AKIHABARA Tokyo| Is SOCIAL DISTANCING being used in Tokyo?

AKIHABARA Tokyo| Is SOCIAL DISTANCING being used in Tokyo?
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In this video…. let’s check out another tourist area and see how busy Akihabara really is and are they practicing Social distancing? With the “State of Emergency” applied to Tokyo, are Japanese doing what is asked of the Government? Are businesses closed? Let’s find out!

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  1. Thanks for these Tokyo walkabouts, gives us a taste of Tokyo whilst we’re trapped in Europe, until the day all this shite is over and done with, and we can make it safely back to Japan – first port of call will be the HUB for a plate of fish and chips and a Guinness.

  2. Maybe more night walks to ensure fewer people fella? Please keep Hiromi, Chibi dog and yourself safe. Hokkaido declared soe again?
    Keep up the good work but remember that your health is more important to the community.
    In answer to your question about lockdown, in the UK we can go out for essential shopping, 1hr of exercise a day (but not travel to exercise) or if you are a keyworker travelling to work. Parks are closed, fast food places and restaurants are closed, most small businesses are closed, betting shops are closed, all sporting events are cancelled, police are enforcing breaking up groups and we’re still getting about 500-1000 new deaths every day now.

  3. Thanks for the update,Drew! At least,some of the places are closed,etc.
    Finally made it to my days off after work today.Hope to catch a livestream with you ( and maybe hiromi?). Hope your puppy is feeling better by now,too.

  4. Many people are walking on street ! Amazing ! But the government don’t like see people walking around ? This virus, I heard, may last another year and haft to two years ? I hope NOT! Then you kiss the Olympic goodbye….anghaa….😷😱

  5. i have some suggested topics, for stay at home vlogs

    Golden Week what is the government going to do? shut the railways, close the roads.?.
    please explain the governing structure of tokyo. 22 special wards? what is the duty of the wards? do they receive propery taxes? what is the job of the governor of tokyo?

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