Advice To Filipinas; “Be A Proud Filipina”, Part 1 of 2

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  1. Very true….The problem is mainstream media and TV which projects white skin as high class..This issue is in all Asian countries.

    I have not seen too many westerners in Asia with a white skin Asian women, They all prefer, short, tan, olive skin Asians girls. However, Asian men, Filipinos prefer white skin girls.

  2. It’s kinda ironic, really. In the US, getting a tan means you have the luxury of free time to hang out at the pool or beach and get some olive tan action going. But out here in Asia.. having darker skin is related to having to work outdoors. In the US, some girls are so white they’re practically transparent.. not attractive to me. ha!

  3. I agree about the whitening products and the obsession to have a lighter skin but it’s not like we want to be white it’s a cultural thing not only in the Philippines but in the other parts of the world cause you know it’s a kind of a status symbol for the most. When you have a dark skin you are considered poor/farmer and if you have a lighter skin you’re considered a maharlika/rich back in the days here.

  4. And most of the princesses here before are locked up their whole life just to stay white and also they can’t interact with men except from their father and other family member. The only man they could see/meet is their husband. And that’s the answer why filipinas are obsessed having a white skin.

  5. Yes.. and in the States we have tanning lotions, tanning salons and ‘spray tan’ booths so people can give the impression they are ‘rich’.. as if they have time to tan out on the beach. In the States, being really white means you’re stuck in an office all day, never out in the sun doing fun things. Strange. ha!

  6. Dr. Seuss had a story about a town where this visitor made lots of money by giving people ways to “be special”. Either a tattoo or whatever. But soon as everyone did it, it wasn’t special anymore. So he’d make up something else.. and make more money. He did this over and over until finally the only way to be ‘cool’ was to be original.. the way they were before he got there. It’s my belief people should be confident as they are, not how some idea says they need to be. 🙂

  7. Yup. Definitely i agree with you sir but nowadays it’s hard to find some products without whitening ingredients XD

  8. These lotions can make serious broblems for your face! Don`t spoil the natural colour of your skin! We have seen whar happened to our friend and now she looks like Michael Jackson! Only difference is that SHE is still alive! Henry! You absolutelly is saying the truth and I hope every filipina can say after your lesson n:o 1…. “PROUD TO BE A FILIPINA!” Thanks for sharing!

  9. A Filipina friend of mine knows a girl who went to a salon for a facial treatment that was supposed to ‘lighten’.. instead did a chemical burn that fortunately wasn’t permanent. But it could have been much worse. Not everyone claiming to be able to whiten skin actually knows what they are doing so.. be beautiful as the Filipina you are!!

  10. white mestizo caucasian. new to our eyes wid brown or blonde hair. very unusual too. i just saw this foreign guy earlier with a blue eyes in front of me while riding a shuttle, its cute. white loks clean.

  11. Henry, I agree with virtually every comment you’ve said or written that I have heard or read so far.  I’ve lived in Cebu City for almost a year and now have a basis for a judgement.

    Glutathione (when injected) is somewhat effective in lightening  skin, but (like you) I am not seeking a white woman first and foremost.  Glutathione has many health benefits. 

    I hope we meet here in the Philippines some day.

  12. Filipina women don’t lighten their skin just to please white guys, it’s done to please wealthy men (White, Asian or whomever). This is a deep Asian cultural identity for women of higher social class, wealth and beauty to have light skin. And it’s done all over Asia, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam etc. You have to understand marriage in Asia is more about social status and money than love. And for a woman who wants to increase her family status by marrying a step or two up the food chain, she knows that she will have to conform to Asian beauty standards (thin features, light skin, rounder eyes etc). Dark skin is associated with lower class workers and poor people. This is one of the reasons Filipinas like to date (or just have children with) white men, because they know any children they have will be very light skinned and thus viewed as higher class and highly desirable to marry into money. 

    1. Hello Arrix.  I hope you are in a better mood when you see this, as your post sounded as if you have woken up in the wrong side of the bed.  Tho we are entitled to our opinion, I think your post is very biased.  You talked about Filipinas in general, that is not fair, as we are all different from one another.  

      I hate it when people generalize us.  We are all different.  The same way that not all people in your country speaks the way you do about other people.  Right? 

      I do agree with you in some degree about the trend in Asia on having whiter skin of women on HIGHER SOCIAL CLASS.   I’m sure the reasons are varied, but, sadly beauty is used to have a better life.  Is this not true in your own country?  Maybe it is.. maybe in small percentage…?  Just wondering. ^_^

      Anyway, I would like only to comment and give my opinion on a small part of your post.  

      You wrote:  “… Filipinas like to date (or just have children with) white men, because they know any children they have will be very light skinned and thus viewed as higher class and highly desirable to marry into money.” 

      I think you should say:  SOME Filipinas… BECAUSE:   NOT all Filipinas want to be with white men.  NOT all Filipinas want to have a child with white men.   NOT all Filipinas want to marry for money.  NOT all Filipinas are on the high society circle using their beauty to catch wealthy men.  So, I’m sorry to inform you that NOT many Filipinas do what you think they do. SOME…. yes, only some Filipinas.

      Some girls who are living in provinces, some from poor families, uneducated, simple minded, naive and maybe stupid, (as they believe white is beautiful) – only SOME.  Yes, some Filipinas entertain the idea to have a child with white men.  I think that is from the notion that white people are beautiful people  – with white skin and blue eyes. Simply because they are different from us, they are beautiful.

      I think that all started way back in the Spanish regime where the girls from high class society have whiter and softer skin. They are the most wanted ladies by the elite men during that time.  The poor ones are the slaves.  We grew up reading our Filipino textbooks (Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo) describing the beautiful Filpinas – the most sought-after ladies – the white skinned Filipinas from well off family and some half-bred Filipinas.  A cinderalla-like story (pretty, poor girl, swept off by a prince) was never hinted in our earlier books.  

       I still remember being called negra (means Black) when I was younger, and my friends comforted me with the odd saying here in Ph, – they would say to me:   Don’t mind them, “Black is beautiful.”  But they will end the statement with: “BUT the MOST is white.”  then  laugh. 

  13. So true!  I too was shocked when I saw the isles of whiting soap. A girl that was living with me asked me why I was using whiting soap. I had bought it by accident because the isles of whiting soap was so big I thought I was on the “Normal” soap isle. hahaha
    The only good thing about it is because they all want to be whiter they want a very white man (I am). I have always disliked my whiteness and will admit to using sunless tanning lotion in the past. So it was hard for me to believe the women there were serious when they asked me to get the pregnant because they wanted a whiter baby. hahaha I was single and could have taken advantage of that but didn’t because I have a little self respect. 😉

  14. My wife tricked my by being beaitufil  and sweet and concerned about me, and loving………and she is still that way………..tricky Filipina she is 😉

  15. My husband (Caucasian) loves me for being me. I’m dark, I’ve lightened up a little bit (naturally) since living in the US, I’m short with dark eyes and dark hair. I am proud of it. Coz here in the US, people want to be tan and pay a lot of money to have my color. 🙂

  16. Yup, right on Brother Henry!  Dudes are very visual by nature.  It’s how we’re “wired.”  As you also correctly stated, the dudes that can think with the big head will look a little deeper than exterior features.  These are also the guys who are less likely to be scammed.

    You are also correct about the whole Boob-Watch thing.  Most Canos do NOT like ghost-White chicks.  So much of Cano feminism is fake as a three-dollar bill, Pinays.  Be real and be yourself.  

    Many Canos these days view marriage as an outdated business “contract.”  We no longer see the need for it or what’s in it for us.  So as Henry said, many of us are NOT in the PH “wife-hunting,” and we certainly would never dream of taking you away from the PH by “importing” you.  FYI.   

  17. Thanks Henry for this video.  Let me just share my dark-skin story:   When I was a kid I was so dark and my childhood friends used to bully me by calling me NEGRA.  Then, I went to college and most of my friends are sort of white-skinned, so again, I was called the same name –  NEGRA.  So, I practically grew up being called by that name.  Time came that I could finally afford to buy whitening products,  and yes,  I spent a lot of money getting my skin whitened.  That made me very happy and my friends who have dark skin would even come to me for advise on how to have whiter skin (haha)   Then in 2004, I went to China to teach.  I considered myself fairly skinned then, but compared to Chinese ladies who are yellowish-white skinned, my color is relatively dark.  The kinda dark skinned Chinese are the ones who live in the countryside – the farmers!  So, yes, I wished  I have worked more on getting my skin whiter.  (haha) Anyways, we, Filipinos look like just any local Chinese from the countryside.  That’s the reason why our Chinese company required us Filipinos to dye our hair so we would look like “foreigners”  Hah!  I actually cried when they dyed my hair.  🙁  Going back to my dark skin story,  I have only come to terms with my dark skin, as I made friends with the expats (Americans, Canadians, Australians, British in particular) in Shanghai in 2009.  They told me how they love our  brown skin.   How the women in their countries would die to have our skin color. The reason why women sunbathe is for them to acquire the tan. “Stay as you are, your skin is beautiful.”  Hearing these words, over and over again from my “white” friends and admirers (haha) – one day I thought to myself – YES, my skin is beautiful!   ^_^   I have been back in Ph for 3 years now, and my acquired (or borrowed) fairly “whitish” color is all gone, and I’m still happy and feel beautiful with my dark brown skin.  ^_^  

  18. Hey you are 100% Filipino I was in Manila few weeks ago and the cab driver looks exactly like you.. I think there’s an island upnoth they have ur exact features

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Henry, that’s what I thought when I first watch one of your videos, thinking you were a Filipino balikbayan, home coming to retire. You do look like one of my uncles hehe. First impressions and assumptions can be misleading. However, your vlog is great , keep it up
      Henry !

    2. Lots of people here speak to me in Visayan, thinking I’m Filipino.  🙂   Others think I’m “chinoy”, half Chinese/Filipino.

  19. filipinas obsession for white skin stems from their “colonial mentality”…seeing the white as the superior 
    they are so insecure, when it comes to white women….they see white women as the most beautifil…that they can never compete with …just like they see white men as the epitome of success and ability …This low self esteem is in their  very  nature…Once I had a party full of filipino women and their American husbands…everyone was having fun until this gorgeous Russian  blond , blue eyed Marylin Monroe look alike showed up!…All filpinas  were jealous! scared to death…particularly fearful since their husbands were paying attention to this newcomer…
    there was a fight that ensued between one filipina woman and her husband ….and later  I was called over and over to not ever invite the Russian to our party ….She was by no means interested in anyone’s husband….She already had a boyfriend  whom she loved ….her boyfriend was not there at the party…. Filipinas hate their own noses and their wide faces …..they call it Piggy nose….

  20. Henry God bless you! Please keep telling the Filippa women the are gorgeous just way they are. I have talk to many that have low self esteem about their looks. They think they’re are unattractive, but that is far from the truth. Many like myself will never seek out a filipina for light skin and blue eyes. We are looking for the natural and Asian beauty. Please keep telling them. Ladies if you are reading this, please… please stop bleaching your skin. 1 it causes cancer, majority of the ingredients used in the product as the whitening agent is band in many other countries, and three the chemicals penatrates into the cellular level of organ tissue-which cause renal failure, sterilty, tumors, etc… etc…. do the research. The companies that are selling the product is profiting from your insecurity. They don’t give a dame about you. Also the levels of malnin in your olive skin protects you from the sun. The whiter the skin the less protection you have from ultra violent rays. So ladies love yourself, love your people, and love the natural you.

    1. Thank u. It’s hard for some of us to see our own beauty cuz the media brainwashed us that, what is beautiful is the European features. And aside from that older generations passed down their colonial mentality telling children how ugly their face is. Trust me with people like that surrounding you, good luck to your self esteem.

  21. Hi all,

    Average height for American white women is 5’5″ (165cm)
    Average height for Filipinas is 5’3 &1/2″(162cm)
    The above according to Wikipedia
    So you lovely Filipina ladies keep the platforms at 1 & 1/2″ in height and you will blend right in. 😉

    Henry add a new word to your vocabulary, substitute Petite for short. It is complimentary, not derogatory. Diminutive could work but seems a bit contrived.

    Generally speaking a women’s personal perception of her appearance is rated against these things in order of importance.
    1. How they compare to other women(This is number one and is probably 80% or more of a women’s concerns about her appearance. In other words how does she compare herself to the competition.)
    2. How they look to themselves
    3. How they look to men

    Want to try this out. The next time your lady asks you how she looks say this “You look so good every women in the place will be jealous or envious of you”. NOT “Everyman’s eye will be on you”. Generally this is taken for granted. It is the other women they want to be jealous not the fact that men will find her attractive.

    An easy solution for all concerned. Have 30~40 million white women immigrate to the Fils.
    Have an equal number of Filipinas immigrate to predominantly white countries.
    Oh wait, the airline and hotel businesses would strongly lobby against that.
    The whites in the tropics would tan and the darker skins would lighten in the lessoned exposure to sunlight. Problem solved.

    Take care,

  22. Hi all,

    Just had a memory flashback. One day as I was entering the SM mall in Cebu I saw an older woman(at least in her 60’s) with a distinctive, to me, Chinese cast to her features. I could not help but stare at her because she had covered her face with so much talc(baby powder) that it looked like she put it on with a trowel. I thought to myself how sad this was. Did she really think that people thought she was naturally as white as white paint?

    It was rather like a bald guy  with a really bad comb over, you know the thing I mean where they grow their hair real long on one side and comb it up and over their head to cover the baldness. I mean do they really think that people do not know they are bald? What’s with that anyway?

    Take care,

    1. @Fenix Rises when i speak privately with a filipina and point out that ‘whitening’ from the neck up looks strange when they go in the mall and the rest of their body is tan.. many of them never really let that sink in before.  they focused on what was in the mirror only.  🙂

  23. I love my skin color, dark or fair. I am a sun worshipper during my free time. 🙂 I love my country. I’ve been exploring my country lately, there are a lot of places to explore more and I am still saving for it.  I am proud that I was born here. I am a nature lover. 

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Hi Ricky, question for you. How would a blackjack man do with the women there. I am a black American looking for a life outside the USA. I have been to Thailand several times, watching your videos has made me think maybe the Philippines maybe a good choice for me. Are there any black people there? The skin lightening thing seems to world wide, they even do it in Africa. Love your videos, keep up the good work!

    2. Oh well a filipina from Japan said that it was her first time to meet someone like me. Few people were convincing me to live in other countries because they said life is better in other  countries. I told them I just wanna visit other countries, travel around the world but I will still choose my country. There is no place like my home Philippines.  🙂 #veryproudfilipina

  24. Proud to be Pinoy…and for the pinays out there that wants to whiten their skin,  if it makes you happy then go for it.. same goes with the white females that wants to tan their skin.. 🙂

  25. My late wife was the darkest daughter in her family, I’m most attracted to Filipina women, my late wife was
    from Cavite City, we were married 31 years. I’m in the process of downsizing, selling off possessions before I move back to the Philippines for good & live out my life there.

  26. I tell My fiancé her skin looks like ” Brown Sugar ” to me. She is a light skinned Filipina and yes like most, does what she can to keep her skin light brown. I think you misunderstand why Filipina women like lighter colored skin. It isn’t them trying so much to look like westerners as much as they are taught that high class or successful people work indoors were there skin gets less sun. Poor or less successful people labor outside and get dark in the sun. Skin color is also culturally based on where in the Philippines she comes from.. As far as Short women in High Heels I agree you are not fooling a man into thinking you are tall by wearing them, but there is one Major advantage to wearing them you didn’t mention. The two things I find most attractive about High Heals is they make most Women’s rear end look tighter and more toned at the same time they cause a tightening of a Woman’s calves which looks sexier Also.

    1. +Bound for Baguio Maybe Andrew meant filipinas that just send a chatt request to a western guy without reaading his profile properly or at all

    2. Yes Andrew I can Agree with that and I have always avoided women that work in the sex trade for that reason…. It isn’t about love and commitment with them…..The only commitment they have is chasing money, they understand they can make a lot of money quickly dong this while putting out very little effort. It is a Real Crime to see beautiful women do this when there are men that would treat them like queen if they would commit to them only. Fortunately for me I have found the Latter….They do exist but take some real effort on your part to find…Good Luck!

  27. Im a British citizen.  I want to fly to the Philippines and marry my filipina fiancée.
    I cannot find the regulations regardless of where I look.  I get lots of questions but no answers.
    Where can I get the proper answers?

  28. I love your attitude. You seem like the kind of person who looks for the best in others. Even though you did make some generalizations, I think we all do, at least internally anyway because they have some merit to them.

    If everyone would stop being so hard on themselves through comparisons to other people (men included and not just regarding appearance), life would be a lot more peaceful.

  29. I do hope to live in the Phils within 5 years. I agree with all of this. If you are a Filipina, don’t try and change yourself. Your smooth skin, long dark hair and dark eyes are so dazzling and elegant. I’m 6′ 2, 225 lbs and I love short girls too !!!! A lot of it is because opposites do attract. Many of us come from a fair skin country where obesity is so common and when we think or see pinays we just kind of go “goo-goo”. lol

  30. I couldn’t agree with you more, speaking for myself I find it a major turn off when I see a woman that racially would have dark hair like a filipina and they dye their hair to something that is obviously not natural for their race. But then again I’m the kind of man that really doesn’t think that a woman needs make up, if I care for a woman then to me she is the most beautiful creature in the world, now if she wants to put some on I’m not going to go ape about it but I just don’t see the need. What I care about and want more then anything else in the world is a woman that will take me for who I am and not try to change me but will love me and care for me as I am. I had a mild stoke a few months back and while it hasn’t caused much problem just a little loss of grip strength in my left hand thank god my wife just saw that I had it happen once and that it may happen again and left me. To me the most important thing is honesty, trust and loyalty to me and from me to her so that is what I am going to be looking for when I move there once my divorce is settled.

  31. We decide within 3 seconds and when it comes to some filipinas you can really that those seconds pass by quickly no I am not referring to the crazy one or the scammer no I am referring to those that reply to all oyour questions with yes, no, I don not know and maybe and further more does not ask a single question with those you feel that the seconds move in hyper speed. By the way where does filipinas stand when it comes to their beliefs about we westerners believe about them I have a friend in Butuan named Gail when we chatted once she asked me how can you trust me since I am filipina. Are there some filipinas that believe that we westerners believe that all pinay women are gold diggers and scammers ?

    1. +Sendra Lisson there are scammers on both sides, the men and the women. anyone who uses online dating will eventually run into someone online who is not being truthful or out for money. personally i’d say only about 10% of the people registered in an online dating service are actually there looking for an honest relationship.

  32. I have tried 100’s of times,,,, I DO NOT WANT A WHITE FILIPINA or one that supports a HAIR DYE COMPANY…I came to meet a Filipina STOP TRYING TO BE WESTERN !!!

  33. My fili explained to me that light skin implies wealth and dark skin implies poverty. Outside workers, eg. farmers, laborers etc. are dark. Inside workers or those with aircon are light.

  34. i dye my hair bec i have white hair coz of genetics LOL and not bec i wanna be like white women in the West hehehe but thank you for the wonderful words that u said about us, Filipinas…

  35. Filipinas, Reekay speaks the truth here. Please, please stop trying to look Western to attract us. We don’t want it. We want the natural Filipina look.

  36. Sorry Reekay, the volume on many of your outdoor videos is just too low, even with my volume on Max. Can you edit your volume to be higher please.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea It is very likely their computer or phone. I have to adjust the sound every once in a while on my computers. It could also be they unknowingly hit the slide bar on the speaker on the video.

    2. i haven’t checked the older videos, but everything from the last year.. i’ve played on other computers at net cafes and friend’s houses, the volume is fine. check the main volume on your audio settings. it might be limited there, even with your taskbar volume set to 100%.

  37. New subscriber here I am a Filipina very well said good thing i don’t use whitening products because i am proud of my color

  38. It is an Asian thing to want to be White, not the just Philippines, example, you find the same issue in India, Thailand, China, and Cambodia to name a few places where the women and men also want to be White, so skin whitening products are sold that really do nothing.

  39. Again you are right on point and these type of down to earth brutally frank and honest conversations is what all Filipinas should listen to and give some serious thoughts. Growing up in the Phils as a 5’5” young girl was considered a great asset but I had darker skin while my younger sister was 5’2” and lighter skin. So I grew up hearing different comments from people about our differences. Some hurtful and some complimentary. As I matured and got exposed to different cultures living in the U.S. I’ve learned that knowing who I am and being comfortable and happy with who I’ve become is the best way to live a life in peace and contentment ❤️

  40. in my experience this is a class topic. in asian cultures the darker they are represents they are poor or farmers. lighter skin means they do not have to labor and toil in the sun. it is funny to me because in us tanned skin means you dont have to work. you are rich and can play golf all day or live on the lake etc.. “god is great, beer is good and people are crazy”. My Filipino wife is 38yo, 4’11, dark and fit. i am 63yo, 6’3 250 lbs not handsome. works for us…

  41. We mix color tht’s why the others jealousy btw i am pure white 😂..
    They think am half japanese,korean and chenese🤣..

    And the other reason is influence korean and japanese and chenese .

  42. this is so hard. seems so one sided. I as a ugly man with a simple income, expecting a simple and similar activity level. been with my Filipina wife for 33 years now. we co exist and smile sometimes. but once she was westernized through friends expectations. she thinks life is boring watching boring watching movies, grilling family activities. just waits for next VA check to bingo or game room. HELP. I’m so lonely. maybe it’s me. too simple

  43. My GF uses what I call the pale like me, phone camera. Why I will never know. She has a complexion that most American women would die for. U ought to see what it does when she takes a picture of us together, I look like Casper the ghost. She has blond hair which I really like on her, because it isn’t real blond it is more of what we call a dirty blond (a lot of brown in it) It wasn’t like I didn’t know she was darker than her pictures when I saw it in the states, my first clue was every other Filipinos picture I saw they were dark & she must have spent a lot of days in the sun just before video chats lol. I have found the same thing with Filipino men they think they are better looking if they are lighter too, for the most part. I believe it has a lot to do with Hollywood. Another great series.

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