A Surprise Gone Wrong

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  1. 6″ to 8″ thick memory foam. Go to Cebu City to find one. Have the wife stay up (or get a motion activated camera) and record yourself sleeping. I’d bet you are tossing and turning dozens or more times a night. Memory foam will fix that.Cost will be high but back pain relief will be worth it.

  2. Hi Brian , I think.you need a memory foam i remember someone that I.meet here in Khartoum.he come from.Florida he bring his own bed and pillow that called memory foam and pillow cos he always complain the pain in his back the foam help him to sleep comfortably at night , I dont know if you can’t find that in PH ..take care ….from flor …

  3. There is a therapeutic bed who has a problem to their body. Your friend Lyn n Anthony is using king size therapeutic bed. I had it. It has a very thick width mattress. Very comfy n no ache.

  4. Brian really !!
    Do not listen to the mrs on something so important. We sleep (or try) for 1/3 of our life spend the money and get a proper spring mattress of good quality. Don’t buy that rubbish DONT , go find a reasonable mattresss in the city even Cebu, don’t waste money. I nearly divorced my wife because of this buy from relations they are good. No they are not !!! Your fired if you continue this. It’s serious you got one back look after it

  5. Maricel, dont let charlie get use of always being carried around, ask Brian to buy a buggy or pram so u can just push Charlie around when u are out and about. Soon he will be so heavy and u are tiny and will hurt your back.

  6. This is like the countless times my Jen brings home shoes for me that she thinks “have” to be big enough which never are. I try to tell her if she would like to get me some footwear may be the best idea would be to take the foot along 🙂

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