Adding Oxygen Emitters To The Tilapia Fry Pits

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  1. WHAT are these breeding tanks achieving? Initially I had thought Brian had finally realized that growing MALE only sex reversed Tilapia is THE ONLY way to make things profitable. Mixed male / female tilapia
    10 kilo feed input average size 230 grams growth ,, MALE ONLY Tilapia 10 kilo feed 350 grams growth , same cost and a massive better output for your Peso. This has been documented for DECADES !!!
    But all that is happening in these breeding tanks is exactly what is happening in the pond? Am I missing something?

  2. The blue thing you have on your manifold are non return valves to stop water flowing back when pump is off ,, but you will not need them cos your pipe work is very much higher than the water ,,

  3. A two dollar pump and a $15 dollar large air-stone are unmatched. Yes the $2 pump and the ten cents stones are matched ,, they sure are NOT adding much oxygen but they make pretty bubbles

  4. Super that you start giving air aswell.. If it’s possible for you, then its also a good idea to make water changes, in your grow ponds.. Fish grows faster when having water changes. 🙂

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