A Simple Life With Simple Solutions.

Vlog#829 Today in Thailand life must go on. Things here are pretty basic, and problems come and go. There really is no need to complicate life here. Food, shelter, and family are the basic necessities. Coming from the Land of opportunity, I find this concept more easy to just be happy in the Land of Smiles.
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  1. Love ya chuck and paige. Great painting! You deserve a Leo and a Sunday Funday. God I miss Sunday Funday. Have you ever thought about doing live feeds from the house for like 3 hours a day. just have a bunch of cameras set up that way we can catch Soi Mafia cooking 555. Alternatively, IRL streams are big maybe just do the Truman show on a saturday or sunday?

  2. Someone is getting the land bug. Only a matter of time before you and paige have a country home base like LOST simon and mem. Waiting for that to come 555

  3. Hi! Chuck looking good in your place in Thailand 🇹🇭 many recover from covid 19 here in the philipines looks very bad because reach 7210 case in covid 19 we also have lock down no beer no fun to me stay safe take care

  4. .Gidday, Need is the mother of invention. An Australian company, “Resmed” has designed and built a new hospital ventilator for 10% of the price of previous machines. They can be pumped out like bottle tops. The whole world will benefit from this. It is an ill wind that blows no man no good.

  5. Like the video… Thanks Chuck… hey.. the “patio” came nice and relaxing. And your design reminds me of Xes and O s… you know …xxx kisses and ooo hugs..!!:-) the

  6. The last serious pandemic which caused many deaths in the USA was in the year 1917… People alive today in the USA have never experienced a pandemic… Therefore about half of the population didn’t understand or know how to react with a virus like COVID19… The other half listened to instructions given by the CDC to get through this pandemic… Then you have dumbasses who won’t take CDC guidelines seriously and continue to mingle as usual and spread the virus because they are selfish… They don’t care if they spread it and cause people to die from the virus… Thailand has been through 2 avian bird flue and now covid19 viruses… I’m not sure if the SARS outbreak from China affected Thailand or not…. My point is Thailand has experienced enough pandemics, Thai people are pros at surviving a pandemic with minimal death…. That’s my two cents… By the way the patio looks good..Y’all stay safe and healthy👍

  7. I’m with Paige on eating the ants I’ll take a big pass I love the paint job you guys are doing looks way cleaner and nicer will be nice with tables and chairs out there for you guys

  8. Keep on doing what your doing chuck and Paige those of us who have no negative agenda salute you.. ah I sound like a modern gladiator those of us who about to die salute you 😂🤪😎🇬🇧 funny thing is after sending you message about eye health I’ve now got a minor eye infection started Thursday 😷😜 but I’ll live keep smiling …mark Liverpool uk

  9. The only problem with numbers is the source of the numbers. They say some countries are reporting fake numbers????? I found a list from April 13 (I didn’t look too hard) it had China ranked as the #2 safest country for Covid-19. Germany was #1. Thailand was #21, Vietnam was #20. But………. I don’t trust the list!!

  10. Thais are more unfriendly and ignorant in front foreingers than about 10 years ago.Not only when you drove thru the market.I hope it will change soon.Its super depressing.Im looking forward to leave Thailand.Magic is gone since a few years ago.But this is just my opinion.

  11. Epoxy for the floor if it’s available, like for garages. Get that granite look or something.Something with some texture in it so it’s not bust your butt slippery if it gets wet. $.02

  12. Chuck, despite COVID, you have the life. Simple life, great wife, you live near the Mekong with awesome views. Keep up the good videos, my wife and I both enjoy them. Would love to buy you a beer when you in BKK. Cheers!!!

  13. You should choose some bright colors for the patio like yellow orange….maybe a small table with an umbrella..it looks nice with the green floor

  14. Chuck, try to find refactory cement. It is heat resistant. We used it in a factory setting at temps over 1200 degrees. As you might realize every thing breaks down with extremes, heat or cold, but this holds up rather well.

  15. So I will make my positive comment as usual, especially since the Captaim & Coke is helping. For those people giving Chuck a hard time, take the time to watch all of his videos from the start which I have done. So I totally get it. First off I live in Michigan and our stay at home order was just extended until May 15th. We have had the 3rd largest deaths in the country. Thailand has only had 50 deaths most likely because the virus does not live well in heat and humidity. So don’t judge Chuck by his life comparing it to your because it’s completely different. I have learned a lot from watching these videos from the start. I am 60 years old and just lost my job. May have to change industries and take less money until I retire. But I look at it as a reason to downsize and start over and be happier with less stuff. I take the time to ride my bike or take a walk and have a cigar and say hello to people from a distance. I thank my mail lady for working during this pandemic and tell her that I appreciate her service. It makes her feel good, but it also makes me feel good. Being nice it much easier than being bitter and posting nasty comments. Just stop before you post and either say nothing or at least be nice if you disagree. Watching these videos from Chuck and Paige, as well as Foreigner Joe and Gift has brought a lot of positive energy to me. If you are not getting the same out of these videos then you are completely missing the point. They are all good people just trying to share there life and experiences. Make of it what you will, but as mother always said, if you have nothing good to say, then say nothing at all. Sa-Baai Sa-Baai!

  16. i think perhaps they are jelous because your are trying to be happy through the hard times, thanks for the video ,a look at the temple would be good

  17. I am editing 89 engineering subjects that cover 5,000 pages. Now doing calculations on angular velocity based on 50,000,000 cycles at a distance of 300,000,000 meters. The speed of light. Then changed to radians. Never bored doing this 4 to 6 hours every day. And that is simple stuff.

  18. I noticed the guy that you mentioned at the end about you just wanting to keep the money rolling in, had that particular, critical post, removed – so someone must have cared?

  19. Paige’s Instagram is all in Thai; if she’d make some English comments or titles I would subscribe, as it is I feel it’s only for Thai audience.

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