“All Filipinas Are..” Really?, Part 1of3

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  1. What you are talking about here is known as the “80/20 Rule” & is applied to business & the Social Sciences. In short, it may vary a little, but 80% are responsible for 20% or vice-verse. For example: 80% of the serious crime in the US are committed by 20% of the criminals. Another is that 20% of the US population controls 80% of the wealth in the US (or the world). It can vary a bit, but its an excellent rule-of-thumb that has consistently proven true.

  2. I would bet more Expats in the Philippines are of questionable character than the Filipinos. Except you and l of course… lol I just give most the benefit of the doubt while keeping my spider sense on alert regardless of their raise or origin. Then take in what they do and how they act over time and decide from my observations if they are worthwhile knowing.

  3. One guy I knew, a successful businessman.. commented that he eats healthy food 80% of the time and pork, sweets, carbs only 20% of the time. For the same reason you mentioned.. to counter the diet in his favor. He seemed very fit and lean, but that could also be genetics, metabolism, workout schedule, etc.

  4. So far I’ve only run into one shady expat who wanted me to Paypal him some money for a week, about $150. I’d only met him once in a cafe on Mactan. Nah, that’s wasn’t gonna happen. Never heard from him again after that. I’ve also met one or two expats who were not interested in conversation. My guess is some other expat burned them along the way. It happens.

  5. Sombunall – Robert Anton Wilson wrote a great book of not using a general ‘all’ to describe everyone. Some but not all. Anyways, interesting videos subbed. Going to Manila in August!

  6. A beautiful well educated Filipina that worked in Manila for the Governors office , she was 27 , married a 69 yr old west naval prof in cali, this happened last year , it was all over nancy grace and the internet. All asking why would someone that pretty with a great job and a masters degree marry an old old man. Well She ould have come here without marriage . anyway, they divorced a yr later he lured her back to one of his homes shot her , cut her all to pieces and threw her limbs all over.

  7. My point is there is no rhyme or reason to what women will do. The old prof just went nuts over losing her. There are a lot of pics of her around and she was highly intelliget and pretty. So, you see it isnt always just to get that green card. Sometimes it is but usually the man will get hints . I will never understand women tho I am closer than when I was younger. But I love the Philippines but my insurance is not good there so….

  8. Well, I’m back again. Enjoying another of your mini lectures. A priceless education on the philippines. Especially since I’m moving there November 21st.

    Funny… when I first thought of moving here it seemed easy. Just pack a few bags and go. Now as the time draws nearer I find myself dwelling on the 57 years I’ll be leaving behind. But I know if I don’t go I’ll look back on my life and think “What if I had moved to the Philippines” instead of smoldering away on my front porch.

  9. I know exactly what you mean. When my departure date got closer, I realized I’d be away from 100% of all the ‘network’ of people I’d ever known in my life. It’s a daunting thought. But.. because I did my homework and made the preparations best I could, the rewards for making that jump have been abundantly worth it. I’m amazed at the adventures I have here practically on a daily basis, no kidding. Keep your wits about you, make decisions slowly and you’ll have a great time here.

  10. Living here you will find that scammer girls are a minority, however from an online view a greater majority are scammers, from online dating to cam models ect ect.

    1. very, very true. online, i’d say about 95% are either scammers, fake profiles (men) or hookers. but walking down the street in the PH.. there are dozens and dozens of honest, good, loving women to choose from.

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