recovery
    For the world markets and the economy

  14. We have 4 grandkids living with us. Grandma bought board games and jigsaw puzzles…early in the game still but it’s working and great family bonding.
    Hang tuff❤️☘️😎

  15. the immunoligests at Queensland university (Australia) have been working on a cure useing a combination of that malaria drug and a HIV drug it is in the testing stage as well. this university was the first to clone the virus so they know what they are doing. still it will take a long time before billions of doses can be produced. on the other side youtube still have plenty of adds on your posts. one of the most frequent is a government add not to feed meat to pigs.

    1. @Troy Future Expat I agree 100% on that. If you get a chance check out on You Tube TST Top News Today they’re really good to. Stay Safe my Friend.

  16. Denmark has started testing: chloroquine and remdesivir as a possible medicine for corona.
    I know France and the US are also in the process, in todays news : In France, patients with coronavirus infected with malaria drugs have been successful in treating them.

  17. We must lay hold of the fact that economic laws are not made by nature. They are made by human beings. FDR said that in the 30s. It is not really the actual supply and demand that determines the world economy. It is the bittering between countries. This recession is not from the virus. If you look at death rates in this. It is give or take the same as the regular flue. Another quote from the only president that had courage to tell the truth was.
    True individual freedom can not exist without economic security and independence. People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made.
    Think about it. The general public have been wanting more say in where the taxes go. So if the government tightens the boot on their neck. They have more control. This putting everything back in place and people will go back to their low standard of living and the profit margin will stay the same. Most every country is a capitalist country. Driven by the profit margin. A capitalist country is run by the corpations. The corpations are world wide. This is not capilist, it is a monopoly. Does anyone in this 7+ billion population see my point? Or am I just delerios?.
    This virus is many times more contagious than others. Be careful. It will pass depending on world cooperation. China is sending doctor’s and medicine all over the world. It might have started there. But they, Cuba and other Communist countries are helping the other countries like Italy, Europe , Iran, Venusaula and others that the president of the United States wants to create genocide. Who is the real hero here? History repeats itself.

    1. @A Foreigner Farming in the Philippines I heard a couple stories like that. Not real dependable sources. Small communities need to work together. A lot of give and take in the next few weeks/months. Stay safe.

  18. It was all planed out to bring in world order, they are going to chip everybody. Bill Gates has invented a tattoo mark to put on your hand or for head. Russia is not in lock down. Wake up people signs of the times.

  19. Another problem cost….the average cost of each pill in the USA is $6-7 per tablet. A 6 week cycle would be around $500 per person. To treat just 50% of the population would be around 2 trillion just in medication. That’s not including hospital costs, doctors fees, logistical costs, labor. You are looking at multi trillions of dollars

    1. @A Foreigner Farming in the Philippines Actually if you read the study (I printed a copy) 26 patients participated in the study. The study was only lasted 6 days. 1 patient signed out of the hospital before study was completed, 1 patient could not tolerate the treatment, 3 patients ended up being admitted to ICU and 1 patient died. The 20 patients that completed the study only showed decreased virus levels in their nasal passage. In no way was this study scientific proof of a treatment

  20. China caused this issue world wide! THEY FAILED IN EVERYWAY they should have reported to W H O and shut down that area right away. it lead to a world crisis like we have never seen. This is like the Great Depression and the flu pandemic of 1917 rolled into one!

    1. @michael atoz no doubt about that. But i don’t think they have that many dead. Even China didn’t give the real amount of deaths. I don’t think they are much far from those we got already. North Korea and Iran i am pretty sure have way more than they tell. Russia might like to be super humans. But i think they will give the real numbers sooner or later. But they will also have a dark number because there are alot living of the grid there. But as long they do all they can to stop it. It is fine with me.

  21. Quinine which is an ingredient in tonic water. Should be used with care it causes hypoglycemia, blurred vision, ringing in the ears,temp. color blindness. Should not be used while pregnant. You do not know how it will react if you have the virus, thats what the WHO is testing now. Personally, I do not have a chemical or medical degree thus I will not be self medicating myself except for the occasional gin and tonic.

  22. You’re right 20 people going to he hospital rather than 200 at one time is a huge deal. It’s my thought that’s this is a big speed bump for the American economy but even if we bounce back quickly and half the world doesn’t we will still be negatively affected. For people in places like the Philippines it will be much tougher. Gov stimulus will help here but nations without that ability it will hurt deeply. Azithromycin was a medication I thought might help your pigs with pneumonia. Just say Z pack that’s how it’s commonly called. CloroWhats-It well that’s tougher… it is better to not get ill than to be treated because your Ill. Stay safe and well ya’ll…… yes using the drugs becomes the trials.. not trials so you can use the drugs.

  23. Gmorning to.both.of u!!!!!! Amazing vlog !but for us her NYC i hope we.can fight thos Covid 19 self Quarantine for almost 2 wks with all.the expensses apt.and food plus for my dog Oreo wewe pads food .for now just lucky thaty.Boss still paying me but until.when ? But @least.we have.something to watch salamat Brian .Bless all of u …….fr.NYC

  24. Please, stay safe and make sure have plenty of water and emergency kits and dry foods, power milk and lots of Ferber baby 🍼 powder formula plenty of wife’s, just be prepared and lots of prayers to one another. God bless you both always and tatay jin and red, we love you all very much.💗

  25. This drug you are talking about from my understanding has been around for 50 years, the same people found a cure for MS and was not allowed to share it according to an article from the cdc. Thank you for sharing that Brian💓

  26. Thank you for a good positive video on this subject. There are positive signs that the testing of a virus is a great first step. We can never give up hope. We have the top people working on a cure. Hope everything that is safe

  27. Brian as a step to keep your family safe for now what if you used the company store concept and ask to all stay out of town and away from other people, food and other needs for work.

  28. Malaria pills (Chloroquine) is very common in use in the U.S. military. Everybody deployed in places known for malaria is required to take the pills one week before the deployment, for the duration of deployment and 1 week detoxifying after deployment. That’s a lot of pills the size of a nickel. I have done my share of swallowing on my early deployments. The rumor is, it is known to do damage to your liver (I have a couple of friends who have and suspected caused by the pills). Some personnel take it and most throw it away or flush it in the toilet. I was once told by our military doctor in the field that take it only when you have malaria/fever and take 2 pills and that should take care of it. I could say that many don’t take it because around the tents and facilities in the bare base/forward operating locations are littered with pink pills. I do frequent visits to a UN compound in Haiti during and after the unrest and behind their tents are littered with Chloroquine pills. I did my one week swallowing, but stopped it when I found out from that doctor and others that they don’t take it. I did the same thing when I was deployed in South America. It may work but only take it when really necessary. Long term use may be not good since it is still may be in experimental stage. They always do the test on military personnel like anthrax which is now not administered but who knows what’s the after effect to those who got vaccinated. By the way, Viagra was also used/tested and given to soldiers as a study of it’s effect in higher altitudes to aid in the blood flow because of thin air. We are the government’s guinea pig.

  29. I believe that Triage for treatment will begin within 2 weeks in USA. The measures that have been put in place in USA are a bit late (better late than never) as the virus is already widespread. In Australia after the initial cases from Chinese tourists the next wave of cases have been from Australians returning from the USA and from American visitors who come to Australia. The lack of test kits in the USA means the real extent of the pandemic in the USA out of view. Stay safe everyone. We have 6 to 12 months of this situation to go according to the Medical experts.

  30. Here in Jacksonville Florida USA,one of the assisted living facility has four cases of Corona Virus ,That’s why they close the beaches where I lived.Malls are closed too

  31. Brian,,,, the CDC does testing and does use such things on those who have no alternatives, that is one part of how they test these drugs in practical usage. To base your opinion of an article which may or many not be fact is just an opinion of something not proven as of yet. I do understand your scenario but I do not believe that such things are not being tried out, there are things which go on that the press does not want us to know or does not know exists. Such for political reasons, for instance little is known about the truth of Joe Biden, the media has not given credibility to that story due to it bias politically views. As much as the world believes in transparency, such high valued information such as cures cant be claimed until proven effective in our society. Of course it would be informative if we were known of such secret trial testing exists but then the world would claim via the bias media that the government is creating a Frankenstein if a bad reaction occurred. And that is where fear is injected into societies and frantic people emerge. So all we as citizens can do is to hold tight and do what ever we know how to weather this pandemic. That is my opinion.

  32. No issues here in small town Arizona… unlike most we have resources and money… food is the near foreseeable problem … after 1 month… as long as the supermarkets stay open we are ok… I see your position as better. You live in a rural agrarian society.. you can fish, barter and trade goods… you should be fine… best wishes.. and if possible we will retire to our province in the PI soon … if the airlines and visia’s allow.

  33. The Chloroquine have been used for tests in France, that is a true story even it have been on FOX. Also Poland are running a test on patients. Denmark are also about to start up a test. It also small tests. but there ain’t time to a big long test. It isn’t a cure. But it have some effect on the symptoms, so they have time to treat the pneumonia that the patients often catch too.
    There are different kind of testkits and it need to fit the system in the machine that do the test. That is one reason to refuse to recive them.
    I hope that the USA will and can do what is needed to help where ever they can. But also guide people and not tell stories and lies. Then there might be a chance to get it under control so it won’t explode and peek too fast. if the states doesn’t work together, it get out of hand and if people won’t follow guidelines. Then it will be a huge amount of life lost.
    Here in Denmark things aren’t in control yet. But it seems like people have seen the picture. And the goverment do what they can to help. People will loose their job. Some will loose their lifework. But there are more help on it’s way from the goverment. They try to adjust as fast they can. But this will have a trace thruogh the next few years ahead, if not more. None want a scenario like in Italy.
    I hope the best for you and yours and all of you will get safe through this.

  34. Leyte is under lockdown. Surprised Bohol is not. I think this will continue to get worse both for U.S and Philippines for at least 2-4 months. Economic recovery will be slow. I don’t expect U.S. to have a medical treatment for 1-2 years. I am just a retired oil refinery worker…not expert in medicine or economics. Stay safe my friend.

  35. All good points Brian. I hope the worst does not happen there, as my girlfriend is in Cebu. But the close quarters in Philippines plus a virus, is a scary situation .

    1. @Steve Valle maybe you understand after analogy, Chevy makes cars, Chevy volt, Chevy lumina , Chevy Corvette. Would you say Chevy is just one kind of car?? There are several versions of coronavirus, Mars, SARS, H1N1 etc

  36. On a 120 year stock chart there is a 45 degree angle trendline that touches the 1929 peak the 2000 dot com peak and now the 2020 peak. 3x the charm , It’s a transfer of wealth when the stock mkt is down 50 – 90 % the virus will subside . According to wikipedia the World Health Organization and the Director General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyeus are corrupt and have been caught doing political favors in the past ? When the 1% have all the money they dictate the World agenda . PS another vlogger said boobtubes algorithms will demonetize videos that mention the corona virus he calls it the unicorn

  37. My wonderful woman who is 48, and her two girls who are in their very early twenty’s, and the new born baby boy live in Cebu, but the family home is in Candjay, Bohol. I will continue to send them money to help them get through this. My heart and prayers go out to all people who live in the provinces. The time is now for all of us to band together and help each other.

  38. Also take some zinc supplements (consult medical experts first depending on your specifics) it’s one of the best anti virals out there.

  39. Brian Your statement about the WHO and facemask offer has been explained by as untrue
    love your channel by the way – keep making videos

  40. I’m worried about 99(almost 100 in Aug. God willing) Mamang there in Luzon. We sent a big chunk two weeks ago and we are not hurting….yet. We are willing to help nearby neighbors that need help and I think that’s what we all need to do is to “come together”( not physically) and quite blaming as some people have been doing. In my area we have testing ongoing and I am hopeful that we only had two person increase in two days. We are at 30 positive out of that number 5 deceased all over 60 years with underlying issues. Been self quarantined for 8 days now. Can’t give the virus a host. Just can only pray and hope. Wishing everyone the best.
    Might be a good time to go to the gold standard.

    Stay self quarantined and don’t feed the virus.

  41. Dude- I learned about this treatment about 10 days ago from a doctor’s youtube channel called “Medcram-Medical lectures explained clearly” These other sources you mentioned are at least a week behind (including our fearless leader)

  42. Hey people take your head out of the sand and seriously think about it.
    When the Chinese let the second dose of the virus out it’s going to be twice as strong. That’s when they will make their demands to the world.

  43. the problem is people in usa relying only in malls not like in philippines no malls no problem..i mean virus are quick spreading in europe but how they can survive with out food in malls

    1. ??? People don’t “rely” on malls in the US or in Europe for that matter. The Philippines has some of the largest malls in the world….The Mall of Asia for example. Combine that with some of the greatest population densities on the entire planet and the reality of very poor sanitation and the lack of health care available to the masses the Philippines is in serious danger of catastrophic loss of life.

  44. People may think I’m a Nut or a Jesus Freak I don’t care it’s all laid out in the Bible watch out for the comet to pass us May 31st it may knock out power grids be prepared people of the world from the crazy guy that lives in the forest of northern Minnesota crazy like a fox

  45. hi brian i seen people saying to you your wife not to got out from your home on the internet news said people who are most at rik old people include ones got heart disease,pregnant women and people underlying health conditons so you all take care please from scotland i like your what your doing at your farm

  46. I hope and pray you all are staying safe there. I am just so full of questions. I wonder why so many places have been so slow in reacting. The bans on travel seems too slow even as fast as many have done. I am so afraid that we will see many more infected and too many more deaths. I am in the age group we hear are at the highest risk. I have the advantage of being retired and don’t have to travel much or far here. Thank you Jesus! There are more cases every day here in Arizona anyway. I still have my own fears…..for my family members and my friends. I pray much more than ever before and hope I am heard. I have used quinine for legs cramps in the past…..It made me feel sick to my stomach and kinda dizzy or light headed. I only tried it twice and not again.

  47. Be careful with taking unprescribed meds .. people here in the United States are getting ill or dying from taking similar meds like the ones your talking about!!! I’m just saying be careful Brian …..👍👍👍🙏🙏

  48. See the problem is its the dems against the rep here and can not get out of each others way, but this is a time when all americans and other countries should unite to fight this not each other.

  49. Brian, The drugs you mention are part of this study as well.

    On a different note as we wait for science, why don’t people who are financially able, adopt a family in The Phillipines or elsewhere. Even your own country. Some families are already in desperate situations.

    As a healing Covid patient I can tell you it scares the. …out of you when you get that diagnosis. It made me step up to the plate, I encourage others to do the same. My two cents and a bit of topic Brian, sorry.

  50. Trump could have done so much more to help the US when the virus was ravaging China but he didn’t do anything until the US stock market crashed so bad they had to freeze trading 3 times in one week. That last time the market was frozen was 23 years ago.

    That clown royally f*cked us over more than we should have.

  51. I seen an article about here in the U.S where there going to have to pick and choose drs and nurses and reg ppl to keep Alive wen it really starts affecting the health Care ppl you know the drs and nurses are going to get picked to keep Alive before us reg ppl but wen it comes down to all the drs and nurses getting sick they will all have to be chosen to be kept Alive and allot of us reg ppl are gone bye bye

  52. Dumaguette. Valencia. . Lock down. . 1 pass per house hold and only useable 2 specified days a week. Sameeven AM or PM. . . . . And over 60. . . Total Lock down. . No use of the pass system. .

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