I met the owner of an American Eagle motorcycle living in the Philippines. He shipped it over from the USA. Quite expensive shipping and customs taxes from the USA to the Philippines.


  1. Rod,
    $5,000.00 Shipping + tax !!!! I’ll be leasing a motorcycle for year when I get there in 07/22. I read on a Philippine government website that the duty taxes on a vehicle can run from 40 -150% of the value of the vehicle at the time of import. Take care Have a good weekend.

  2. Nice machine….
    But he confirmed two things….
    1….Too big for riding around,,,
    2….Import duty was a killer then and more so now…
    Stay safe mate..

  3. If you are in touch with this guy Iā€™d be interested to discuss buying that bike from him if he decides to leave it behind, Iā€™m in the area.

  4. Rode bikes for years but into scooters today. Going to buy 2 when I get there. One for me and one for my soon to be wife. That seems to me the best and funnest way to get around there. Do you know Rod if they have any in the range of 250cc-350cc range?

  5. Nice bike rod, but expensive to import here always had Japanese bikes šŸ when I was younger, always regret not buying a good British bike šŸ memories of Norton
    And BSA yeah when you get older I think you want to go home.

  6. Is it because of economic reason that they are open up the lockdown? Because the cases of c19 do not seem to have gone down, more the other way around. So for me it appears that they simple do not have afford to continue having a lockdown. Which i think is the reason why many countries are open up btw.

    This pandemic is far from over.

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