An Easy Nature Hike At “Plantasia”, near Sibulan

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  1. Lovely property. How possible and expensive would it be so find a few acres like that to build a home in? 

    Also a little more conservative  on the camera movements would be nicer for us watching on big screens. 


    1. @Shemp Howard there is so much province land, a few thousand dollars and a person could begin landscaping a design.  watering isn’t much of an issue with the rain we get.  🙂

    1. @Outback Dave yes, i was SO bummed out.  what happened is that i had the camera lens setting still on ‘narrow field of vision’ from my previous video.  what i needed for this type of big landscape was the “Wide Angle” setting.  🙁   so as a result any little movement got exaggerated.  

    1. Because of what appears to be your obsession with Henry’s vernacular, I’m surprised you didn’t comment on his oft used adjective, cool. Ya know? Lol.

  2. Hello, Henry! After so many videos, I think it’s time you publish a book with important information over the Philippines, for foreigners like me. I am Brazilian and I’m making plans to live in the Philippines after retirement. This is a suggestion. A big hug!

    1. @Fernando Santos it’s been my plan to do that, it’s just been a matter of time and energy (i’ll have one and not the other it seems.  ha!)  but i do have 3 books in mind to write soon.  when i do, i will announce them here.  🙂

    1. Thanks for the information Henry. I was born in the Philippines but has been a Canadian citizen for over 30 years now. been looking for a place near or by the beachfront but not sure how to go about it. Are you still having so much fun there? Have you been in Luzon? There are nice beaches there too.

    2. @Terisabamed it varies island to island, but yes.. amazing prices.  even beachfront property under $15k usd in many places.   however expats cannot own real estate, only the structure.  but they can buy it as when married to a filipina, and place it in her name.

    1. @juan i’d say it’s been around at least 15 years or so.  it’s a private home/garden that the owners made open to the public.  🙂

    1. @Syd Ray so far, in over 2 years, i’ve only seen 2 dead snakes in the road.. both seemed to be harmless gopher snakes.  i lived 9 months in the province at bohol, never saw a snake.  some islands maybe have more snakes than others, but i’ve seen more when i was in california.

  3. Thank’s Henry this place looks awesome, I’m surprised the video was not better considering the light you had, this was a lot of fun to watch and so non touristy.

    1. @Philo M i had the lens angle on the wrong setting, so everything seemed to be erratic.  i didn’t realize until i’d already returned home.  🙁

  4. Henry  have  you been in Nueva vizcaya ??  I f you go be careful there are  scaring snakes,   (thoes are  some girls)  i find one and it bit  me   really Bad  !! be safe  there  man !!  thank’s for the videos !!

    1. @Roberta Rodriguez the first time i visited, around noonish or so, no mosquitoes.  when i revisited it was around 3p or so and i ran into mosquitoes in an area where the ground was damp/moist.  it also depends on whether there’s been rain in the last few days.  the mosquitoes gestate in the stagnant water first.

  5. Is this place free or do we need to pay something? Sorry if this is pretty late. I’m currently looking for a location for us to make our project (video project to be exact). Please reply! 🙂

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