Advice to Filipinas; Dating Foreigners, Part 2 of 3

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  1. Total of 11 months.. 8 months on Mactan and 3 months here on Bohol. Still loving it. I just went to Alona Beach (again) two days ago.. I can’t wait to go again. I love it there, and only 30 minutes from my house. So much still to explore here.

  2. You are making the classic mistake.. thinking that the ‘communication’ you have with her online counts as a ‘relationship’. You haven’t even seen her in person yet. She doesn’t owe you anything. If you helped her, it should be from the kindness to give. If you think giving her money means she owes you sex.. then you’re just fancying up the process of hiring a hooker.

  3. well that’s your opinion sir. She be dead had I not taken her to the dr and the dentist. It’s not fair she gets all the benifits of a wife but what do I get in return? I helped her family. If she don’t want to make love to me I know another filipina that wants me and I haven’t given her a cent. I don’t need to marry her. She needs to get married or she will live in severe poverty for the rest of her life.

  4. She is the 1 that wants me to marry her so I asked her to marry me. She accepted. It is not my fault she is slow with her paper work. If she is serious about me we better make love or I will find another woman. I will just go to the clubs after she goes home with her family. I will find a woman who is willing to romance me and show me a good time. I probably will have several women wanting my attention.

  5. after thinking about it sure you are right. If she does not file her passport in July and have it in her hand by August I will just end the online relationship and not give her anymore of my money and If she lives a poor hard life It’s her fault not mine. I will be through with her!

  6. Fair? You’re actually saying, “It’s not fair..”?? Fair is when you’re making a business exchange. Sounds to me like you weren’t helping her out of kindness.. you were hoping to buy her sex with favors. This is what I mean, classic mistake; buying sex. No wonder you feel you’re getting the short end of the stick.. you’re barely now seeing that she doesn’t owe you anything. Not sex, nothing. Hope you learned your lesson. If you’re gonna help someone, help them and leave it at that.

  7. If you’re already thinking like that.. don’t get married. Just stay single and save her a lot of grief. Then you can screw everything in sight. But don’t do it while married, that’s just lame.

  8. I am a direct honest person. I never lied to her before. I just tell her stop wasting my time. I just go on my own If she don’t want to show me love and affection. I have 4 Pinas after me so I can be picky

  9. You know what they say you could have 2 jurors seeing the same evidence and come up with the same conclusions. I was 100% honest with her from day 1 and told her what I wanted If she didn’t like what I was offering she should pick someone else sir. I also don’t owe her anything I could be mean and not help her at all and let her starve but I didn’t I didn’t have to help her. I chose to If she don’t file her passport soon. I am going to have to let her go. She knew what I was looking for.

  10. I bet you there would be 1000s of Americans who would agree with me that I am being cheated If she does not file her passport. She gave me her word. She is the 1 always saying how Catholic and Christian she is. She needs to keep her word. She keeps her word to her friends and family and not to a man she wants to marry? How is this Christian. I always tell women what I am about. I feel no shame in what I am doing. I told her straight up who I was. If she don’t like me I will find someone else.

  11. I am on a dating site. She knows what men are there doing. No man on a dating site is gonna expect giving money to a girl for her passport and not get anything in return. Men on dating sites are looking for women who will follow through with their paper work and get things done not make excuses why they don’t do something. It be different If i would have met her on the street and she fell and i helped her up. This is a situation for kindness. I don’t have time for liars and playgirls.

  12. I think you would feel different If this was your situation. You are on a dating site. You gave her money for her passport ect… She promises you that she will file for her passport. She then lies to you and spend money on shoes and clothes and make up and deceives you making you think she is true to you and wants to marry you in the States but goes on a shopping spree with your money. You can’t honestly tell me you would be happy that you were lied to. If this were to happen to you.

  13. Any experienced Expat will look at your situation and tell you the same thing I’m telling you; “Don’t send money to a Filipina you’ve never met.” You can blame her all you want.. but sending her money was your decision, your mistake. And if you get burned, you only have yourself to blame for not taking it slow. You don’t know and can’t trust someone you haven’t spent time with in person. But you did, and that’s your mistake. You should have known better or listened to expats who know.

  14. Like I said in your other, equal post; the mistake is yours, own it. You don’t send money to a total stranger who lives 1,000s of miles away. You should have listened to me and other expats who could have warned you of this situation. If you got conned here, it’s because you should have known better. Take responsibility for your own hastiness to ‘buy’ a Filipina with money.

  15. I’ve been on Filipina dating sites, but I didn’t do what you did. I waited until I was living here. You are 1,000s of miles away. I met with the Filipinas often that same day or same week.. in PERSON and figured out what’s what. You didn’t. And I don’t go handing out money for sex. Cab fare and dinner is about it. You gave hundreds of dollars online and now you want to whine about it? If you got played, it’s because of how you handled this.

  16. True that; I will find someone else soon If it don’t work out. I have health problems I can’t just travel to Philippines like you and yes P.S I agree with you. I should be nice to her and kind hearted. The Golden Rule. I treat her the way I want to be treated. I am a nice man. I would never hit a woman. I certainly would not hit a woman I say I care for and was thinking about marrying. Jesus is watching and hopefully when i meet my maker he will say young man You are a good man welcome home.

  17. Yeap, Too few want to take responsibility for their contribution. Its okay to screw up. We all do it. But when your wrong own up to it or suffer over and over the same missed steps. Filipinos are not the easiest to understand either. They see right and wrong so much differently. That being said both sides can easily misunderstand what meanings are being sent out. Good Luck and dont be to full of yourself. Not you Henry but those reading this.

  18. If a guy is planning to stay in the PH for less than 3 weeks, finding a wife should not even be on his list while here. Knowing a person takes time. There’s no way around that. Guys who are in a rush will only end up rolling the dice (and sometimes getting a good girl).. or will grab the quick, low-hanging fruit and end up with a sour taste after it’s all said and done.

  19. I’d say it’s hard to get any ‘real’ figures on a statistic such as how many are coming for sex. Personally, I’d say that 100% are coming here for sex. Sex drives a lot of decisions, including marriage. The only empirical data one could look at is how many expats visit here by year and then compare that to how many either get a K1 Visa or get married here in the PH. Then you’d have some solid percentages to work with.

  20. Every filipina should watch these three videos. Great advice. Compared to western women, most filipinas are naive and innocent of the motives of foreign men.

  21. Great advice! i myself have a filippina wife so for me i wasn’t looking to score, i wanted a loving caring woman witch is what i have. but this guy is so right on point and this advise could be for all ladies not just filippinas

  22. very well said..but i think this must not only apply specifically to Filipinas…now that you are living in the Philippines you must also love and embrace Filipino cultures…

  23. Yes, is very true. I’ve done some videos about the importance of joining the Filipina’s duty to support her parents. It is an important cultural and humanitarian portion of having a mixed marriage.

  24. I seriously needed to watch this.I’m moving to P.I. next year so need all the sound advice I can get.Thank you for posting these.I will watch all your video’s.I was in Philippines about 5 years ago,dated a Filipina gal and she took me to see her whole family after 5 days! I was NOT comfortable with it at all.It scared me away.It’s good for us men to know what the culture is in the Philippines.I’m a straight shooter and don’t play games but I don’t like to be pushed as do most American men.Now I understand where the Filipina woman are coming from a bit.

    1. at least u know that what clashes culture sometimes, here in the philippines mostly men try to ajust to women specially their families, some old tradition you know

    2. Glad to be of help.  I have other videos in the channel directed towards what expats should expect in the PH.  Just go to the main channel page for a list.  🙂

  25. I was married 31 years to a wonderful Filipina from Cavite City, we met in 1975 when I was in the Navy
    on my first Westpac deployment. We married 4 years later, we were married 4/5/1979 to 3/6/2010. My
    Wife passed away 3/6/2010. Being that I’m a widower, I will only date Filipina women & only want to
    Date Filipina women, I’m 61, the age range of Filipina women I will date range from age 47 to 58.

  26. This is not the case in Europe. In general I would say that within a month of regular dating the couple would become ‘A couple’ or it would fizzle out unless a mutual agreement was agreed that they would remain ‘friends’ and hook up once in a while.

  27. Sounds like some of these women youre saying Henry could be those who live below poverty line, do you agree tho?! Because if a girl has a decent job and earns really good, i dont think shed be tht clingy to you guys financially. Although we got to admit, It’s a hard world and some really cling onto doing these things but a woman with self respect or dignity, will never ever ask or force her bf to give her money or support her family. That surely will give you a hint of what shes really after at. 🙂

  28. Hi I like your article about how to marry philippine lady over 30 and
    My question is what’s the best site to meet lady over 30
    I will appreciate your help

  29. Another advice for pinays who want a foreigner, do not bombard him with concern or compliments before knowing him or ask him when he will come to the Philippines before chatting with him for more then 1-3 months and for the love of god do not advertise yourself when meeting him online for the first time “Hello my name is……..and I live in……and I work with………and I like…….” so on and so forth. I encountered a walang hiya like that back in 2013 and she went for the big introduction with graduating from nursing school and that she lived in Lanao del Norte, and then she asked me if I had been to the Philippines and if I had any plans to come to the Philippines and when I would come to the Philippines. And after I had been naive enough to tell her that I had picked up sever cold during my vacation about 2 weeks earlier and I now wondered if it would be safe for me to work out with the annoying dry cough I had developed because of it, she started to bombard me with concern about my health. She behaved like she was my girlfriend for about 2 weeks, before she left with the exscuse that she was busy with her nursing studies and volunteer in Bacolod and Tacloban after Yolanda. I was devstated at first, but after a while I decided to move on and find someone new, but then I found her on the same website where we had met. And all of the sudden all of these red flags that I hadn’t noticed before due to my love struck state, needing to know when I would come to the Philippines, the concern and the compliments as well as hardly asking me about anything about myself or even telling anything about herself, all of the reasons for not being able to Skype or being unable to keep her webcamera on when we skyped. I could reveal all of the things I found out on Facebook and when checking out those few things she had told me about her home town, but I fear that would be done by midnight. So paalam.

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