Advice For Travelling Overseas – Part 1 of 3

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  1. Good story. My gf and I were in Bohol Aug 2012. This is exactly what happened to us. The local cabbies realize you don’t know the lay of the town. We were tired from checking out the sights in Bohol. I was likely more fatigued than her, decided to pay the P150. I knew it was a ‘rip’ but I had a guest with me. Got to our destination safely. So, beware, even in Cebu.

  2. On Mactan, after a big of drinking with a friend, we got into a cab and did a trip that should have cost us about 225 pesos. I wasn’t paying attention but even then kinda knew something wasn’t right with the 600 pesos´╗┐ he charged. Another time, for that same trip, a taxi tried to charge me 450P, but I hadn’t been drinking so I just refused and got the next taxi. So, if you’ve been drinking they will raise the fare as well hoping you don’t notice.

  3. The other part of the story is also interesting. My gf, after hearing the fare we were to be charged, innocently opened her wallet in front of the driver in view of other taxi drivers. My heart almost jumped out of my skin. Had one of them decided to snatch it from her, he would’ve easily disappeared in the dark. Wouldn’t have ended well. Good that I checked her actions in time. Tourists! Ha ha. There is a God.

  4. I’ve considered doing them in one long, 30 minute file but statistically, most people want a video that is between 3-6 minutes long. Maybe for quick breaks at work, short attention spans or whatever.. so I break them up and link them together with the onscreen notations.

  5. That taxi driver is a Pest, I’m from Cebu & I hate those taxi drivers acting like a retarded rabbit with no ears. This fucking people make Cebu look bad.

  6. If am inside the taxi and they try to hike the fare, I have said to them, “No.. just the meter is fine. I don’t want you getting in trouble for over-charging me.”, and they get the idea. But if I haven’t gotten in the taxi yet, I just walk away and get a different taxi who will use the meter only.

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