Advice To Filipinas; “Be A Proud Filipina”, Part 2 of 2

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  1. its good that you have a very open mind bro…my wife is a Filipina and sometime I make fun of her accent because it sounds funny lol

  2. iam married to a swiss and find it funny,too how he speak english,swiss english accent,and he and my children laugh also about my grammar when i speak swiss german….well nobody is perfect.. btw are you now somewhere in visayas region?

  3. That is great to hear that your family can enjoy the various accents as part of daily life. 🙂 As for me, I am living on Bohol out in the province and I love it here!

  4. There are some words that I especially love to hear spoken here.. I just love the accent. I think the only other accents I’ve really enjoyed have been Spanish, Japanese and Irish accents. I used to stay up late in the States so I could watch the Korean soap operas (which were not in English).. just so I could enjoy the accents.. and the drama. 🙂 Just remember she’s doing her best.

  5. Right on Bro! Great advice to the Filipinas – we don’t come here looking for American clones! I find their accent LOVELY!!! You are really providing loads of good advice. Take care and keep the videos coming. I find them so very entertaining and informative.

  6. oh ..yeh…never get tired listening to the softly spoken filipina accent ..just delightful…..Even if they sometimes mix up.. past .. present ..future tense ….as my gf says..” I USED to like to sing .” { she still does }..

  7. Yes.. I remember going to Disneyland with a Filipina who had come to visit me in the States (reverse situation, ha!).. and when we came to the “It’s A Small World” ride she said she wanted to ride the, “It’s Not Such A Big World” ride. 😀 Stuff like that just brightens my day all the time. I love it.

  8. I think part of the enduring allure in a Fil-Am relationship is that over the course of a long-term relationship.. we’re constantly re-discovering new things about the Filipina’s personality, culture, thinking. Makes it a pretty wonderful adventure. 🙂

  9. Nice video! Well this has to be posted on social networking sites so as to spread the word, to know the reality! I remember my younger days I only like mestiza girls. But now I’m getting of appreciate girls with brownish skin! Think they’re HOT!! haha.

  10. Yah.. I love the Asian/Latin blend, I think it’s so seductive a mix. I’ve seen some really hot, tall, pale South Korean girls at the clubs.. don’t get me wrong, they’re hot too. But these tanned, Asian Filipinas are where it’s at for me. 🙂

  11. Yes, I’m hoping the Filipinas on Facebook will begin to circulate it. They don’t need to labor under looking like a Barbie doll to get our attention. They are SO incredibly beautiful without that white powder stuff. Natural with just a small touch of make-up is amazing on them.

  12. I went out with a Filipina two nights ago for an evening of dancing and she brought two of her cutey friends with her. One had the whole white foundation going and I could easily tell she’d be SO much prettier without it. My date doesn’t use that stuff and I think she’s just amazing. I often find myself just lost gazing into her eyes. 🙂

  13. I sent my Phil. gf a few bucks to get a little sumfin’ for herself; she spent it on English language classes and posted the school’s blurb…
    In reading said blurb, I noticed that “Accent Neutralization” was one of their main aims… Sounded like sterilizing a troublesome bacteria…

  14. I agree, I like the natural look and love their accent but they do get jealous or ashamed if they see a Filipina with perfect English. I Filipina nurse I know here in Az speaks perfect English, she says she is faking it, haha. But , in the Philippines now days and the future it is hard to get a good job even with college unless English is pretty well spoken. English is the universal language all over the world. Many kids there learn only English today.

  15. This is absolutely true! And I am a proud filipina who speaks 4 languages ,tagalog,pampango,English and Hebrew!👍..and I have dark hair ,olive skin and dark eyes a true filipina.😊

  16. English with an accent is fine. Having enough vocabulary is more important, being able to understand words spoken in a conversation. Basically if travelers would know: there are no scams and they speak English, that would be the 1 development plan for a country cause such a country would sky-rocket.

  17. This video reminded me of one experience I had in China.  I was in a dinner with some foreign teachers, (a Canadian, an Australian, couple of Americans, a Brit, several Chinese teachers and myself – I was the only Filipino in our city.)    We were chatting while waiting for our food to come, when one of the white guys (white guys = foreigners/ westerners), asked me, “Where are you from?”  I said smiling, “I’m from the Philippines.”   “Oh really?  I’ve never met any Filipina before… and you have a sort of Mexican accent.”  the answer came back.  “Hmmm Are Mexican women short? brown skinned? skinny?”  I wondered.  No way this man has mistaken me for a Mexican lady – not to mention my hair was very short like of a boy, and was dyed with rusty-orange color, ugh!  (Hairdying was a requirement then in our company.)    Anyway, I don’t know how Mexican women sound and I have not met any Mexican then, so I have no idea how they sound when they speak.  I smiled and nodded my head, thinking to myself, “Hmmm, I sound like a Mexican.”  The funny thing  that happened next was when  a male friend of mine, who’s a British teacher, nudge my side and said:  “Ahh don’t believe him.  Your English is perfect – your English sound good… not a Mexican at all.”  I looked at my friend, I didn’t know what to say.  My Brit friend was worried that I am offended, and he was kind of trying to comfort me.  So, smiling I replied, “Okay. Thanks.”   That was in 2005.  When I first came back here in Ph from  Shanghai in 2011, I sounded different, as I have acquired a nice, beautiful, neutral accent while teaching  abroad.   However, if you will listen to me now,  though I sound better now than in 2004 (first time I was out of the Philippines), I’m sure I sound like a real Filipino again.  And yes, I am proud of my sound – my accent – the Filipino-English sound with a very slight hint of a Mexican.  ^_^

    1. +Russ E – I think they understand that we like them as they are, but they still want to see themselves as their version of what they want to be. Whiter.

  18. Just a quick thankyou for making such a helpful series of videos; appreciated.

    I’ve just spent a couple of weeks with my Filipina girlfriend after exchanging daily emails for the past three months, which enabled us to learn about each other in considerable depth before we met.


  19. That’s so true henry,I fell in love with that accent its so adorable,and all the other things that go with it the eyes is a big one for me to,the skin,the hair,the culture,all of it,thanks nice video as always 🙂

  20. hello henry iam from south texas meet my girlfriend online I recently got married iam very happy with her I meet her family also next time I go to see her in biliran lie to stay longer than 3o days on my passport how can extend my visit there. thans henry god bless

    1. @joe balli when you arrive, be sure to visit any immigration office within 29 days and apply for a Visa Extension of 2 more months.  cost is roughly $80.  also have your round-trip ticket itinerary to show just before you plan to board your flight into the PH.

  21. brilliant, not only are you advising us foreigners ,,but also the Filipino ladies who we love exactly  as they are ,because they are different and very appealing  and even their insecurities is attractive to me and there accents is number one for me

  22. Hello Reekay,  While I am not really interested in moving to the Philippines, I find your videos insightful.  My preference at this time is to move to Thailand.  I am educating myself with many different outlooks on life in third world countries.  Many concerns are not limited to just one country.  There is quite a bit of everlap in the needs of people from these countries.  My outlook will be very important no matter which location I choose to go to.   My basic feeling is, how could I expect to affect hundreds or thousands of people in a new country.  It is much easier to learn from those hunderds or thousands of people.

    Much of what you have to say, to me, is just common sense.   Which ofter seem to be in short supply everywhere.   Most of the questions I hear you receive, and other people presenting videos, appear to be from rather immature people, with not much real world experience.  Which is understandable if they are young.  But it doesn’t take much common sense not to marry someone youv’e known, personally, for 3 weeks.   Come on people.

    So, thanks again for the work you put into your work on YouTube.

  23. I’m certainly proud to be a Filipina. Despite having experienced being belittled and insulted by some foreigners (men and women) who chose to judge me wrongly, I am not shattered; afterall, those who dared were beneath me and had been put in their place. 🙂 Thanks for expressing your views about this matter.

    1. @Jo Pascasio I hope you gave it right back to those foreigners who insulted you. They are guests in your country and should behave in a way that will make them and their country look good, not criticize or berate their hosts. I felt so welcomed and accepted in your beautiful country. There is no compliment greater than a Filipino man or woman telling me “come back soon”. Nice to know you are a proud Filipina. Mabuhay!

  24. About not saying anything does that go for chatting as well I have chatted with filipinas that have just been sitting silent by the computer not dropping a single line

    1. +Sendra Lisson that’s usually a sign they have several chat windows open, talking to a few guys at once. they will only respond to the ones that send a message.. get distracted by those and forget about the silent chat windows.

  25. Hi Reekay, I’m Robert from New York! Just came from visiting a Filipina in Dasmarinas, Cavite this past April! I want to commend you for the home run hit with this video. Yes I agree Filipinas ought to celebrate who they are and not change themselves. One of the attractions I have of Filipinas is their natural and wholesome appearance. With the over indulgence of cosmetics and plastic surgery here in the States by women, it was refreshing upon my arrival in the Philippines to see natural looking women with a very pleasant demeanor. Thanks a million for all your video posts about the Philippines and the people. You are one of the reasons I was enchanted by this beautiful nation. Given all the trash that pollutes so much of Youtube and the internet, it’s refreshing to view the overall positive and informative video posted by you. Thanks for the videos and keep up the good work! I look forward to you next videos. Salamat Po!

  26. Reekay,that was a wonderful segment about Filipina Women. Everything you said I agree with completely. I appreciate the Filipino culture and the Filipina Women.

  27. I really enjoy watching your video and I like those advices .I encounter the same situation,I come to the point that,I apologize with my broken english.And i really agree that if a man really like you and wants to fall in love you will help you at the same time,he can correct you how is the proper way .And the man I am dating right now he did it the same.He always says that, i dont need to apologize it,because it nice to hear those filipino accent.And he loves to listen the filipino accent.Just be yourself.And proud that i am filipina.

  28. Nice to find exotic women who are attractive and a little mysterious. But not so exotic so you don’t have a good connection. I like the accent also. Maybe there is a forbidden fruit aspect to it – like you are getting away with something…. like tasting the forbidden fruit.

  29. My advise to all Filipinas is never let any men feel they’re important than you are even if they have more education or job especially if they don’t have either .

  30. Yes , Don’t expect Filipinos to speak fluent or perfect English because it’s not our national language .
    Filipinos speak Taglish and broken Spanish.

  31. Asian women or typical height of Filipinas is between 5′ to 5’2 tall and have petite body frame .
    When it comes to education , Filipinas who were living in National Capital Regions were mostly educated because it’s the center of
    colleges and universities
    Weren’t white either black were Morena or molato.

  32. But if course, there were many educated Filipinos living in city provinces . Filipinos are now globally competitive . We’ve gone so far . I hope we won’t be tagged as 3rd world country. There were many poor and homeless people around the globe and not only in the Philippines.

  33. If Caucasians want to be fancy , extravagant and get the value of their money when it comes to services like in hotel, restaurants , medications , amusements etc go and stay in Makati , Manila , Taguig , Alabang etc.

  34. i am fortunate. my wife is strong outgoing woman. she is not shy to me. she does not tampo me. she will not go to sleep without a smile. she is simply a person living on this planet with the man she trusts and enjoys. life is good!

  35. But some foreigner expats here judgmental😂..😔
    Tht’s why i want to speack english like american girl🤦🏽‍♂️😂

    As a filipina i am concious my english,🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️when we don’t know wht to say to foreigner we always smile😂

    Smile,smile atleast we can speack and we try even we strunggle🙏..

    I hope my english is good..

  36. I don’t care about my GFs accent. In fact, I like the accent of English speaking people from all over the world. I only correct her when she kills a word & that is only to help her not criticize. She definitely knows more slang & American sayings than the average Filipino. A few of the reasons I want her to speak good English are; we may visit the US, usually, Filipinos with better jobs speak good English & it helps her communicate with the stupid American (me).
    She said something just the other night that I laughed so hard I was crying. The Wi-Fi here is terrible & we were watching a U-Tub vlog that she really likes & every 5 seconds it would freeze. She doesn’t like to show anger but, I could tell she was irritated I was ranting & raving about it but, she remained quiet. Then out of nowhere, she said BULL SH#t Wi-Fi. I lost it.
    I love it when she makes me laugh like that. I am one of those people who smiles a lot. Some people ack like it would crack there face if they smiled. Another great vlog.

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