Afternoon Walk Around

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  1. I watch your show all the time, you complain too much on how you’re paying them. Realistically your complaining because you had to pay them 50 cents each for four hours to clean them pits out? I really like your show but you are starting to complain about everything. Slow down my friend and take in all the goodness around you. I’m a prisoner of the united states. I can’t escape like you did. I listen to your show, wishing I had the opportunity to do what you are doing. I usually don’t complain but listening to you complain is making me complain too you about all your complaining. My happy place is disappearing every complaint you have. Sorry bud, truth is truth

  2. You will need a farm manager to over see the farm. With everything you have your hands in you have to chose what job you do. The one you are doing now or manage your farm.

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