Adjusting The Incubator And Setting A New Batch Of Eggs

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  1. You are much like a teacher Brian, when you tell us things you also explain the how-so of those things which gives the listener a clear understanding. Often times we the listeners are getting a lesson when viewing your vids and often times I and maybe others too will go on the net to research further to learn even more. My assignment last week was azolla or as Concing may say “ass-hola”. This weeks lesson is egg incubation. Maybe a fan would drop the humidity just a bit.

  2. 😁😁 I know you don’t like links to other websites. But I was researching where to find instructions on the incubator and I found one on It shows the incubator being put back into the Styrofoam packing while the incubator is running. Not sure how many details you’d found in the past for how to operate the incubator, but you may find these instructions very informative. I’ll leave a link, but also just a description of the incubator so you can copy and paste the information into the search bar on if you want. It might be worth reviewing before going out and buying an AC unit or whatever you may have planned for reducing the humidity in the Incubator/chick building. I don’t think your incubator is the 320 egg unit (as shown below), but it’s the same instructions as for a 256 egg unit. It shows changing the fan direction for the different number of trays being incubated at a time, etc… **** This may be similar to the manual William sent you a while back, but who knows, it’s maybe worth having a look at. There’s a little tab on the left side of the page that says “View all Specs” and ”View More” as you’re scrolling down the page. You’ll have to click on them to expand on the instructions details.

    36-320 Pieces Egg Incubator 1-5 Layer Diy Assemble Intelligent Remote Control Automatic Chicken Hatching Box Auto-humidification

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  3. Hmmm… Did we just see Marcel prove to Brian that he isn’t always right, as his counting of the eggs was wrong lol? Wishing you guys good luck on the next hatch. Take care and be safe.

  4. I think you have a high humid in the free air.ill try not to put any wather in if it still high ill put some silica poutc or salt to absurb the humid just an expirmen

  5. A dehumidifier will use a quarter of the power than an aircon will. You don’t want to cool the air you want to dehumidify it.

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