ABC Hotel & Homes offers daily and discounted monthly room rates with no lease required. Located between Fuente Osmena Circle where Robinson’s malls are located and City Suites condos on Ramos Avenue. There are several restaurants near and Mango Square is just a few blocks away also.


  1. Rod,
    Thank you for the information. They look very clean, modern and safe! VERY reasonable for $520.00 USD per month and no lease commitment. Good find!

  2. Thumbs up Rod! Hows things looking there in Cebu City? Lots of panic buying here in Virginia where we are. Rice bleach hand sanitizer and toilet paper are like gold! lol Many shelves empty! Many events cancelled. Doesn’t look like we’ll be able to visit anytime soon. Don Jenny & Asia

    1. Amazing Philippines: We wonโ€™t know how many people are infected until they start testing. Thatโ€™s pretty much why the number of cases is so low there and the same goes for the US.

    2. Thanks Don. Every day is a new story with additional travel restrictions but as yet only a small number reported to be infected. There were a lot of people buying at the supermarket yesterday but still lots of food available. Alcohol, bleach, and TP going fast also. We will just have to take this a day at a time and hopefully the panic is overblown.

  3. They cheaped out on the fridge tho… otherwise a good value. I’m staying in Bamboo Bay now and the stink from the nearby river is making think about moving

    1. With the impact of Covid-19 on tourism, that hotel would probably let you bring two live chickens and a goat up to your room if you booked a month’s stay… If that’s your thing… Just sayin’… ;-))

    2. @Betta Fanatic Yeah it’s funny, but he might be serious… Some of the hotels DO have restrictions on the girls… and even the durian fruit! :-))

    1. @Yuri Travels Good info. I was in Cebu recently. Thinking about moving there. What kind of ID do I need to rent long term? Is my passport and US driver license sufficient? Thanks.

    2. Good advice from others already. Asking locals or walking the areas you might be interested in. Depending on your budget and what you are looking for. IT Park in Cebu City has a few condos like Avida, Asia Premier, and Calyx. Many other condos in the metro area and many real estate sites listing them for rent. One should be able to find some very good deals soon with the virus issue.

    3. @Iradj Farahmand if you’re already searching now, and meeting them after arriving. it might only take a day to find one (if you sacrifice 1 day just to roam around)
      i suggest you rent a motorbike before roaming around looking for a place to rent.

      piece of advice. ASK THE LOCALS. specially in the karenderia(eatery) they usually know the areas closest to them and could refer you to someone.

    4. Yuri Travels thank you so much for your advice, and I will do exactly what you recommend. But is coupe days enough to search for rentals? Is there any areas that you recommend and areas that I should avoid? I really appreciate your reply!!!

  4. You do such an excellent job of information, that I have to ask you this…
    What are your thoughts of bringing a shepherd from the states to Philippines? And what’s her journey going to be like?

    1. Thanks boogieman. Yes, there is just now news of a quarantine in Cebu City with only necessary travel allowed for food, medicine, work, this could be a very boring month or 2 or….

  5. Rod I’ll be honest I was not panicking. But damn when I see people buying everything it makes me think that I should be doing the same thing LOL

    1. I saw a report in which a psychologist explained that what you are saying is the exact motive behind panic-hoarding behavior – you see other people doing it so you then think that you should be doing the same. Resist the urge or else your giving in to the irrational TP will NOT protect you from the Corona virus so there’s no need to stock pile 128 rolls

  6. “Generator Fee @ 85 Peso per hour (if incase of brownout)” ๐Ÿ˜‚

    That’s 2,040 Peso per day. Seriously? I’ve never heard / read about a “generator fee” in a hotel.

    1. You might be able to find such a deal Daniel. I have talked to a few habal habal drivers who pay about 100 pesos/day to rent the motorbike. 100 x 365 days is 36,500 pesos. You could probably buy a used unit for less.

  7. Stayed at ABC previously and it’s great for short stays. But there’s no chance I can accept monthly stay in such a small unit and incomplete kitchen.

    1. From what I’ve seen of Rod’s videos, that layout is very similar to the studio and even 1 bdr condos around Cebu. Perhaps a few Sq. M larger, but not much

    1. @Amazing Philippines I agree with you. I used XE exclusively, because other sites require a U.S. phone number. XE does not, very fast also, if you transfer money to your Philippine bank you receive the money in your account faster than you can log on to your account. If you use U.S. dollars you can avoid their inflated exchange rate too.

    2. It can depend on your country Fernando. I have used Remitly but they required a USA phone number to text me a code so now I use Xoom which is owned by Paypal and I haven’t had any issues. I tried World Remit. They sent me $1000 and 2 minutes later cancelled the transaction. I called them and they wouldn’t tell me why the cancellation.

  8. It is a great place. I have stayed there for two months. Casa Verde just around the block. A nice restaurant. ATM close by. Little store downstairs. Elevator. Thanks Rod.

  9. I have a room reserved there for a couple nights on the 20th of April. I hope like hell they give the all-clear before then. Thanks for posting this, Sir.

    1. Thanks DoubleE. I also hope things improve quickly but right now there will be some type of quarantine probably and it is effective starting today for all but necessary things like food, pharmacy, work, medical, etc.

    1. Thanks George. The news on this is changing quickly with more restrictions. I just put up a video and it is already a bit out of date.

  10. You would think they would make better use of the space with the small fridge by sitting it on a cabinet with shelves or drawers instead of getting down on your knees to see into it…….I guess people just stack there luggage on top of the fridge…lol ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks Tim. The news and restrictions change each day so it is tricky to keep up with the latest. I just heard we now have a quarantine in Cebu City also with only necessary travel permitted such as for food, pharmacy, work, etc.

    2. I wonder if that may also means checking passports for travel history. That’s what they’re doing on Camiguin Island.

  11. Fantastic video rod…..actually, end of March. Travel and rooms will be very inexpensive….people here aren’t moving around or very little movement….I’m in vermont next to new York and seems like we are going to have a 6month lil in life so to speak…..anyways thanks again, stay safe

    1. Thanks David. We are living in “interesting” times and things will get worse before they get better I think, but they will get better eventually. Take care.

  12. My wife just sent me information saying the Cebu airport will be closing down over the next few days, and that ALL airports in the Philippines will be closing down. Filipinos (and most others) can still fly into Manila, but will be subject to a 14 day quarantine, at their own expense.

    1. Thanks John. I just uploaded a video about the travel issues and it is already out of date a bit with news changing every few hours. There is now a quarantine in Cebu City with restrictions for only necessities like food, pharmacy, work, etc.

  13. IMO, that is not that great of a deal.. I have never seen this about the generator?? 85php per hour if you have a brown out?? Anyway, it looks like a nice place… Thanks for the video, Rod…

    1. That is the first time I saw a charge for generator use during a brownout also Bruce and bad PR at the very least. The good news is that they seldom get brownouts but still quite odd.

  14. Another good video Rod, looks pretty good value for the money , and will probably even get discount the way things are now the whole world is in panic mode. Iโ€™m back home now, but beginning to wish I had stayed there. Stay safe there Rod .

    1. Thanks Brian. A quarantine just started in Cebu City so they don’t want people out except for necessities. This could be a boring month or 2.

  15. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿปโ€™s up I vote Philippines to incorporate split air-con in all units. Check out โ€˜The Baseโ€™ a condo unit in Pattaya Thailand. Itโ€™s my dream condo units. Disclaimer: Iโ€™m not endorsing The Base itโ€™s just a fantastic unit design.

  16. Looks like a good location and a decent place at a decent price .only thing I don’t agree with is that generator fee . If they have to run the generator ,85 pesos per hour . Because if they have like hundreds of people paying that fee, they’re making like a big profit off of that.

    1. Thanks J J. That is the only time I have seen a generator fee and it is a bad PR move. They may be buying electricity from a neighboring business but still crazy.

    1. Yes, basically a hotel room Martin. Most hotels will give at least a 10% discount for longer stays but many also change rates and promos often depending on demand.

  17. I live in Cebu…sent them a message asking if they are offering any discounts now on monthly rates they responded NO full price… Rooms would only be a good deal monthly if power was included but it isn’t. I told them thanks but no thanks.

    1. Interesting experience Kenneth. Maybe I drummed up lots of business and the demand is now there. I was told there was a 40% discount at that time.

  18. Maybe, Cebu rental prices have gone up, exceedingly, over the past few years? The rooms, to me, seem really small, and no balcony, & a, per hour, “brown-out/genset surcharge”, all for over $500usd,, is too much money.

    1. Yes, I have seen prices go up quite a bit in the 4 years I have been here Graham. They have to level off and may decline with the present issues.

  19. I seen were that sign said 1 month deposit (refundable upon checkout) ….I wonder if they would give that to me in writing, it seems refunds are few and far between here lol

    1. All bars are closed and they still aren’t selling alcohol (drinking) in the stores. Lapu Lapu was selling liquor and many have gone over before the more strict quarantine.

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