1. My cousin was wanting to buy land in the Philippines, him and his wife he loves your videos as much as i do but right now he is in the hospital in icu for a few weeks now from water around his heart and lungs and Breathing problems. Hopefully he can get off the Ventilator soon but now he has a tube in his throat or Tracheostomy to help his lungs not sure when he can get out. now only Mia his Wife can go see him now Since the virus is picking up he has been in a coma lately. but we have been to the Philippines me once him alot. here is a link to a go fund me and explains what is going on with him. https://www.gofundme.com/f/keith-and-mia-need-your-help?utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet&utm_medium=copy_link_all Thanks for the Videos Poe Not sure if this is ok but i figured i would try to help him out a little bit.

  2. farmers can cut out the middle man, but (they)(middlemen) will have to figure that out. grow potatoes…and I like you..roosters are betters than gang shootings.Your youngin is very cute..your girl is so smart and cute….but uh…gotta let them know you got gypsy blood..Love to all yall..oh yeah the farmers are gunna need computer/cordnaters-stamp lickers and such…(the new midddlemen)

  3. The problem with buying a property in The Philippines is, that you actually can’t own it. Only your Filipino spouse can own it. It’s a clever way for the country to prevent to be ‘taken over’ by foreigners.

  4. Chaina and Rassha surreptiously, furtively, stealthily making their moves.. Once U.S. falls, easy for them to take over. Divide and rule, name of the game. Elon Musk knows what he’s doing.

  5. Best advice ever. Find a nice place FIRST, and then look for a local partner.

    There are some great places in the Philippines, but if you meet someone from the jungle in Zulu island you are really gonna regret it. I got lucky! Small island in N.Samar couldn’t have wished for a better island.

  6. FOOLS RUSH IN..American xpat’s is what’s pushing up land prices in Philippines. Shop around so your not been SCAMMED. Foreigner’s can not own land.Your Filpino can

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  8. learning takes socialization – kids need to be in school Tim – we drove our two to Newport Bch for their grade school. that’s how you get well-rounded children. the internet will never do that alone tim. be careful I thought you could not own land there as a us citizen.

  9. Good evening from Texas Tim, The land looks beautiful and I really like the ocean view it is awesome. And I did watch Chrissy’s vlog and it was really good and I did leave a comment and I hope that she dose more for her channel and as for your channel and her’s I will always will be looking forward to the newest video. Well Tim you and your family have a great night and stay safe & healthy. Until then simplify brother.

  10. I’m not sure I’d want to own land there. Earthquakes/ typhoons/ Volcanos!! And now the Chinese is ready to invade. I would want a REALLY good home owners insurance possability!!!

  11. Buying land here can be quite difficult and risky.
    Trust you already know that foreigner cannot own land.
    Furthermore you need expert / legal advice when buying the land and to make sure that the seller has a “ Clean Title”
    The piece of land may be a part of a bigger land that has been divided thru the years among many siblings.
    Some may be dead, some may live abroad
    , some may not have signed , some may not have agreed and so on.
    Some may have sold “his part” and so on. It can become very messy so utmost care is advisable.

  12. You might want to add in that foreigners cannot on land in the Philippines unless they’re married to a Filipina and they have to put it in their name.

  13. Tim, your problem is CASH! And I mean Cash because you want to squeeze every dollar cent you can from YouTube! It costs 3,5 million, not sure, Elon Musk and Satellites…perhaps aliens? Are you ok?

  14. I have a lot of land in Florida and Texas and Arizona I also have some in central and south America
    and Asia but I think Asia is where it’s going to be and with current events that is happening in the USA and if a certain new administration gets in I will look more to Asia

  15. Awesome scenery Tim! I would snap that land up, just for the scenery. Certainly, you could set up off-grid power for a homestead, but how deep would you need to dig for a well, or would it be water collected by cistern? You should find some land like this, as I think you’re correct about internationalization, and movement away from cities. (Headed over to Christin’s vlog now).

  16. The Great Reset refers to a global agenda to monitor and control the world through digital surveillance. You’ll be tied to it through an electronic ID linked to your bank account and health records, and a social credit ID that will end up dictating every facet of your life

  17. I have lived in the City I even lived by a Hooters and by a strip bar. I never once set foot in Hooters or any strip bar I never had the Interest. I love the Country . My ideal way of live would be to live in the Country about 20 miles from the nearest neighbor . I am in the Country here in Florida I can and do walk outside naked. I have a fire at times and yes I am naked . I walk around my house inside and out naked and I never worry about anyone bothering me. Most the people that come to see me know if they do not call me they will get more then an eye full. Even my Mom will call me to tell me she is going to come see me and what time so I can put something on.
    My point is I like to feel free to do as I please. I don’t hear neighbors yelling or screaming. I know I could never live in the Philippines because of the heat and the power going out all the time. Yes I live in Florida but I have Air Con running 24/7 I keep my house at 68 I run heat when it gets about 50 F. Now if I lived there I would need a couple Gens as back up and a few Air cons. I am very picky with my food I love to cook and bake. I am not sure I could trust someone ells to go do all my shopping . I am picky with most foods meats fish with out bones veggies and my Beer I love my Bud Light lol.

  18. You forgot to put a link to Chrissy’s channel so we could click it and go there! Are you trying to keep us here as you just explained the hotels do there? LOL! Beautiful property and very reasonable. They say if you build it they will come but that is a little far for that theory to work. I would need a lot more than a hotel to attract people. How much of that land is beachfront?
    Thank you for sharing!
    Take care and God bless you all!

  19. Were subscribed to Chrissy. But Tim we are still with ya.. no worries dude. Even if your wife is a rising 🌟 don’t worry haha. Only thing to worry about land. Is making sure there is water and not too deep. Love your videos always.

  20. Government here in Australia just said today That international Travel won’t be until late Next Year ! Don’t expect Any Tourists Tim ! It will be Years before it gets to Anything Normal ! Bud You need to Work Your Dreaming if you think you can live of You Tube ! As you said Things Will change So will Peoples Charity Tim !

  21. Beautiful property Tim. The Starlink is going to be awesome. I signed up the family in Claviera for a beta spot if I can get it. No cell signal worth a crap there. No fiber. Suppose to be 100mbps down.

  22. Buy land & build (for your gf/wife) in a whack-job, corrupt, backward, country like the PH? No Thanks. I did it for 5 years there, never again. Rent, so you can walk away when the “paradise syndrome” wears off. Trust me, it does.

  23. Hey man, hope all is well. I was just wondering when is the Philippines 🇵🇭 going to open up again. I’ve been trying to come there since all the pandemic 😷 started. I have an air ticket 🎫 now converted to a voucher. Now the Philippines 🇵🇭 airline tells me that I need a long term Visa to enter the country.
    I need to go to the Bicol Albay area… I had my wedding 👰 planned already….New York is kind of bad again. Anyways, enjoy 😉 see you sometime.

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