1. They don’t allow us to get an autopsy or any test for the dead body. My auntie can’t even see or touch him after they claim it’s covid, I think the government has all the power now and they give us no right to question.

  2. Is it possible for the family to get an autopsy done on the person who appears to have been deliberately harmed by someone at that hospital?
    As for Lido, rice 5 time per day is a Philippines tradition, i had to fight my girlfriend to get her to eat rice just once per day. Mabuhay.

  3. The hospitals DO NOT get a kickback for reporting COVID deaths. That was a rumor started on Facebook that has been debunked many time. Some spreading that misinformation.

  4. The family should hire to investigate and also make it sure they’ll get some sort of test from the dead body. Anyway you Brian and Maricel please be safe and take precautions

  5. Hmmmmmm phillipine hospitals. That injection doesn’t ring true for vitamins. A drip I could understand, but this seems to be some misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment. Incompetence is common in some of these places with poorly qualified supposed doctors.

  6. If everybody that saw a doctor or wanted to see a doctor got tested, we would have a better idea who died from Covid. If only the test were cheap and plentiful.

    Government help needed with lowering the cost and availability.

  7. He was murdered ☠️☠️☠️Killers at that hospital investigation needed. Doctor 💀Sorry the Philippines 🇵🇭 is so backwards. They treat life so cheaply. Dangerous vehicle operations. Poor education a waste of people’s lives. Backwards country.

  8. I live in CDO…A Canadian friend from Bugo, 20 minutes away, fell on his tiled floor and split his head open like watermelon..
    His wife found him dead after 5 minutes,,
    A doctor was called as well as ambulance..
    Cause of death……Covid…
    Result was instant….

    We all know what is going on but nobody seems to want to call them out…
    Plus the media here is too afraid to run with it..

  9. To test for a virus they have to draw blood, the swab test is BS, they are getting $32 thousand for each conflu.They have put chips and DNA in the vaccines for the conflu , plus they get rid of all the cash.. Thats why they brought in 5g to trace every human. What it comes down to it they are bringing in the world order>>>666 I will not consent to the beast.

  10. Careful Brian I am not Saying you are wrong just saying Careful putting this in the open.You and I know something is not right. That is like the Idiot Trump claims to have the Virus and 3 days later he is fine and back at the white house with no mask . Yes I said the Idiot Trump. I have made it clear the best part of Trump ran down his Mothers leg from a one night stand with the trash man. A lot of lies going on But I know People believe things there hear.

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