Almost Enough Nipa To Finish

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  1. I’m moving to the philliphines in the near future when all things now settle down I have a woman there in Davaio I really love you can see her & I together in my profile pic I hope to be able to stay a few days in Behol before we finally settle down I’d live to meet you & take a tour of your place maybe I can bring you in a couple of cartons of pall mall 100 reds I smoke them also keep going dude you inspire men

  2. Brian I really like your channel & watching you progress with your farm your a can do type of guy I’m from Alabama I live in a agriculture area we grow p nuts & cotton & other types if crops also beef. I know what a job it can be I love your intuiveness plus titi is a very good head man for you I’m amazed by his ability

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