1. If you think Trump shouldn’t be impeached because he has damaged his reputation irrevocably, remember that he won the election as a reality TV star and a bankrupt businessman. He can bounce back from this, and he will run again.

  2. Asian Boss: “..and their answers were very insightful.”
    *American expats: all parrotting MSM opinion*

    [edit] Except for the guy from Chicago, who at least calls the Big Tech move dystopian. Props to that guy.

  3. Just like any country in this world, there are some good points and some bad behaviors. No better or worse than any other country, every society has its own character.

  4. Dems turned US into a banana republic when they rigged an election. The riots were a reaction to that. Fortunately Dems are so arrogant they will eventually admit it since they know MSM will cover for them and the two systems of justice will do nothing.

  5. Why not ask them what they think about the riots going on for 6 months. The burning down of entire neighborhoods and police precincts and business and also attacks on churches and federal buildings and the 18 people who died. Oh wait …those were BLM and Antifa terrorist and that’s just fine. You don’t have to feel embarrassed.

  6. I’m more concerned that these expats don’t pay more attention to their motherland. The riot was led by Antifa and there are a lot of videos that are very good proof of that. Keep watching jpop and keep it real out there tho. That’s fine. Stay woke.

  7. I wanted to hear what would they say about those in this country who lost their jobs and live on one meal a day and talk about the election in a wrong country. You’re still you whether Trump or Biden.

  8. As someone who has lived abroad for many years in multiple countries i find that expat with the southern accent very hot. Like I’m Midwestern, so im used to that accent, but I’ve never seen it in such a place.

  9. Wow. The rhetoric you guys represent are no different than the true rioting that was seen during the BLM or antifa terrorists marches. Sad you are so Democratic party bias.

  10. I wish they’d interview native japanese and korean people. I want to know what non-americans think of all this and see the outside perspective.

  11. Now I’m curious as hell if there are going to be one for HK and mainland China. HK with their own recent historical event with protests and China being US enemy number one for many reasons.

  12. I honestly have to say the interviewees had a lot to say, and they all articulated so well about what’s going on here in the States, and they weren’t afraid to voice their honest opinions compared to the Korean one. Great interview Japan!!!!

  13. I love Americans outside of the USA explaining Americans to the rest of the world. We live next door and have been baffled, but not surprised by all of this. Just take care of yourself USA.

  14. I think the interviews need to be more in-depth instead of “reactionary” for it to be meaningful. Of course they are all concerned and confused. But how does that impact their future plans to return to the States (if they plan to)? Or do they just wish to settle abroad once and for all? How’s the sentiment among their American friends in Japan? What do their Japanese coworkers/ friends think about it? How does that impact their image as an American/ their relative concept of themselves vs Japanese/locals?

  15. There never was any American dream in America. Me as a black man living in America I do blame the majority WP of systematic racism in America,. Because us blacks do not get treated as equal in America. They say make america great again, how about we make america great for once. America has never been great to blacks, Latinos and Asians.

  16. “You don’t want to sever personal relationships over something like politics.”

    Except in this case, it’s not about politics at all. Just good vs. evil.

  17. Trump is not “washed up”. Do Not underestimate him. People underestimated him in 2016 and he won. If he is not impeached, he will run for office again in a future election. He will grow his base with more hate and lies. Also, a former president gets $1 million of tax dollars each year for his travel and security fees. Imagine him using our tax money to travel around the country and campaigning for his next election. He has to be impeached in order for us to move forward and heal. Justice is never too late.

  18. “What do you think about what happened?”
    Black chick: “Oh, baaaad, baaaaad…”
    “Uh-huh. And what do you think about what BLM did?”
    Black chick: “Oh, goooood, goooood…”
    (Blow me.)

  19. So I’m a Shanghainese native and according to my experience last year, I can tell that a lot of Americans living here support Biden, some even said Trump ‘deserve a most painful death’, while Europeans were fancy about their stories. Meanwhile, young Chinese ppl make fun of Trump being a Chinese spy for his entire career. I’m looking forward for your China episode

  20. I’m not surprised with these answers. Really it’s just a culmination of Trump’s rhetoric over the course of the past 4 years. Trump also surrounded himself with enablers. With that said, I’m glad that these companies shut down Trump’s social networking accounts at least. But now there’s word of all 50 states’ capitals potentially seeing a similar situation.
    The problem is exacerbates because of the pandemic where people lost loved ones, jobs, etc. Those just exacerbated the situation on top of Trump’s behavior and tendencies.

  21. Oh come on how is it a riot if nothing got burned down and the only ones who got killed were the protesters? Wouldn’t a riot have gotten even crazier after one of their people got shot and killed by the state? Why hasn’t this “riot” continued past the first day? Would rioters stop after being asked to stop?
    None of these reactions are based on the reality of what actually happened in DC or about the real intentions of the “rioters”.

  22. Yeah Twitter was wrong to ban the presidents account. As he didn’t break any community standards nor any law of the land. Facebook and Twitter are trying to play a game saying to congress that they are a public stage and platform that should continue to be classified as such like that of cell services from Verizon or att; yet, these social media companies turn around a editorialized whose voices can or cannot be heard which completely breaks the guidelines set forth in our laws.

  23. It is clear that none of the involved has studied Nipponese history. Just look at what happened at the beginning of the 20th century in Nippon. There were plenty unrest at the time. There was even a time when there were regular politically motivated assassinations…
    In the end I am not surprised neither the americans nor the Nipponese reporter know little of this as history is something that few countries and educational systems put any weight on so I am not surprised at all. The Nipponese does not even get educated about the comfort women that were forced into sexual slavery by their grandfathers during the second world war.

  24. I grew up and still live in the U.S., and ever since I was a kid, I never saw America as “The greatest country in the world.” Whenever I heard people describe my country like that, I never resonated or felt proud, because I never thought of it that way. Don’t get me wrong, I love that we have more freedoms than some other countries, and I never take them for granted, but I knew even back then that we have flaws in our country.

    Another thing is that, and this is probably because I’m not really into politics and try to avoid the topic as much as possible, when I went to England and France 2 years ago and people would always ask me about Trump, instead of feeling embarrassed, I would just feel annoyed. Mainly because I knew that our country was getting messed up and I had to hear about that everyday back in my country. I wanted to travel to not only experience different cultures, but also to escape from whatever was giving me anguish in my own country. I understand that they were curious and all, and I was fine with talking about Trump in the beginning, but it started to feel like as soon as they realized I was an American, all they saw and wanted to talk about was Trump. That’s one thing (out of many) that I hate from this Trump era. And what sucks the most, is that I’m not sure if those kinds of interactions will go away when COVID ends and we can travel again.

  25. Their opinion isn’t really different than where I live in America, even from Trump supporters ironically. I am curious who actually are the ones who feel proud of this moment in history, since they seem too embarrassed to say so.

    The lady from Mississippi offered some great insight on the American dream at 9:33. They all had great perspectives that many around me share, and hopefully that sentiment continues to grow and help.

  26. If anyone still thinks Trump is a Nazi tyrant, you are really really stupid. Since when does a tyrant get censored? isn’t it usually the tyrant that censors others? The LEFT are the most intolerant bigots that exist

  27. You’d think that people living in Japan would be a little more keen to Arian manipulation, but apparently not. ET Japanese, please don’t lose your family legacies tied to Japan and to Terrans in general; remember what A’an the Atlantian recorded in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth — the same ancient races are manipulating the NAZIs using the same psychic & political techniques. Arya is the modern Babylon. We can’t let the clueless masses (like these American expats) be manipulated into fighting each other any longer…. No voice is insignificant. Be fearless & faithful. Be immune to the gaslighting & shaming! 🇺🇸🇯🇵🇦🇶💙

  28. Well I live in America and this situation is not okay at all. People have been led to riot over a lie that they have no proof what so ever of. They have zero evidence and they believe whatever they want and they’ve embarrassed themselves not us Americans but themselves. And a lot of them r going to jail. We are being manipulated by the American President to donate and give him a false sense of power and to help him with his personal agenda.

  29. Portland riots and others riots that happened last year were terrible episodes of violence that deserved to be condemned, indeed. However, riots (particularly racial ones) have been happening for decades in the US. When was the last time a crowd stormed the Capitol building in support of a defeated president?

  30. Coming from a Japanese and Mexican family, everyone is questioning if they made the right decision coming here. This isn’t the country they heard about. This isn’t the country they worked hard to immigrate to

  31. Im also an Expat. And looking at whats going on over there, I just worry about people.

    It’s looking rough compared to how peaceful it is over here. My mom is saying she now wants to just take a break from it all and come to Japan for 3 months because it’s too much in general, not just the riots.

    I really do hope things calm down over there.

  32. 11:00 This is such a stupid attitude. If we don’t hold Trump to account then future presidents will be emboldened to break the law. Past presidents like Reagan and Bush also committed crimes in office, but we don’t talk about it anymore because they never faced any consequences. And now liberals have canonized Bush, McCain, and the gang of thugs who lied us into the Iraq war as part of the “resistance.” Like Gore Vidal said, we are the United States of amnesia.

  33. Been living in the US ( Maryland ) just about all my life and I honestly wish I lived in Japan right now. The one dude that said “Americans think only of themselves and Japanese think of others”. Thats the main reason why I would love to live in Japan. America is not that so called “DREAM” that everyone thinks it is. Honestly for someone like me its not a dream at all. Its a country that makes the rich, richers and take from the poor making them more poor. You can work hard all your life in America and for some people still not make ends meet. Other dont have to work as hard and get more opportunities than others.

  34. i can see a lot Karens And Kens called themselve Expat in foriegn country.
    Double standard and sure you have rights doing any thing even banning and hating others, fair enough.
    But when these come onto your shoes,
    you’ll offended and starting to blame government blame leader.
    BLM something really hypocrite,
    if justice only for rioter i see no differences.
    There only selfishness left,
    since the magic words ‘i am offended’ and i have rights doing anything.
    why blaming others by not blaming yourself instead?
    without inner peace, you asking for world peace frm politician?
    * i love Democrats *

  35. Now do vid of china and hong Kong or something of religion there in china or something… X) give china same treatment US is getting, Yus make some really good content it’s just a shame it’s one sided with it’s direction atm

  36. Man these ExPats have a more fair and balanced view that the people living in America. If anyone has the option of leaving the US for a different country I don’t see why they wouldn’t take it at this point.

  37. A lot of people don’t realize that if Trump is properly impeached, he will lose his post-presidential benefits and will no longer be able to run for a second term.

  38. The Orange in Chief never really conceded. He just said (or was forced) to say there will be a peaceful transferor power. Let’s be real, he never really officially conceded.

  39. “The BLM protestors weren’t chaotic.” Yes, let’s just conveniently ignore all of the public vandalism that took place including the burning of black-owned storefronts by so-called “anti-racist” activists.

  40. From the interview showed those American are naive. America has deep-rooted problems. It is matter of time, will explode.
    This is only the tip of the iceberg.

  41. That last lady speak the truth, President come and go, they don’t care about you, they didn’t know your name, why even you fight for him. This is also what I thought and it’s weird to see people fight each other just because different political believes.

  42. It’s OOT, but the interviewer has a very active reactions, like her whole body moved.
    Which there’s nothing wrong with that, but in this kind of scenario where she has to discuss a serious matter with people that will likely feel embarrassed, she should keep her reactions minimum.
    She have this kind of happy reactions and very bright smile, which isn’t suitable for this interview 😅

    Don’t get me wrong, she’s a good reporter but maybe not for this kind of interview.
    Something light, reporting interesting/unique event or people will be more suitable.

    Just my two cents.
    Still love the content tho❤️

  43. What I’m curious about is how some people actually thought that Trump would be a good president, considering his behavior before the elections even started. And I’m not even American.

  44. One thing that sticks out to me that is particularly nasty are the calls for unity at this time. No. Right now I want ACCOUNTABILITY of the conservatives and Republicans in office who have fanned the flames of conspiracy and ALL of them should be removed from office. I hope their final act will be at least to place their country first and successfully impeach Donald Trump and remove him from office.

  45. Mans said America leader of the free world, set the example of the things your suppose to do, and we accept people from all over the world lol. Only a certain faction of Americans think this lol. I think people from other countries have long realized this is not true.

  46. It’s because they don’t know what’s going on over here. If there’s getting all their news from the MSM, that’s part of the problem. Antifa and BLM have been destroying things for a year. If they actually look past what the MSM is telling them and doing their own research, they’d see there’s a lot of leftist fascism going on.

  47. what nobody is mentioning in these interviews is that now, with biden headed into office, the us will now be under the CCP’s thumb…
    It’s dark days ahead for Japan.. They’re going to have to go it alone for a while.

  48. Why is this video not about what Japanese people think about the situation. That’s the perspective im unaware of I already am inundated in that space as an American citizen myself. No hate just a suggestion

  49. I’m a Brown man from the US who live and work overseas. When I’m asked where I’m from, I always say “Hawai’i” 😂 🤦‍♂️ I never say I’m from the US, it makes things alot easier and at time like these, alot less embarrassing 😅

  50. I love Japan Country and I love South Korea Country I love the dramas and their songs and I love K-POP and love Japanese drama and love J pop songs

  51. Like most people with a brain I don’t trust the american MSM to give an accurate telling of what is going on especially those who are absolutely against the people who protested at the capital. Good to hear perspectives from those abroad though.

  52. Honestly I’d rather hear the Japanese perspective. I don’t see much of a difference between their opinions and the Americans I’m around all the time. However this might be interesting to a non American.

  53. Only American puppet Countries are shocked and scare that their master is on the verge of collapse. If you look deeply into American politics and the division within their Country, it is not shocking at all but I’m rather shocked that it took such long for such thing to happen. The propaganda they play against Countries they disliked are now haunting them back as their own people no longer trust on their system and govt.

  54. American “immigrants” you mean. Nice subtle touch of racism there using “expats” for Westerners and “immigrants” for everyone else. Nicely done asian boss. 👏

  55. They are not ‘rioters’, they are peaceful protesters seeking juctice and democracy.

    Update: to clear the confusion, I was being sarcastic; western media call them ‘rioters’ while calling rioters in Hong Kong ‘peaceful protesters’ (they are all rioters indeed).

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