Am I The ‘Lone Latino’ in the Philippines?; Part 2 of 2

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  1. Some of the words I’ve come across even in Bisayan that I’m familiar with are ‘baso’ (drinking glass, like ‘vaso’), ‘lamesa’ (table), ‘chisme’ (gossip) ‘chismoso’ (gossiper) and of course ‘guwapa’ (beautiful) and ‘guwapo’ (handsome). The numbers and days of the week are also phonetically the same in Tagalog and Spanish, as well as the months of the year. So that helps a little.

  2. Speaking Spanish is limited to the elite families of Spanish-Filipino. My grandfather from the north of Luzon speaks English because of the US occupation. My grandfather from Iloilo province speaks Spanish. Because during his time the US were occupying the north. The south did not even know Spain surrendered to the US.

  3. Yeah, It’s safe to say you will meet another Latino guy. A latino is what is put on job applications meaning that your heritage is of a Latin American country, which is Central and South America.
    I was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas. I moved to Ca. in ’87 and have lived in San Jose for almost 27 yrs. now. I’ve been visiting the PI for the last 6 yrs., 6 times now. I plan to do 6 months here and 6 months there. I plan to spend my winters there and summers here. I love the PI.

    1. I’m Puerto rican Hispanic I went to the Philippines this year and last year plus I have a Philippine wife and next year I’m going to the Philippines to visit my Philippine wife

  4. I was having a conversation in Thailand with French, German ,American, and Thais whilst having a meal… talking 4 languages confused the hell out of our waitresses…one of them very nervously asked me where I was from as they were having a job working it out….half an hour and I had a headache from translating and asked for paracetamol in gobbledegook !

  5. Hey man…you know I just happen to spot your videos because of the recent events in the Phils and I really enjoyed watching it. I left Cebu 13 years ago and I do really missed the place. We always go to the beaches of Mactan before, growing up. You fill that gap a little bit, thanks.

    1. On the one hand, I’ve run into only maybe a dozen African Americans in a year and a half.  However, they seem to have no problem with the ladies.  🙂  In fact, some Filipinas prefer to only date them.

  6. Cool to know , anyway I have been to phili. 3 times Before and I’m married to Pinay from Luzon area from town called Anti polo city I love it there in the Philippines and would love to live there soon , I’m Latino from Corpus Christi , Tx. And I was treated soo well by the Filipino people when I was there and sometimes I was also mistaken for being a Pinoy as well lol, did well with not being charged cano tax. But my plans for my future is to live in Philippines. I’ll be 2nd Latino out there.. Lol

  7. Three of my cousins are happily married to American men with Latino heritage. I would say one the reasons of the success of their marriage are we share common cultures and values. One of them lives in Utah with one son and another one coming(preggy). The two live in Texas, one has two children the other cousin still trying to make one.

  8. After World War II most if not all Philippine-born Spaniards migrated to Australia and to the Latin Americas. The source is: The Basque in the Philippines by Marciano de Borja. Very interesting and informative reading. Saludos.

    Viva Mexico y Viva Las Islas Filipinas!!!

    1. Jules Laqui they didn’t really. The Philippines just got bombed like hell during WWII and that destroyed so many beautiful spanish architecture. Too bad they weren’t fully restored and even to this day many of them are just crumbling and forgotten. The americanazation started soon after the Spaniards sold the Philippines.

    2. A friend called the Philippines “Islas de ladrones” because of the politicians stealing from the government treasury and that practically everyone from every facet of public office from the lowest position to the highest position is a thief. In his comments on one of the blogs I’ve read, he always says “Viva la islas de ladrones”

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines That reminded me,. when I have learn to speak English.. The two main parts that I was struggling with was pronounciations and vocabularies.  I never felt so, alienated ever.

    2. I am still struggling with Bisaya, but mostly because it’s so easy to speak with everyone in English.  I gotta get one person to really help me through it.  We’ll see how that goes.  🙂

  9. Hey Henry you are so Pocho,like me you ought to be white. Let me see if I can help you out here, My father like yours was born in Mexico and came over as a child he served in WWII and later became a citizen, therefore he is a Mexican American. Latin Americans are people who come from other Latin American countries such as Brazil and El Salvador who become US citizens. If you do not become a citizen your are considered a Mexican, Brazilian, El Salvadorian or such. A chicano is a culture thing just like calling a black man brother. I live in South Stockton CA, there is a large contingency of both Hispanics and Filipino. Stockton is the home of Little Manila. My son married a Filipina and my grandchildren are  considered Mestizos.Hope this is some help, I really enjoy you videos, keep them coming.

  10. I am a Latino in Manila. You are a Chicano by Mexican-North American standards.  Note aside, my experience here with Filipinos is that no matter how educated or not they are, most of the times it does not cross their minds, the fact that this country was a Spaniard Colony for 300 and plus years moreover, 5,000 words in Tagalog are borrowed from Spanish Language, not counting pure Visaya/Cebuano, Chavacano languages that use even more words than that. In most cases, some Filipinos (unless they had traveled to the U.S.) they will not understand the multi cultural root of the American Continent from North Pole to Cape Horn the close to Antarctica.  We are from a mixed ethnical background ranging, from Caucasoid Europeans to the natives whom greeted them upon arrival.  Heck, the entire planet ignores the fact that America is an entire continent named after an Italian cartographer named Amerigo Vespucci and the fact that America is really 3 continents not only North America, North, Central and South America, a geographical fact.  It is hard to explain things like that to the average Filipino whom their daily source of information is TV Patrol.  In my case, I “positively” shock them by telling them the fact that their local famous local Singer Gary Valenciano or Gary V and Bruno Mars are half Puerto Ricans like my parents. I also get a laugh when I tell them my two last names Ramos and Arroyo and they ask me ” Why you have a Filipino Name?” I got to the point that I either do not answer their question “nicely stay quiet” or “politely” say, “I am human from planet earth” and you?  It gets old answering the same to 6 to 7 persons every time you go out with your family or just yourself to simply satisfy their Chismoso nature. 

    Latino is every person whom language is derived from the Latin the old Roman language better knows as Romance languishes like French, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian.  All Germans descendants, of those whom moved to Venezuela in 1843 (Way before WW1 and WW2), and founded Colonia del Tovar, today consider themselves Latinos because, of their daily language Spanish despite, their German blood.

    1. Spot on brother I am Mexican-American because I don’t feel necessarily like a Chicano or Tejano despite being born in Texas. My parents were both from Zacatecas and they have constantly taken us back to our Place of origin…well our origin atleast as far as being Mexican. You touched deep on ancestry and well Mexico has been occupied by Spain and France so who knows where the ancestry of each Mexicano is regardless of how you break us down is. Shoot I have only met one French person and although I think they were nice I don’t feel any familiarization with them or care too much about it or how I can relate. I do love the similiraties in our Filipino and Mexican Cultures though and have even joked with some of my Filipino friends that they Are Latino as well the Most exotic Latinos! lol Beautiful and talented. They are chismosos just like most of Latinos very passionate and very Alegres but it seems that they also feel Proud and assume that Last Names like Guerrero, Valenzuela, Garcia, etc are Filipino when they are really Spanish. I will say that I do feel very comfortable around them. I remember they would always tell me that I had looked like an actor from the Phillipined Girard Anderson I think it was. and I was like I guess when you mix a white person and Filipino you get a Mexican? lol but I understood more as I began to get more involved with them. You are a lucky guy must be nice out there for you as a Latino.

  11. latino and hispanic are basically the same thing, latino refers to people from latin america, hispanic refers to anywhere where spanish is the dominant language. hispanic/latino isn’t a race. there are white, black, and asian hispanics. a lot of hispanics are mestizos, which is a mix between spanish and indigenous blood (aztecs from mexico, mayans from central america, incas from peru, etc.) the term chicano is a term specifically referring to mexican-americans. basically, a chicano is an american born citizen with mexican heritage. it has nothing do with gang members, the word you might thinking of is “cholo”, which is a slang term for a hispanic (usually mexican) gangster.

  12. great videos,very educative,i didn’t think that you were a filipino,or white,you look like a mexican from texas,mexicans are not latinos,they are mestisos,that is what makes us different from the rest of america latina,i too play chess,i bet that you would not beat me.

  13. Mr. Enrique I been in the Phil, every year, but I make a difference in some aspects, i learned some Tagalog before I went there n they love it, some people called huy the americano , n always said no I’m Mexicano not americano, cause I’m from Mexico, I’ll be nice if you study the Mexican history n Filipino history n then you get different view, went I go there it’s funny, some ask me if I’m arable, or Arabian, many tink I’m not Mexican, any way take care, I seen some Hispanic people there but I was not interested on bother them I’m trying to run away from them, they say here in Phil  ” joke joke” I don’t mind to meet Latinos there I never x my mind! I speak español n some Navajo I worked many years with Navajo Indians here in the railroad,

  14. You’re difinitely not an 0reo coconut!  LOL  You’re too funny.. Honestly..You look neither pilipino or native american…And you do blend easly in pilipino crowds but your american accent will give it away though!  And the mexican looking filipino  are in pampanga province there.. Look for the tall and sharp looking nose.. Like,  that famous action pilipino actor name Fernando Po Jr. and Eddie Garcia they have  spanish herritage..

    1. @GlassLegend40 No man. I do look a little bit sometimes like Korean (because he taught I was fairly larger than the normal Filipino) or Mexican / South American looking. I was in Mexico once for holidays and some native Mexican Policeman saw me driving a car there (I rented one) and he started talking to me in Spanish but I could barely speak fluent Spanish I started laughing and spoke to him in English. He was like – HUH?????? LOL  Lately because I lost a bit of weight, I’ve been looking a bit more Hispanic or latino. I don’t really have really slanty eyes. They’re more like almond shape Spanish eyes and my father is part Spanish (middle name Cortez) and my mom is from Spanish ancestors (Domingo, Rosales) and my relatives do look a bit mestizo / mestiza. So maybe that’s why.  LOL…I’m in I.T. and also love to cook like those chefs on TV. I also play guitar. Those are my hobbies. I don’t own a gun. I own a lot of porn movies though hehehehe and I also like filipino martial arts and bladed weapons (swords, knives, axes, karambit, etc).

    2. @Roland Tuason For real?  you probobbly has his looks too or your mom..?  Artista kaba pare?   I like Eddie’s movies too…  Maraming barilan… Barilan tayo,. you and eddie versus me,. and lito lapid!  magingat kay lito he’s dirty.. sapul, asintado  ni eddie …I need elite sniper scope to go againts him.

    3. My dad looks like Eddie Garcia. I have a tattoo of him on my back. Had it done after he passed away to remember him by. I put him on my back to let people know that my father looks after my back.

    1. Once they realize I’m an actual American.. I get the preferred ‘foreigner’ treatment.  But a few have actually said to me, “You’re American?  But you’re not white.”  ha!

  15. I like your videos Reekay,i,m Mexican American living in Florida,coming to Dipolog city on Mindanao next Octuber, can’t wait hehe,my fathers second second name is Velez as well.

    1. Cool.  It’s a specific spelling.  Others deviated to Valdez, Valez, even Velasquez.  I didn’t meet too many Velez in the states.  Eddie Velez was on the show, ‘A-Team’ and Lisa Velez was the singer for Lisa Lisa & the Cult Jamm back in the 80’s.

  16. americans are exposed to many skin colors.. filipinos are not unless those who worked outside east asia.. stucked filipinos don’t know the differrence of east europeans from scandanavians, greeks from italians, hispanics from spanish, aussies from south africans, etc.. tell you man, many filipinos even think we are latinos only because we have same names and have been under spanish rule.. i used to think that way too until i worked with mexicans and venezuelans that i realized we are freaking asians. the only difference from our neighbors is that we are christians not bhuddist or hindu.

  17. You seem to have an identity crisis. You look Mexican, you don’t look Filipino at all. Filipinos are European Spaniards not latinos. since you’re from Tucson Arizona, Im sure you have been mistaken for an indian, as I have also, when I visit Arizona.

    1. @Ricardo Bartolome It depends who you ask.  Some people think I look Korean.  Some have said East Indian, others, Native American and still others Filipino.  Three times this week Filipinos have spoken to me in Visayan thinking I was Filipino.  I don’t have an identity crisis.  Others seem to have different ideas of what heritage/nation I’m from.  That’s not my issue, it’s their issue as they make a guess.

  18. Being Mexican you speak Spanish, Im sure. why haven’t you tried to learn Tagalog.  Tagalog is half Spanish.  Its like Spanish and Italian…very similar….just the pronunciation is different. At least pronounce the tagalog words properly and stop pretending your not Mexican.

    1. @Ricardo Bartolome Actually, I did not learn Spanish until I was 35.  Only spoke English until then so, my accent is my accent.  An authentic Mexican accent is not genetic, it’s learned.  In addition, I am not Mexican.  Mexicans are born in Mexico.  Just like Africans are born in Africa.  Spaniards are born in Spain.  I was born in America, I am an American.  You are confusing nationality with heredity.

  19. Hi Henry . I really enjoy your thoughts and videos . I am Canadian living in Toronto . I have been going to Cuba for 12 years . Much the same there . So i can relate to your stories . I first met the bad girls . Now i have a lady there .But i would like to see the phillipines too ! I’m now retired .With a very good pension . I’m single now and have been for 20 years . I own my own house and like to travel . I worked at steamfitting for 41 years and worked many hours to build my pension up . As soon as my pension was a normal weeks pay i retired . So money is not a big thing for me . So know i am thinking of going to the Philippines for a visit . I would love to meet up with you for a coffee . Lots to share with you and my stories . Gibby

  20. Many Peruvians Venezuelans, Ecuadorians, Colombians Guatemalans, Chileans, Costa Ricans actually look like Filipinos. I don’t know, I find it weird but it’s kinda true. Some Filipinos may look Chinese or Japanese or Thai, some may look Indonesian, and some just look like South American people.

    1. bueno, no es así, señor, los filipinos no se parecen a los latinos. pero no trato de ser negativo, pero respeto tu opinión y tú respetas la mía…..

  21. Let me congratulate you on your interesting videos, I enjoy every one of them. If I go over there next year I hope to get to know you personally. Right now I am checking on all the pros and cons. Keep me in touch if something new comes up.

    1. @Vicente Lucio that would be great.  i rarely use email anymore.  best way to reach me is on facebook, search; ‘reekay’.

  22. Speaking of Chess, Filipino GM Wesley So, 21, (currently no. 12 world ranking,  was No. 10) has recently switched to the U.S. Chess Federation and is now representing the U.S.A.  Definitely not a U.S. citizen yet.  I’m not sure if he even has a green card.

  23. There are Filipinos that look Hispanic, that’s why you are mistakenly thought you were Filipino. I have seen Filipinos here in New York look Hispanic until they speak the language.

  24. Hi Henry, now they ask if your white or black Latino. So things have changed. I know this from helping my wife fill out job applications. I am always tempted to put down who cares. I enjoy your video’s, I have watched a lot of them the last couple of weeks. My wife is from Davao and in just over a year we will be going there for about 6 months. So your info will be very useful. Thanks again.

  25. Your not the only Latino in the Philippines. Theres a long history of Mexicans that moved from Mexico to Philippines in the 1500 and 1600s. Also Mexicans cartels confirmed in Philippines. google it its on CNN website

  26. I mentioned it before but I see girls here every day that could walk down the street in Cebu an be considered filipina. On the flip side I could bring a filipina here and she would not given a backwards glance.

  27. True you need to avoid all the rice and fried food. You should also get in some exercise. I will be moving there in a month and I exercised last time I was there but this time I’ll be doing even more cardio and weight training. That with eating a lot of veggies. My girl exercises with me a respects the fact that I keep fit.

  28. Hola Henry. I wish I saw this video before. Just came back from cebu 1 month ago 🙂 I totally can picture you out in flips, sleeveless shirt and yes. You can totally be confused. Nice videos and best regards.

  29. If you would take the time to come to Manila there are a lot of Brazilians living there, they have the most number of South Americans that live in the Philippines.

  30. If you are still in Bohol, (Halloween 2015), check out Tim’s 1km east of downtown Baclayon. He is Latino from New Mexico but grew up in LA. Just a COLD BEER sign out by the road. Great guy.

  31. ok, a Latino is a person of spanish decent as da same a Hispanic …note “spanic” at da end..a chicano is a person of mexican decent born in da united states where.his parent’s are immediate from Mexico….
    Mexican American is a person born in da United States of Mexican Decent….now a Texan such as my self,” Tejano” is a person born in Texas..but is Mexican American born in Texas
    of da United State’s thats an American….

    1. Hispanic and Latino is way different. Latino means someone who lives in South America who use Latin languages (Spanish and Portuguese) Brazilians are Latinos too.

      Hispanic derives from the latin word ‘Hispania’ (Spain). Therefore, you can only apply the word Hispanic to those people whose first language is Spanish. Majority in South America (Brazil isn’t included)

    2. still making me a Hispanic or Latino….
      do to da spanish influences of spain when they occupied many parts of da world…were all of Spain’s decented making us Hispanics..I hope I answered yre question…

  32. reekay,so your not in dumaquette anymore,just arrived here about 1 month ago,im puerto rican via ny,I saw a guy in town he looked like south American to me

    1. +Bigdaddy Oquendo i’m in dumaguete, but visiting family for the holidays right now. i’ll be back there with my g/f Lyn after christmas. 🙂

  33. a Hispanic is someone who speaks the language of Hispania (Espana or Spain), a Latino is someone from Latin American heritage (does not mean they are physically from there. A Mexican is a person from Mexico, A Mexican-American is someone who has Mexican ancestors but lives in the United States, An American is someone who is from South, Central or North America (including Canada) but is generally used to describe someone from the United States, A Chicano is an US born American with Mechica (Mexican) roots. When i move to the Phil i am hoping i am not the only Latino (Mexican-American) living there wherever that may be.

    1. +Amor Sabor Latinos and Hispanics can be of any race. Mexicans, for example, are any mix of Native Mexican, Spanish, and Black. Black Arab Moors weren’t Caucasian. A Mexican-American is an American of Mexican descent. A chicano is a native-born American of Mexican descent. A Latino is a citizen or descendant of a citizen of a Latin-American country. A Hispanic is a citizen of Spain or an official Spanish-speaking country, or a descendant of a citizen of Spain or an official Spanish-speaking country, who therefore speaks Spanish. So, if an Anglo, Black, or Asian person were to become a Spanish citizen, and learn Spanish, he would be Hispanic. A person born in the American Southwest, who has no ties to Spain or any official Spanish-speaking country would not be considered Hispanic. A Hispanic that is not Black or Asian is considered Caucasian under Three Race Theory, but they’re not considered “White” in the U.S. (so forms usually state “White [not of Hispanic origin]”). Therefore, Reekay qualifies as a Caucasian, Hispanic, Latino, Mexican-American, and chicano.

    2. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines A Chinese person who speaks spanish is not hispanic as they do not have the relationship to Spain and the hispanic language even if they can speak the language. They would be a Spanish speaking Chinese. If they are considered from a particular country like Mexico they could be a Chinese-Mexican and they could actually be “Latino” loosely translated. Another example of a Latino would be someone from Brazil but they are NOT hispanic. And a Latino is a Caucasian because he is not Negroid or Asian as defined by anthropological standards.

    3. +Amor Sabor so a chinese person who learns spanish then becomes a latino? is a latin person who does not speak spanish not latino?

  34. Well they like to wear bell  bottom pants. Some of the latinos here can be seen working in the call center, working as guess what: a Spanish call center agent. I actually went to the US but was treated like a latino and people would speak in Spanish. Luckily I speak Spanish.

  35. Well you sort of look like the typical middle aged Filipino gambler/cockfighter who drinks a lot of beer. lol. Not that its a bad thing though lol.

  36. Technically and literally a latin person is a Roman person.  For some reason because Spanish have a tiny bit of Roman blood and Spanish is a latin based language like Italian and French it got stuck with people who speak Spanish in the areas of latin America really more through association whether people know they are associating it or not.  If you want to be technical no one should be called Latins except for the ancient Romans who invaded and ruled over the Etruscans in central Italy.  Hispanics are simply Spaniards.  Ancient Spain was once refered to as Hispania.  So to call someone from the Spanish speaking countries in the Caribean, Mexico, central America, and south America Latino or Hispanic is simply not accurate because that would assume everyone is only Spanish or a Roman which everyone knows is not true.  So it’s basically a misnomer that most people don’t realize, but is just meant to describe anyone that is either from or is decended from those before mentioned countries.  And Hispanic and latino are meant to mean the same and are used interchangeably.  There is also no scientific base to it either, because it’s just the way Americans use distinction.  It’s also part racial too to describe anyone that is brown skinned and in any country south of the border, even though there’s Spanish speaking people who are predominately African, predominately, European, predominately indigenous, and varying mixtures of each.  So, essentially when you say you are American you are most correct because 1. Mexican is not a race it’s a nationality because like you say it’s a fusion of Spanish and indigenous peoples with different variations and many with no mixture.  An ancestor of yours is literally from a tribe that’s from inside the US.  You’re just associated with, Hispanics, brown people, or latinos based on an ignorant old racial profiling system of just calling people, brown, black, white, yellow, or red from beginning of our country.  No scientific basis to it.

    1. i totally agree with you. there just is no clear-cut distinction. add to it people keep confusing ‘nationality’ with ‘ethnicity’ doesn’t help matters. reminds me of a line from the movie, ‘Casablanca’…. “What is your nationality, Mister Blaine?”… “I’m a drunkard.”… “This makes Rick a citizen of the world.” 🙂

  37. When they ask, are you Latino is a wrong expresion, but we know that what they tray to say to us is are you hispanic, because from canada to argentina we all are americans coz we are in america, Im a mexican american, for example on the mexican peso we can read { Estados unidos Mexicanos…United Mexican states….But for all the Gringos from Mexico to Argentina we all are hispanics….And last year i went to Philippiness for 6 months many people were talking tagalo to me and my answer was sorry Im not Pinoy, and Im thinking to go again but this time to Cebu, at the end of the year for the 3rd. time. Ingat.

  38. let me explain, a Latino is from Latino América. a Hispanic is anyone from Spanish blood. and a Chicano is a son of a Mexican immigrants who resides in Texas, California, and Arizona. but yes I am Mexican American from McAllen Texas who lives in Talisay city and travel to dumaguete

    1. awesome. i started making my own flour tortillas because all i can get here are frozen ones, usually stuck together. it’d be great to be able to get flour or corn tortillas in the PH that weren’t frozen.

    2. I came to this country to introduce some of my families Mexican products and hopefully next month we start a new factory of mission foods. making proud of my father don Roberto González and his famous maseca

    1. i lost count how many tamales i had during my visit to calif for the holidays. 🙂 wish i had some here in the PH now though.

  39. one interesting thing to point out the reason why this concussion with you and people thinking u r Filipino is becuase Mexico Acapulco to be exact was a major role player with Manila in shipment to the nueva españa. the Philippines island was ruled by the nueva España out of Mexico or non as Valladolid back in those days. Tagalog has alot of words in spanish and in nauchualt. or the Aztec language. so I my self is proud to be a Mexican who happen to be born in the usa. becuase our culture my friend extends to millions of places. in Acapulco and Oaxaca in Mexico u find lots of Filipino families that’s why we are so close to the Filipino culture. Filipinos shouldn’t be Asians but more Hispanics

  40. Yo brother Not a knock on you because it seems that you don’t really know how to just simply answer that your Mexican because you don’t feel it but I think you would’ve answered the conversation quicker that way. You might argue that explaining your past is a conversation starter but NOT Really when you are uncultured with your people. I’m not going to lie I am Ranchero hasta la madre bro but I have been overseas for a minute and I still sing Mexican tunes speak Spanish to my kids and I am raising them to understand Spanish. We eat live and Breathe being Mexican proudly and I have come in contact with Filipinos. My conversation starters is by complementing them on how comfortable I feel around them. I don’t feel like an outsider when I have hung out and drank Red Horse and San Miguel Cervesas or Chelas like Mexicans call it. My only reason for not going to The Phillipines were that I didn’t have a friend that wanted to take me when I was single because all the Pinoys I knew were busy with their jobs in Korea but maybe some day. I have always wanted to go meet the Chavacanos although I hear that it’s kind of rough around there I think it would be cool to here that Mexican/Spanish influence in their culture. Much love and respect to Pinoys out there you guys are awewsome!

    1. Lalo Herrera lots of chavacano speakers in Spain 😄. My grandma is from zamboanga. It’s so cool that you teach your kids your language. I think a lot of parwnts here in the US fail to share their native language. I’m multicultural and but we spoke mostly English at home. My mom tried to teach us Tagalog and aranes/chavacano but it’s all jambled lol. I never could quite grasp all 3. I’m learning Tagalog now as an adult so I can properly communicate.

  41. I just recently visited Manila. I too am Mexican/American, and felt very much part of the Philippine culture. One older Filipino gentleman told me a joke in Tagalog. I had no idea what he said but he a great big smile on his face. Loved it.

  42. Latino : is a person ( male & female) born in Latin America. Hispanic is a person (male & female) who is decended from Spanish lineage living in the Americas ( Western Hemisphere) known as Creoles. Or Origin from Spain which the Romans called it Hispaniola which the word Hispanic was taken from. Chicano is a word to describe Mexican-Americans living mainly in the Southwestern States of USA. The majority of Latinos/ Mexicans/Chicanos are Mestizos ( Half Spanish and Half Native) who are customize in Spanish Language and Roman Catholicism but many are turning to Protestants. Spaniards are of mix European ( Iberian’s, Greeks, Romans, Visigoths*, Other Germanic tribe invaders) & Moorish ( Berber and Arabs), Carthaginians. Many Filipinos have Spanish blood and are Roman Catholic thanks to the Spaniards. And was part of New Spanish Empire. Many Spanish men intermarry native filipina woman bring forth Mestizos ( Half Spanish & Half islander ) just like how the Spanish intermarry Native woman of the Americas. Spanish last names says it all. Americans many seem to be very ignorant about Latinos, Hispanics, Chicanos base on stereo types. The Spanish have well establish the Americas before the 13 States of America came to being. But at the end the Spanish lost everything due to Independences of new nations and wars.

    1. A “latino” is a person from Latin America, regardless of ethnic background. A “Hispanic” is is someone that comes from a Spanish speaking country, which sometimes it may or may not include the Philippines.

  43. I am italian -spanish descendant and i have friends females from all over Philippines sometimes they ask me on video call if i am filipino . i asked her do i look asian ? and they said no” but they insist ,now i understand, suddenly some filipino people are proud to be descendant from spanish, but others not.

  44. Viva nuestros hermanos Filipinos, saludos desde baja California y desde Cali (California) Soy Americano Mexicano, Cuando quieran venir a mi Linda Tijuana los recibiremos con hospitalidad.Viva Filipinas!!! Viva México!!!

  45. I’m Hispanic and I came to the Philippines last year and this year and I have a Philippine wife next year I’m going back to the Philippines to visit my Philippine wife

  46. a “Latino” is someone that comes from Latin America.

    It’s no different then Asians that come from Asia or Europeans that comes from Europe. It’s plain and simple.

    A “Hispanic” is someone that comes from a Spanish speaking country. Also known as “Habla Hispana”. This includes Mexico, Spain, most countries in Latin America, Capa Verde and sometimes even the Philippines.

    Ask for what is the correct term for a Mexican or Mexican American?

    It’s both, use what you like, they both count sense Mexico is a Spanish speaking country in Latin America.


  47. Hey Henry/Reekay 😀
    Thanks for your videos, I have the same questions, I’ll be there in March 2019 and you’re the only youtuber person that I have some in common, there aren’t many American/Latino_Hispanic youtubers in the Philippines, I’m wondering why? 😀
    It’s been more than 5 years now, have things changed much or it still the same?

  48. Just Americans call Spanish people latino.
    Other countries call you Spanish. The Philippines call you Spanish .
    And Mexican call it chicanos hijos de mexicanos nacidos en u.s.a. I’m from EL SALVADOR . I FAN OF YOU CHANNEL KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK 😎

  49. Yeah you look kinda filipino. I’m guessing that you have more native american dna which is why you kinda look asian except your nose.

    1. check out some youtube videos about spanish speaking filipinos.. I have few friends who are native speakers and they were born and raised here but just like I said, they’re in their 50s and 60s..

    2. Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea No, sir. more or less 1% of filipinos are native spanish speakers. not the chavacano of zamboanga but there average is 50+ already..

  50. I’m planning to move their myself within the next year or so. I went there about 7 months ago and fell in love with the place however I felt like I was the only Hispanic and the whole city of Manila not to mention probably the only Puerto Rican there. I got a lot of weird looks from them trying to figure what I was. If I make it I will definitely look you up brother

  51. I know that this video was uploaded 6 years ago but i was quite surprised to find out that there r actually hispanohablantes community in Metro Manila. U can check the channel mexican en Filipinas channel if u r interested.

  52. I understand where you coming from I’m Hispanic born here in the States originally from San Francisco born & raised. Did you find a wife over there yet did you married a beautiful Filipina women? I want to go to the Philippines and see how it is everybody on YouTube have positive things to say about the Philippines . Stay blessed brother have fun over there.

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