A Wet ‘n Wild Day in Pattaya Thailand

#Pattaya #Thailand #WalkingStreet
Just your “average” day in Pattaya Thailand LOL

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  1. I have seen numerous videos of Thailand and South East Asia and have never seen the Sanctuary of Truth or anything quite like that.
    Thank you Chad.
    Oh by the way, I personally like these vlogs that you claim are fails. What I enjoy most is that fact that shit happens and most vloggers don’t share this with their audience.
    Chad this is what separates you from the pack and I find your channel refreshing.
    When the ” situation” changes I’ll be sure to contact you for a consult upon my future trip.

  2. You reminded me i went to that sanctuary temple it i was a little creepy the lady tour guide talked like a teacher for 1 hour. Yes the craftsmanship was amazing supposedly the workers sleep on those scaffolds.

  3. Rather disparaging towards UK 🇬🇧 guys there bro. You will meet people from other countries also particularly our Aussie brothers.
    It isn’t all about the USA 🇺🇸 you know. I visit LK Metro and if you go into the Billabong bar say hello to Bell.

  4. The work is never ending! The problem with the temple of truth is the waste, all the teak wood, that jungles are cut down for, just wasted, yes it is beautiful, but it rots away very quickly due to having no treatment on the wood and being exposed to the salt, the grey areas of woof you see, were new 2 years ago

  5. Chad. A bit of advice. The ladies wouldn’t like to be called whores. Show a bit of respect in their country. I think you know there story

  6. Went to the Tahitian queen in 1988, didn’t come back till 2004 called back in and I swear to god the place hadn’t changed one bit, I think a few of the dancers were still the same ! ,only kidding ,but great to see the place is still going , I just wonder how many off these places can survive.

  7. Thanks Chad! Live in Nonthaburi and it was a good insight into the new normal in Pattaya. Beer Garden without people as well as other places was surreal. Your planning of the route through the floodwaters on foot was something I have done many times ha ha! That temple deserves a visit sometime soon. Cheers again

  8. Sanctuary of truth is one of the most awesome pieces of architecture I’ve visited in the world. Then you make me jealous with a sunset beer at the Pattaya beer garden , one of my favourites . Praying for open borders soon even if I need to pay extra for testing and insurance.

  9. Love the Sanctuary of Truth. Must have been there 6 or 7 times over the years & i love to watch the artisans work. It’s a really relaxing place, glad you enjoyed it.

  10. Respect to you for respecting people you might film. You are so right 👍
    The clapping from the motorcycle taxis is only to get your attention. It is not something rude towards farangs.

  11. Chad, you got to 100K subs by narrating a decent travel channel with cars included – not for your stand-up comedy routine. So, skip the funny dog barking jokes and stick to what you do well. In other words, keep your day job and quit embarrassing yourself… 😏

  12. The most amazing thing about them statues and ornate parts of the building are imagine getting part wrong you’ve gotta start all over again the people are super skilled

  13. Seen many young tourists swimming in the soi’s when it floods,im thinking do you know your basically swimming in a open sewer!…the sanctuary of truth is an awesome site they continually work on it never ever stop and also the baht bus would’ve took you there if you asked him,enjoy…wish i was there grrr

  14. I can’t get enough of your clips. You always put smile on my face. I prefer to watch your show over any other youtuber or even porn. By the way you paid for sanctuary of truth price less then any Thai person. You the man. Do it again

  15. Have photo’s from Sanctuary of truth of a pregnant lady with a small block of wood held between her feet while she is using a chisel and hammer to shape it. Wasn’t the safest thing iv’e ever seen

  16. This is one of the scene shot on Money Heist, Season 3 when Tokyo head towards a wooden castle-like structure to finally meet with the Professor to hatch a plan to rescue Rio. This place is super duper epic & totally amazing. Love the music at 17:46 anyway. Yeah! Awesome bro✌

  17. Thanks for the vids mate, awesome update as usual,myself and my Thai wife Noki think you’re the best on youtube, bought a shirt to give support…cheers

  18. Your so bang on about the SX tourist not wanting to be on camera and the nameless faceless vloggers. Your vlogs are top class keep up the great work.

  19. CB love your video’s, your content, your outlook on life. But think about the use of the word whore, and the disdain you use it in. I mean come on dude they are people, with hearts, souls, minds, dreams, challenges. So you call a lady that comes down from Issan a whore because the only thing she could see in her future was 300 Baht a day working in the rice fields? So she decides to come down to Pattaya, BKK, Phuket to improve her monetary situation. If you call those ladies whores you might as well call 90% of the females on the planet a whore. What is the difference between getting paid in cold hard cash or getting paid by the Western standard of a comfortable life, decent house, nice car, etc. Come on dude you are better than that.

  20. TQ is being established since 1978 and most of their customers are expats living in Pattaya. It is not a typical Go-Go-Bar. I’ve been there first time over 30 years ago. 🙂

  21. Funny you speak on cats not wanting to be filmed😂
    My boy til this day want to go back but can’t find an excuse for his wife🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. Hey Bro!! You should be wearing sandals by now. Practically a native in that country. Much easier to deal with floods. Unless you got cuts and blisters. Love your videos. Be safe.

  23. Beautiful temple worth fifteen bucks. I never saw a beer glass that big that size beer probably 10,bucks and the food another 10 to 12 bucks

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