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I just wanted to create a short post to talk about a topic I really don’t feel comfortable talking about and that is the reputation the expats living in the Philippines. As it has been said one bad apple can spoil the whole basket full. It seems there are many and I have been told up to 95 percent of the expats arriving here in the Philippines are after under age girls and sex, drinking and bars and doing drugs. I’m not sure if I believe it is that high and I sure hope not. I believe it is likely much less, even possibly the reverse as in 5%. I just wanted to say that I for one am not in this category. There was a time in my life especially when I was in my 20s when I did frequent bars and drink and smoke I was not living the perfect God oriented life. But I gave all that up in the 1970s choosing to live by God’s rules for the rest of my life. I have not always done it quite like I once thought, but I try.  Sure I like kids and I have 3 of my own but I do not and never will find myself associating with children inappropriately and as a symbol of my character as it stands today, I try to stay away from showing myself in the presence of Children. I do not frequent bars here never been in any of the bars in Cebu City or here in Bogo. I like to present myself as a family man a non drinker, non smoker, do not do drugs of any kind, and am dedicated to my lovely wife and my 3 children. I wish to present myself as a guide to other expats not that they are not already doing the same. I would say Most of us expats are  not “sexpats” as one blog describes us. I am a born again Christian, a bible reading and believing, trying hard to live by the guidance of Jesus Christ. I also know several other expats that are just like I am, one of those is Roy Ross a retired California Police Officer, another is Larry Haydon my friend, both are Born Again Bible Believing Christians. Larry and his wife love the poor children of Cebu City (the true poor dirty unclosed or in rags children) he wishes he could help them all as many of them have nothing. There are so many street children here that don’t have a place to call home, they live under the steps leading to someones residence or on the street lying on a piece of cardboard begging for a peso.  The real poor of Cebu City and Bogo City, they are everywhere here. I am not referring to the children with pimps sending them out to collect pesos and bring them back to him, I know this happens a lot here.

If it is your plan to come here with the notion of exploiting the children, you need to think again. Exploiting children will likely end up with you in a hot smelly prison in no time. I for one do not want to end up there. I’ve knows at least two who ended up there one is sill in a jail in Cebu City.

We expats need to shine like a light so the average Filipino sees what we really stand for.  We need to change the perception of what the average Filipino sees in us, remember they only see and read bad stories about expats.  I wish there were more good stories of us out there but they just don’t make good news I guess. And walking down the street most of the time when I see Expats they are sitting around drinking beer day after day in the same spot, not how I choose to live my retirement.




  1. I think there is a stigma attached to expats that has started back when the U.S. sent troops here for R+R during the vietnam conflict. Prostitution got out of control and the rise of the sex tourism began on an colossal scale.

    What your finding Charles like myself is that you can see the problems with some others and how it reflects on everyone. It becomes magnified because we are foreigners in a country where we stand out.

    The Evan Iliadis stuff by the way would say take a wide berth as I have dug through tons of that guys stuff to find out he’s lied time and time again. So what does he do? Starts writing about me! done the same with many other people just making up things as he goes along.

  2. Hello Charles. I respect the sentiment of your post. I actually found this post while doing a back links report on a site of Evan Iliadis that you link to in your article.

    Please be aware that Evan is far from the moral crusader to pretends to be. He is a nasty sick cyber stalker that just like trolling and harassing people online.

    Please return to his blog and read his blog again. You will see that has little to do with hunting down sexpats and criminals and I can assure you I am neither despite featuring heavily on his blog. I was actually involved in Rotary trying to help people. I am sure you will realise that Evan Iliadis is not just a fake but an immoral person.

    As mentioned your link came up in a report which means you hare helping him rank in the Search Engines for his hate sits. After checking Evan’s blog again take a look at www dot evaniliadis dot info and please consider removing the link in your post and just leave the word sex pats

  3. I am going to have to disagree with you here, Charles Harman.

    Just because 95% of Filipinos see us in the stereotype “foreigner” it does not make it true that we are any more alike than they are.

    I am not responsible in any way for the activities of individuals who choose to visit the Philippines, no matter what part of the planet they came from.

    Yes, I have met several guys here doing things that were not of a high moral standard. But I have also seen Filipinos doing the same.

    Of the foreigners I have met here, I am going to say that the number exceeds 1000, as a group they have a morality/ethics far above the average Filipino, no question. I have not seen this represented at all in the press.

    So removing “bad apples” as you suggest hints at the idea that somehow we have to be better than they are. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

    Further, I have known several guys and families who helped children. One in particular, Bill, had a rotten reputation as a pedophile. He tells a story about befriending policemen some 7 years ago, and during one of his “visits” (he buys beer and the cops drink it) a baby was found in a garbage truck, almost dead, and brought to the cop shop. Bill agrees to take the kid home. This little girl is just the cutest, smartest, loving, happy little girl you could ever meet today. But it seems that the police had other “troubled” kids and when they were picked up, they gave Bill a call and he took them about 50 kilometers away from that town to his home and cared for them for free. He took in only girls as he had no way to separate the sexes in his small house. To say that the girls he got were “rough” would be a kindness. These kids had the morality of stray dogs. They had made money to live doing everything that you would expect desperate people to do. When they arrived, Bill gave them a body cavity check, some as young as 6, in the presence of the police who delivered them. Many drugs and at least 2 weapons were found. When you went to Bills house, to socialize, the girls would be VERY friendly to you, and not that conscious about their clothing covering all that might be covered. I was at his house maybe 5 times all in all.

    Young girls just do not do it for me, and to this day I do not know for sure that they did anything for Bill either. But when going to the Ex-pat meetings, virtually every guy there felt that Bill had his harem of baby girls. I do know that he was shaken down by the Department of Health and Welfare for “inappropriate contact with a minor”, and given no citation. The police were involved including the same ones who brought the kids in the first place.

    To this day I do not know for sure if Bill was a Samaritan or a baby rapist, or both.

    But for SURE, it was not my problem to “run this guy off”, and I would have stood behind Bill and his right to be where he was against anybody who felt he did not deserve his day in court.

    1. Good comment, you are entitled to your views here. I encourage comments, and like to see things the way others sees them. We all have our own ideas on how things are or should be and what is bad or good. My main point in this post was to say I believe most expats are good honest family oriented people who come here to retire and live the good life. Just because someone gets into trouble does not mean all of us are the same and all of us are bad as we are not. The problem is, only the bad ones end up in the papers, you don’s see stories of good expats doing and living good lives ending up published anywhere.

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