1. Teaching a person to be a fisherman instead of just giving them fish is ideal, teaching and assisting others to be self reliant. That is what Troy is doing when he is paying for kids’ schooling, planting that seed in Vietnam for the kids to grow up into something stronger and self-reliant.

  2. The humility is soo admirable , the honesty , the daily slog never dampens their spirit, yet we in the West are tortured by middle class spoilt brats with too much time on their hands telling us how discriminated against they are and how awful life is. Fu@k them.

  3. And so many consider “hardship” to be losing their internet connection or failure to get fake likes on social media posts. They’d never do physical labor like many of these folks either. Another good donation with this woman.

  4. Great videos Troy, and the great support to the Vietnamese People in VN. I applaude you for doing so. I think you shouldve first asked her to move safely further onto the side and off the road before you started the conversation.

  5. It’s funny, but great when you see people warm up to Troy after he presents them with money. For instance, when Troy started randomly talking to this lady, you can see from her demeanor she just wanted to be on her way, but when she saw the money, she stopped and started chatting with him like a buddy about where she’s from 🙂

  6. Some of these people you choose just seem so ungrateful with the money gifts. It’s like it’s just another average day of receiving a huge donation from rich people.

  7. Hugo and everyone thanks for donating to keep Troy in making videos of helping people. My high lite of the day is when i see another Troy video. Keep going Troy and for all your hard work.

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