Advice to Filipinas; Dating Foreigners, Part 3 of 3

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  1. Sorry for the late reply but, yes.. by all means. I only ask that you include a link back to the videos here. (go to the main channel page for the link). I want Filipinas to understand that not all foreigners are good guys and that they need not put up with abusive behavior, from anyone.

    1. Reekay thank you also for your videos. Been listening to you for a couple of years and have found all you say is true. I was involved with a beautiful Filipino lady who was very sweet but I never could quite understand her. I sent her $200 each month for two years and then she had the nerve to ask for $500 for something she had to do. That is when I woke up. Dropped her sweetness and all. I am thru with the beauty contest. I just retired and plan to move to the Philippines. Thinking about Cebu rather than Makati. Met a nice lady there online.

  2. I can only speak for Western Europe, but here in the Netherlands marriage has become an aftermath. For instance, in two weeks time I’m going to a friends wedding in Spain. They’ve been together for 7 years and have two children. My generation and I’m in my 40ties, only think of marriage when the relationship has settled down. Here no woman in her right mind would ask a guy to marry her after a couple of dates.

  3. I’ve seen that with a friend in California. They were together for 8 years, living in same home, had some kids and then decided to make it legit on paper. Studies for the USA show though that there is a higher divorce rate among those who live-together first compared to those who don’t for some reason. Maybe a change in mentality once that back-door is closed. (?) But here in the PH, marriage is on the table for discussion by the 2nd date.

  4. Thanks for the good words. I am always so glad to hear of happy couples, gives me hope for when I eventually decide to marry. Drop me a line if you and the wife ever decide to visit Bohol. Meanwhile, any Facebook shares are much appreciated for the series. 🙂

  5. To all Pinays looking to date foreigners, see this 3 video set before AND during the dating period, and most importantly put the suggestions into practice.

  6. hello sir! may i ask you about chatting a foreigner?.. is it normal that 
    they talk about sex? or being naked in front of a cam?.. coz i just noticed it…and  for me it finds disrespect..thats why until now i  haven’t find my match yet…thank you.

    1. I am using dating app almost 2 years! i chat a guy from australia , i think we like each other, he said i’ll wait 7 months, after 1 month , chatting i feel I was “really” in love with him, I said he came here Philippines (to find out if he was serious about me), he called me a scammer and I never ask for money or material and he didn’t give me any money. …🤫
      I was even more hurt because he said that pinay scam !?🥵
      And all pinay is scammer🤒
      Even no money intervened..:-(😥
      i notice too,they very horny, not good also, some of them just want @fun,meaning they ask @something i can’t do it and @cam..i’m not crazy OMG…😒🙄
      When they want to play,meaning have @FUN, I also play their games I say when you ask for nudes I ask for money ..😂😂using dating app for almost 2 year can’t still find a good one sometimes i wonder if normal for foreigner asking nudes …?

    2. Coming from another man as well, Everything Reekaay says is true. If a man brings up sex or asks you to show him things on the camera, stop talking to him. He is after only one thing. And he is not an honorable man. Like Reekaay said, he is not worthy of you.

  7. Love your advice Reekey!!! Good show too.  I’ve been looking at going there with a friend cause both our relationships have been on the rocks so we wanted to have some fun before the age of 50.

  8. I love most of your advice because you try and appeal to common sense in most of your comments. Sometimes you make me laugh though! I have a Fiance that on meeting her on Tagged we chatted for about 2 months before we met in person. She is Beautiful has a masters degree and is sexy as hell. I had a strong feeling she was what I had been looking for a long time even before we met in person. Maybe I think like a Filipino but I only date one woman at a time, if things don’t work out after a reasonable effort then and only then do I move on. I am 54 and she is 33 with no children 🙂 I already knew the basics on Philipina dating, culture and family structure.   I am Retired U.S. Navy and I had been stationed in the Philippines for 2 years in the early 1980’s. I thought your comments on this subject were spot on 🙂 Yes she put me through the jealousy phase ( she wanted only me talking with her which is not a problem to me as I have said ) On meeting in person she was quick to want to take the relationship straight to intimacy ( also ok with me ) The one Major Difference from what you have said though is she has so far kept me from meeting her family, I think this is a “Face” saving move so if I were to turn out to be a ” Good Time Charlie” her family wouldn’t know about it. I did propose Marriage to her right before I returned to the U.S. Now I am back in the U.S. paying My Bills off. when that is done in 6 months I will go back over and spend a month with her. At that time she says I will get to meet all her extended family ( Because then she will know I am for Real ) She hasn’t said that but all the signs are there, I will then return to the U.S. So I can bring her over on a K-1 Fiance Visa. There are probably more Kind Hearted and Beautiful Woman in the Philippines then any other country I’ve been to ( Yes I’ve been to Thailand as well ) so if you are looking for a GOOD Woman you’ve come to the right place. Good Luck Everyone 🙂

  9. Just wanted to say that I have tried to assure my girl of my intentions by 1/ sending pic of my Passport and Divorce docs, 2/ exchanging PDF docs confirming flights and hotels… and she actually paid her own return fare to Manila to meet me at the Airport and for the hotel at our arrival city… I am confident things are going right 🙂

  10. I watched many of your vidz before I moved to the Phils and I was quite intrigued and very curious about how life would be  once I got here. I’ve now been in Lapu Lapu for a little over 2 months, and I’ve had MANY dates and 2 women that I have taken seriously. EVERYTHING you’ve said in your vidz has been true in my experience – I can’t help but laugh. I noticed many Filipinas rush to sleep with you and then become convinced that you are in an exclusive relationship with them. Even when you are COMPLETELY honest about your intentions and you tell them not to rush things, some of them will simply refuse to listen to what you say. They often have an overly romantic view of how relationships work and insist on exclusivity. DATING is not in their vocabulary – many simply just don’t get it. That is why many Filipinas are single moms. Stop dropping your panties so quickly ladies. Get to know the man, he will respect you more. Also stop having lofty expectations. If you were going to buy a house, would you buy the first one you see? You would probably want to look at several houses before you invest. Give the man some time to decide and give yourself time to decide. If you rush, you are only reducing your chances of keeping him. Please listen carefully to the man in the video, you might learn something.

    1. i dont rush anything on my view its just that maybe not lucky as of the moment, not all women here drop their panties at first, second third and so on some would find something more than that!maybe those ladies targeting something from that man. but you know in my experience most white love to just play around their not really serious maybe thats how disadvantage of dating

  11. The videos are very helpful to me as I’m planning to move back to the Philippines within th next 3 to 4 years for good & live out my life back in the Philippines. Most likely being that I’m a widower that was married 31 years to a wonderful Filipina woman. I will seek a Filipina that is about 3 to 14 years younger
    than me that are widowed, never married that is stable.

  12. I love the way you describe how a relationship works on Skype.  It allows you to get inside the mind of someone for sure.  However to know if there is real chemistry and to validate the person is being honest, nothing replaces meeting in person.  Thanks for your videos!

  13. I started talking to foreign men when I was 19 just to enhance my communication with my work. Nothing else. However, there are reasons why I prefer foreigner than the locals.
    I’m very wise when talking and agreeing a date with a foreigner. I’d say, I just dont jump right away and just filter those who are just playing around and those who are serious. It is really hard at first but you’ll learn in the long run. Anyway, these are great advice. 🙂

  14. This series was excellent. The only thing I would include is this: Men need to set up multiple dates when going to the Philippines because there is a good chance somebody will stand him up.

  15. Women need to have a realistic view on what life is like in the West too. Some Filipinas think that they can move back to the States with a guy right away, have a couple of kids, stay home and take care of the kids, and the husband will still have leftover cash to send to the in-laws. Pitching this dream to a foreigner is a sure-fire way to scare him off.

  16. Thanks for really honest and professional advice I recommend one off my Filipino friend , she really find very helpful .Thanks for you great job big fun of your videos

  17. You are talking about desperate retirees. You seem to be missing true adult compatibility for those who aren’t in that old and done category.

  18. There no rule that says you can’t fall in love on Skype it takes time .True the first real test living together face to face, yet a couple can hide things from each other living together or on skype every couple is different . If she tells you every day on skype i love you maybe true maybe not. sometime you have to give her benefit of doubt. If you question her love you might as well quit not all women are liars nor men. I think couples can be exclusive on Skype why not she get a cake that says happy anniversary 1 year today she thinks were exclusive. Some expat say don’t send her money tell you meet in person as a general rule that true . But that not allways true she poor with a 12 yr old daughter every couple is different. If you think you love her she think she love you she worth that risk to sponser. My case more then communication it building a relationship on skype when i meet her i know her much better not all men are dogs or women scammers.. I do believe something you said love is a choise it a good start a year and a half on skype much better than going in blind. Most American men dont jump into a marriage if you been married before, they dont date around 3 or 4 women ether unless you 25 yrs old . If your over 50 your not F#$% 3 or 4 girls at a time as a general rule that dont happen in the states. maybe in Philippines but not the states.

  19. thank you very much for your infos now i knew how western men think in dating, here is very different, when courtship occur the man should not dating other girls because hes only eyes on that lady because they are in courship until the girl said yes. Our culture are very different, thats why maybe struggle so much to find white guy, men here are maybe somehow the same with you in terms of cheating.

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