Am I The ‘Lone Latino’ in the Philippines?; Part 1 of 2

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  1. bro don’t get me wrong.your not a lone lateno in the Philippines..philipines was srcewd by spain for 300 years philipines got the name of spanish

  2. Yah, as I mentioned, the history here is half-Spaniard. I’m talking about visiting foreigners nowadays. I haven’t seen a Latino since I got here.

  3. so to think about it Filipinos is more latin than Mexicans in away because Filipinos was name after the king of spain wher mexico is just Mexicans….

  4. That’s one way of looking at it. Although Mexicans were already part of Latin America, as natives, prior to the Spaniards ever showing up. Meanwhile.. still no word on what the difference is between a Hispanic, Latino or Chicano. ‘Mexican’.. that’s pretty easy.. someone born in Mexico. After that, it gets fuzzy. ha!

  5. bro I think chicanos was from latinos that came to the united hahaha ur not latino ur a chiccano you went to the philippenes. just tink of ur sef as a Filipino with an American accent chelo

  6. Bro you are not alone…. but the Spaniards did not arrive in the 1300’s more like the 1500’s – Magellan was killed in the Philippines in the battle of Mactan in 1522. I’ve lived in Asia since 2004! There are plenty of Latinos all over Asia! Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, South Americans…

  7. Nope. I live alone but I don’t get lonely. If I want company I just go to the mall where there’s plenty of pretty girls. I was talking to two of them today over at the coconut-juice stand. Everyone’s different, but I am most productive if there’s no one around I have to keep entertained. I don’t get crap done when there’s a woman in the house.. too busy gettin-busy with her. ha! This country life in the jungle.. I love it.

  8. The ‘Philippine’ islands that make up the Republic of the Philippines, as I understand it, didn’t have a name or were even ruled by any one entity or government prior to the Spaniards showing up. They were essentially divided up by rich merchant rulers from various parts of the world. I’m guessing that’s why each island has a distinct dialect. Prior to Catholicism from Spain, it was everything from Buddhist to Hindu to Islam, especially Islam down near Mindenao, same as today.

  9. That is true, you are correct. It was the 1500’s, not 1300’s. I remember that everything hit the fan in the late 1800’s and I got the 300+ year difference mixed up with the beginning of Spanish rule instead of it’s end.., thanks for catching that.

  10. I figure there are some Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, etc. out here ‘somewhere’.. but haven’t seen any (yet). I’ve run into about five black guys and tons of South Koreans. I’m sure I’ll cross paths with one eventually. ha!

  11. Henry believe it or not Filipinos have Mexican blood in them as much as Spanish. This fact may be hidden to a lot of people but every single day that you walk the streets of the islands you see them in plain sight disguised as Filipinos. Spain colonized the islands beginning in 1521 and it started the famed Galleon Trade (Manila-Acapulco Trade) that brought thousands of Mexicans to the islands for the next 300 years (and vise versa, Filipinos to Mexico/Latin America). Go and google it.

  12. Your last name Velez is a very typical Filipino last name. Growing up in the P.I. i had classmates and friends with Velez last names just about every school year. You’ ll notice them more in big cities like Manila, Cebu or Quezon City. And the mexican menudo is different from the island menudo so don’ t be surprise when you order one and see an offering of beef or pork stew rather than a posole/tripe soup!

  13. In Cebu I looked up and there was a building there that said in big electric letters; ‘VELEZ UNIVERSITY’. 🙂 At the mall they had a big display of the major families who are considered the major clans of the Philippines, one of them is Velez. So yah, I guess a lot of Velez here. I also heard there is a Velez Hospital in PH somewhere too.

  14. In the US, in my lifetime I only heard of 4 Velez aside from family in Texas and all of them entertainers. Eddie Velez, was in “The A-Team” and Lisa Velez, the singer for “Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam”. There’s also an actress, Lauren Velez who plays on “Dexter” and Lupe Velez who was an actress/leading-lady with Douglas Fairbanks back in the day. No surprise I find myself in front of a camera years after dong a Playboy commercial. ha!

  15. Cool.. I love learning new stuff. That’s the best thing of the net, finding out new stuff from a variety of sources and people. There are two Latin/Mexican elements I don’t miss here though.. the drug cartels and Raiders fans. ha!

  16. A famous Velez in the Philippines was an actress named Lillian Velez who was butchered by some wacko actor in the late 1940’s and resulted in a big sensation in the country. Of course there were losers back then just like now to ruin the day for someone.
    On a lighter note i have to agree with you, maybe Velez came from a bloodline of entertainers and actors! 🙂

  17. I know exactly what you mean. I live 10 minutes away from the Oakland Coliseum and on game days you’ ll see majority of Mexican diehard fans on freeways and venues. The tail gate parties are great complete with loud mariachis and carne asada barbeques!

  18. one of the richest family in the Philippines is of mexican descent…the owners of Greenbelt Mall in Makati..the Zobel-Roxas-de Ayala

  19. Yeah we tend to make things confusing for some reason. I was born in Europe. Came to the states at 5. I never felt confused with who I was regardless of the kids I ran around with. I remember taking the bus to the Y where I played games. Most of the kids were black and we were all young. When in Jr and high school in the 60s I ran into a few of the guys. it was nice to see them maybe I am just weird that way. Its the person you are that I like or don’t like.

  20. My guess is that most latinos come from tropical climates and would rather go back to travel to live in their home countries where the cost of living is already low and not have to deal with the language barrier.

  21. I suppose that makes sense if they were raised there initially. Me, I grew up in Southern California my whole life. I have a Nicaraguan friend who grew up in the tropics, but only returns for visits, she prefers California.

  22. Beleive it or not but there are thouands of mexican blooded people in the phillippines maybe in the millions. The fact that you haven’t seen a “latino” in the phillippines is a false misconception. thousands of Native indigenous/mestizo Mexicans moved to the islands during the Manila-acapulco trade and vice versa. They mixed with the native malay population and produced the filipinos of today. Aztec/Mayan/Mexican blood runs deep in many Filipino families.

  23. Actually, the Philippines used to be run from Mexico when it belonged to Spain. There were many Mexicans working in the Philippines at the time. When Mexico got its independence from Spain, Mexicans tried to liberate the Philippines too but they were unsuccessful. By the way, it was Mexican-born Spaniards who started Mexico’s independence war. It was NEVER the mestizo nor the indigenous who planned the war though they were used to fight against continental Spaniards.

  24. Contrary to the popular American myth that Mexicans are all indigenous or predominantly indigenous which originates from the fact that most Mexicans in the US are predominantly indigenous, you will find tons of european looking Mexicans, even with Nordic traits. In fact, there are towns where people are actually more light-skinned than people in Spain. You will NEVER find that in the Philippines, where most people are NOT of Spanish descent. Mexicans are way more european than filipinos.

  25. If you want to compare your average east LA Mexican with a Filipino then yes, most of them are predominantly indigenous but if you actually go to Mexico, to places like Chihuahua, Aguascalientes, Altos de Jalisco, etc. you will see most people are predominantly Spanish, called “castizos”. There is just no way you can say Spaniards had the same influence in both countries as far as culture and race go. Lots of Mexicans of French descent too (France controlled Mexico for a long time).

  26. My last name Dimayuga type Dimayuga on YouTube search and there you will see mexicans with Dimayuga last name on YouTube when you google search it it origin of that name came for Batangas Philippines and in Tagalog it translate’s to unshakeable.point is there are mexicans who don’t look Filipino but might have Filipino ancestry within their dna cause that name originates in Philippines but got watered down during years and their indeginious roots are then wash away but only kept within DNA

  27. Now for the Mexican food. I crave for Mexican food. The Burritos, Birhas, Mole’s. You said your in Bohol. In case, your in Cebu? Have time to check “Maya Mexican Restaurant and Tequila Lounge Crossroads in Banilad, Cebu”. They are saying, the chef learned his craft in Mexico. Just in case? If you had a chance, can you make a video of your experience? Give us an idea, what it taste like. And I will checked it out when I’m there. Thanks.

  28. For historical facts. Thanks for having some views. Just to make it straight. Mexico was discovered first by a margin of maybe 80-90yrs. The Governor-Heneral of Mexico, also governs the Philippines. We have historical facts of Mexico-Philippine trade. Your right about the food. We do have corn and flour, except no Tortillas.

  29. Iloilo City in the Island of Panay west of Cebu? The surviving Spanish-Filipinos in the region has family ties in todays Spain? One famous Barcelona football player is born in that region. Some in Manila has ties in Mexico. Down south in Mindanao, some folks has ties in Portugal. One former beauty queen, visits her relatives in Mexico.

  30. That sounds like a place worth checking out. I had some home-made fajitas and fish tacos at a friend’s house about 2 weeks ago. He’s half-Mexican and is a pretty good cook. Has to make his own tortillas since the only ones they seem to have here are frozen. And you just don’t make burritos out of frozen/de-thawed tortillas. ha!

  31. Thanks, all of my Dad’s side of the family is in Corpus Christi, TX.. while my Mom’s side of the family is in mostly Orange County and Riverside County, CA. I’m loving it here in the PH.. it’s an amazing place, definitely my new home for good.

  32. Or a pure Mexican when you really think about it.. apart from the ‘Indios’ who come down from the hills. Those are the true native-blood people of Mexico. The rest of the ‘Mexicans’ are actually mixed with Indian, Spanish and French historically.

  33. When the Philippine Revolution erupted in 1896, a Spanish Colonel named Eugenio Blanco who had large estates near the town of Macabebe in Pampanga organized a regiment from among his clients. The Macabebes were called as “mga Pilipinong traydor” (Filipino traitors) in Philippine history. In Fairness to our Macabebe brothers, many didn’t understand or know that the original “Macabebes Scouts” were Mexican soldiers and their descendants, serving under the Spanish flag in the Philippines.

  34. Hi there… I was the only Mexican in the Philippines when I was there for 6 months.. I actually planned to move there for good.. I was ctually looking for a Mexican company or business that was either Mexican or Hispanic.. Couldnt find nothing… I wanted to talk to somebody in my language ( spanish ) but didnt find nothing.. First it was just so they can help me on a job or soemthing.. then just to find anybody. No Latinos (MEXICANS) in Philippines. Because is just like MEXICO..

  35. theres a big link betwen mexico and ph as it is govern by 1 person during the manila-acapulco trade ph became the staging groung for the independence of mexico the history was written in spanish thats why many filipinos didnt know it.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I get the same thing Henry. But then again, I’m part Spanish. My mom looks white because her father is quarter Spanish (he actually looks very Spanish with pointy narrow nose), her mom is also quarter Spanish (Rosales) and my father is actually part Spanish too. My father’s mom is half Spanish “Cortez” (mestiza) and my father’s dad is Chinoy. I was born here but I spent more than half of my life in Canada (34 years in Canada, 3 1/2 yrs in New Jersey) . When I went to Cancun, Mexico for holidays one time, a Mexican cop there started talking to me in Spanish but my Spanish is poor so I spoke to him in English and he just waved me to go away. I was laughing. I thought I was being busted for something.

  36. Been watchin’ your videos! They’re quite good, and I like the way how you juxtapose the good and bad sides about living here. And love the way you put it into terms where people can relate to them. On the topic of Mexican food, I grew up in Leyte and my Lolo always brought home ‘Tamalos’ from his home town in Samar when I was very small, I think it’s a version of tamales. Samar has some Mexican influence since one of the ports for trading from Mexico to the Philippines was located there. I haven’t been able to find it ever since, might have been a family recipe and can’t be bought commercially. Have you tried Army Navy? I tried their burritos, they’re awesome! Just my two centavos..ehehe ^_^

    1. I miss my Mom’s home-made tamales from SoCal, haven’t had anything close here in the PH.  Perhaps one day when I’m “settled down” I’ll make some here in Dumaguete.

  37. Amigo! Why not visit in zamboanga asias latin city. The only spanish dialect are still alive in the philippines. Most of our dialect are same with mexican. And i am talking to those native chavacanos the original from zamboanga city. Not are those new who live in my city they mix tagalog, bisaya and english. I observe many foreigner want to visit philippines because they want also know if the filipinos can speak spanish thats why they go to visit manila, cebu, iloilo or davao. The fact that they even dont know how to speak and understand spanish.

  38. Lone Latino.  Hmmm. Think about it, Reekay, there’s money to be made there.  For example: why not initiate an influx of Latino tourists via a website?

    1. It’s Latin Americans and not Latinos. These are the Latinos/Latins, linguistically and culturally: Italians, French, Romanians, Portuguese and Spaniards and have been Latins for more than 2000 years.

    2. @iliketheodds i’d say it’s about equal.  fathering kids and abandoning them.. having mistresses while married, cheating on g/f’s, self-inflated pride.. it’s all the same whether they’re wearing a sombrero or flip-flips.

  39. Bro,, might read up a little more on history,, ie,, the first Filipino army.. Spanish people are not latino by the way,, Not correcting you Henry, you know me, just read a little more.. You might want to look up Pampanga Mexico.. Take care bro.. Just read up a little more…

  40. Hi Henry, you might want to research more on the Galleon Trade, its a trade agreement between Acapulco and Manila in the 1500’s so thats somehow a direct link between Mexico and the Ph.

     Plus there is a town in Pampanga province named Mexico to add in a trivia.

  41. I stumbled on your video.  Great stories about your trip.  Lots of Spanish speaking people in Visayas — especially in Iloilo and Cebu.  Next time you’re in Cebu check out Casino Espanol.  I don’tb know if the Casino Espanol de Iloilo is still open.  If you wear a Barong, you will be mistaken as a Filipino politician (guaranteed).   The ties of the Philippines with Mexico is strong.   Prior to Mexico gaining its independence, the Governor General of the Philippines always came from Nueva Espana (Mexico).  When Mexico gained its independence, only did Spain governed the Philippines (early 1830’s).  Also, the majority of the ‘Guardia Civil’ during the Spanish time were actually from Mexico.

  42. i will be going to davao in 2016. i am also latino and would like to hook up with you.My girl is on a work in saudi arabia til then. Hopefully we can drink a couple ofbeers then,

  43. Times are changing! There are various Mexican companies investing in The Philippines and have a significant expat community.

    My wife works for Coca Cola in which The Philippine division is bought by FEMSA, based in Mexico.

    Kidzania will be opening up in The Fort as well.

    1. @flip1sba what we desperately need here is a tortilla factory. all i see in the stores are frozen flour ones that stick into one piece after you defrost them. 🙁 i’d love to get fresh corn/flour tortillas here. 🙂

  44. There were Aztec Indians and Meztizo Mexicans who went to the Philippines within two centuries. In the book, “Manila Men In the New World”, on page 132-136, it says that.  You can check the book out on  They go into how many Mexicans each ship had during the first few trips within the two centuries.  “The total number of Mexicans that emigrated to the Philppines has not been determined, but in the two centuries and a half of contact, it is safe to assume that the figure reached several thousands.” “They mixed with the common people, married native women, and adopted Filipino customs.”

  45. Heres an article about the book, “Manila Men In the New World” but it doesnt really go into depth at all.  Half way down the page, where the paragraph starts with “The traffic was not one-way”, it says Mexicans moved to Philippines during the 250 years that galleons piled the pacific. I really suggest searching for the book in pages 132-136.

  46. No offense, but I see you as strictly an American. I live with a Mexican an she does not consider anyone that has lived most of their life in the US a Mexican. You know what I mean culturally. But I think it is a great advantage to blend the way you do, wish I could. Your attitudes and POV are totally American from what I hear.

    1. Agreed, people in states these days have a confused sense of national identity and rae. That is why I said you are an American to me, plain and simple. I have a Scandinavian background and went there. They said, you’re just an American to us….

    2. @Will Hart a lot of the misplaced confusion is that people who ask me the question aren’t even sure on their definition of what they are asking. when i say ‘american’, i’m speaking of my nationality. when they ask, “where are you from?”.. i’m from america. it’s that simple. but then some people disagree with me and say that i’m mexican. well.. if i’d been born in mexico, i’d be mexican. if i was born in china, i’d be chinese. but i was born in america, so i’m american. now if they had asked, “what is your racial background?”, i’d answer, “a mixture of mexican and spaniard.” nationality and ethnicity are NOT the same thing, but many people seem to think so.

  47. Mexican American – American of Mexican ancestry or naturalized American citizen from Mexico.

    Chicano- American with Mexican parents

    Hispanic- 1st language is Spanish or from a Hispanic culture(Spain & spanish speaking Latin America)

    Latino- 1st language is a Latin one(Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Romanian, Catalan etc.) or come from a Latin culture(Latin America & Latin Europe)

    At least this is my understanding.

  48. google your history my friend, you are wrong!  Philippines was conquered and administered  by New Spain which used to be what is now Mexico,  a lot of criollos from New Spain( Mexico)travel with Miguel López de Legaspi after the failed colonization attempt of Magellan which was killed by Lapu-Lapu.  The Philippines was administered as a province of New Spain (Mexico) until Mexican independence (1821). So Mexico and the Philippines do share some history, from 1564 to 1821

  49. Since there was heavy interaction between Filipinos and Mexicans during the Manila – Acapulco Galleon trade, I’d say there are many Filipinos now that have Mexican blood in them without knowing it, akin to many white Americans finding out they have African blood after a DNA test most likely resulting from their descendants’ relations with African slaves.

  50. You got your history all wrong. Where did this guy learn his history from SMH… The Mexicans did come to the Philippines… in fact Spain assign Mexicans as Governors to the Philippines. Due to the long distance between Spain and the Philippines, the Viceroy of Mexico was given a carte blanche authority in governing the Philippines. Spain even brought the indigenous people of Mexico to the Philippines and integrated the Aztec native Nahuatl language to the Philippines. The Tagalog word “palenke” originated from the Nahuatl word “palenque.” Other Nahuatl words added to the Tagalog vocabulary included avocado, achuete, caimito, nanay, tatay, tocayo, and zapote… they’re are more if you’re interested. Did you know that Texas use to be called Nuevas Filipinas… New Philippines?

  51. mexicans stopped coming here since the end of the galleon trade. may remained here though and they blended with the population that explains why many will mistook you for a filipino.

  52. I’m #1 no incase in Mexico bro

    #2 Philippines was administered by Spain Through new Spain (mexico)

    #3 mexico is north america (with Yucatan being central but central America is just an isthmus portion of North america) so the natives were not southamerican

  53. Hernando Magallanes discovered the Philippines in 1521 but Lapulapu killed Magellan and the Spaniards returned to. colonize the Philippines only in 1561 led by Legazpi , that started Spanish rule of the Philippines which ended in 1898 when thru the treaty of Paris Spain ceded the Philippines to the US for 1 million dollars after the US was victorious in the Spanish American War…before the Americans took over from Spain the Filipino revolutionary army was ready to enter Manila but the Americans duped them and the American forces entered Manila instead, which started the Philippine American war. So, check your facts,Spanish rule in PH was from 1561 to 1898, not from1300s

  54. For your info, Philippine and Mexican history as well as their peopled were brothers and sisters mainly because the Spanish viceroy in Mexico governed the Philippines for the Spanish Rey thru s gobernador based in Manila plus there was very active trading thru the Acapulco Galleon trade whereby galleons from Acapulco sailed to the Philippines with Mexican goods which were then traded for Chinese and Philippine goods which were then brought Mexico and eventually to Spain. The Chinese junks/boats brought their goods to the Philippines and returned to china with Spanish, Mexican and Philippine goods. So, the Philippines and Mexico developed similarly because the king of Spain ruled both Philippines and Mexico thru a vice Roy based on Mexico to whom the Philippine gobernador reported.
    Many Filipinos escaped from the galleons and stayed in Acapulco. That’s why there are parts of Mexico with Mexicans who trace their ancestry to Filipinos from Manila. I’m not making this up, there are books written about this. Mexicans and Filipino are joined in the hip.common history, culture and religion.

  55. Latino-person living or identifying themselves from South America.

    Hispanic- person living or originating from a Spanish-speaking country.

    Basically, all Hispanics can be Latinos but not all Latinos are Hispanics (i.e. Brazilians)

  56. You mean to tell me Taco Bell isn’t authentic Mexican food?! Haha. On another note, I read somewhere that due to the Acapulco-Manila galleons trade administered by Spain starting in 1652 there’s actually a lot of Filipinos with Mexican heritage, and vice versa (for those who settled in Mexico). Now as far as seeing a “pure Mexican” there, I’m sure there’s quite a few. Perhaps you should start an expat group for Mexicans living in the Philippines. It would be an interesting subject matter in your future videos.

  57. You’re a nice person but unfortunately you don’t know that “Latin or Latino means. Latino or Latin which is the same thing, refers only to a language and a culture. The Latin language (Lingua Latina) spoken by the Romans and their Latin Culture. It doesn’t have anything to do with the Spaniards. And you’re mentioning the “Latin Asian” food of the Philippines? Sorry but there is no Latin food and there is no Latin Blood, no Latin DNA, no Latin Skin Color, no Latin Music and no Latin Dance. It’s all an invention of the “Hispanics”. You in Mexico and in what the Latin European colonizers, French, Portuguese and Spaniards, called Latin America are “Latin Americans” and not Latinos. You have no business identifying as Latins. You are not Romans and you’re not the descendants of the Romans. You are “Latin Americans by geography of origin only. You must identify yourselves using either the place where you come from and in your case “Mexico” or “Latin America”. Using a terminology “Latino/Latin” which only denotes language and culture is totally inappropriate for you. What you should have said is that you cannot find any Mexican or any Latin American in the Philippines . Actually thank God that there are no Mexicans or Latin Americans in the Philippines. If there were they would destroy the quiet and orderly life of these nice people there same as they’re doing it in the United States.
    Please stop the lies. You only speak a Latin-derived language, Spanish, and you have no Latin Culture. You are from Latin America so you are “Latin Americans” big difference. Being dark or mestizo-looking doesn’t translate into being Latin.

  58. 35% tagalog similar vocubulary to spanish including our dealict…

    Spanish wasn’t spoken widely here philippines,simply because the historical record show that this is wasn’t the case,and let me empahasize this “SPANISH was spoken by a marjority of Filipinos by the time the American arrived..
    And when american here they disconnect the spanish school subject here 😒! And american colonized the philiplines..🥴

    But if u notice the Building and house,surname and street name middle name, culture, food similar to spanish..

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