A Sad Ending For MB Piggery

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  1. Hard to squeeze a peso when you live in a country with over 50% unemployment and most living in poverty, even before COVID. So many strikes against any chance of profit: foreigner, farming, COVID, less ads money for YT. It is no surprise to anyone that small businesses fail. It there’s money in farming, most won’t be moving to big cities for better jobs. Good luck with the rest of the business.

  2. I would say that those of us subscribers they can’t support more than watching a channel and looking at all the ads that helps a little bit for the person that runs the channel

  3. Hey Brian it’s pretty hard going here in the states still so you have to do what you have to do my prayers go out for you Charlie and your loving wife my prayers also go out to the laid-off workers

  4. Sorry to hear that. I’ve been planning for this this type of project for my retirement in the Philippine but who am I kidding…I have no money to spare on experimentation with any business that I have to learn from scratch. Maybe just for family consumption will be fine.

  5. Well sir, on to the next adventure! The economy sucks worldwide right now. We are struggling with our business in the Philippines as well. I suspect the economy will get worse. The good news is that, in time, it will recover. It is good to mourn the loss of the piggery and to celebrate the new adventures in your fish and shrimp farming. God Bless you and your family.

  6. Guys really? Do you really need to put the poor guy down man? After all the hard work the guy put in. At least he’s had the balls to go out and do it. Keep working brother you’ll get there

  7. If I were you I would keep the piggery, chicken and tilapia.. Concentrate on those first…
    I can see your trial and error approach but keeping the 5 sow will give you a big start up when you start raising pigs again.

  8. i have 3 investors ..we have land there in Bohol, but are unable to travel to Philippines at this time due to our country of employment covid policy. Consider a percentage of the profits of the sales in the future in exchange for the pigs and the pens.We supply the money for the feed and medical. if interested to talk further or hash out any details just reply and we can take it from there.

  9. Sad 😒 but decisions have to be made, will you keep one pig for yourself Brian for food, ? Or just buy at the market as you need,

  10. YouTube going to take a big head there ain’t that many investors no more on YouTube because of his covert it’s going to be a big hit

  11. Many won’t understand how hard it is to make a profit from farming,do what you need to survive this economy. If the situation improves you can always revisit raising pigs in the future.

  12. Remember Brian any business you get involved in in the Philippines will involve the skin tax , that means you will have to work 50 % harder to make a buck. Sorry but that’s just the way it is.

  13. Sad to hear. I wish for all your decisions to work out in your favor and beneficial to your group of locals that depend on your ventures to be successful.

  14. Not in your control? This is all in your control. Farming has always been about risk and managing problems. It’s also been about marketing. Many people focus on the growing but the money is made or lost on the markets. Raising pigs in the Philippines…many people raise pigs. Plus factory farms. You have a lot of competition. If you looked around at the many people with a piggery in their backyard you will notice they all have something in common, they’re poor.

    You’re going to raise shrimp??? From a business perspective that’s the same problem as with pigs and chickens. They are already mass produced. Only in a booming market can you even expect to make money. Consider all the shrimp sold in the world. If the world consumes all that then you make money. If the world consumes a little less the shortfall it isn’t felt equally. Buyers will buy all they need from the big producers because they will have the lowest cost and price plus buyers need to keep their relationship with their dependable producers. Small guys are the last to sell.

    Shrimp are very technical to raise. Very easy to get one tiny thing wrong and lose an entire crop or even worse lose most of the crop so the costs of harvesting drives you further into the hole.

    My suggestion, not that you’ll hear it, is to grow a very small crop of shrimp just to learn how to grow shrimp. Scale up slowly.

    But then maybe the actual crop you’re growing is drama for YouTube content. A soap opera. You’re nailing that.

  15. Simple common sense rules?
    – Do not open a business in a country you do not speak/learn the language
    – Year around business planning

  16. very sorry to hear this, i could see how much effort you put into it, and all the nonsense beyond your control. forget the haters, they just dont realise the logistics of living here. the crazy thing is that pork prices here in manila have doubled in the last year. wrong place at the wrong time mate, really wishing you well in the future

  17. Hi Brian and maricel . Hows baby Charlie going. Sorry to hear .I know due to whats gone on with the price of pig meat its not good. My uncle told me once .some times its best to cut what you have keep two pigs and start over again and minimise things will pick up mate and you will be back on to just gotta be confident and get back into doing what you know best and take it easy mate ok know its a hard road and pay know mind to those who critise . And just worry about your family cause there the ones that allways matter to you ok brian a beautiful baby boy and a loverly wife and hey you have got a great place just kick back a bit look at what you have and change a few things. Its going to be ok mate dont be mind on those who don’t know ok three things you have family life and a beautiful family is all you need and a few good friends .that’s what counts in life’
    scott expat in the philippines

  18. Something like this usually happens to make way for better things to come, you are making changes as you see necessary. Wish you the best going on.

  19. I am sad for you Brian. While this was not the way you wanted it to end in other videos you had indicated several times that you would like to get out of the pig business because you were getting too attached to your stock. Let us hope the shrimp business gives better results.

  20. Some time we have to cut the losses it doesn’t mean that its the end it just means there is a bend 8n the road and it leads to other adventures. God Bless in all your endeavors.

  21. So what will become if the piggery structures? It was a big undertaking I think you did a fantastic job making it happen, it’s a tough business to be in.

  22. Oh yes thats sad . I dont always comment but I have watched most of your videos from the start of the piggery . I raised a few pigs before not for breeding just for meat . I get attached to them too . thats why I dont make friends or baby them . I just feed and water then get the hell out .

  23. Well at least you didn’t get involved with the big pig plant that got bought an then covid hit.I myself can’t wait to see the goings on with the other stuff you are gonna do.oh an it was minus 20 a couple weeks ago so watching you guys working in the heat was kinda fun. Let’s get on with the adventures

  24. Gotta love all the haters. Banging on their keyboards spewing crap. A bunch of expert farmers all.
    Brian your farm and the economy will bounce back. You and the Canuck will figure it out.

  25. Lessons to be learned. To all those that think you can come into the Philippines and make money against the Philippine people on a western lifestyle may this give you pause. Stuff can go sideways no matter your skill and decision level. I believe Brian will pull out of the lows, but remember its all not glowing success if you move tgere.

  26. When you’re down and troubled
    And you need some love and care
    And nothing, nothing is going right
    Sell the Pigs! Lol when I need a laugh Brian always lays a funky stinker. Shrimp Shrimp Shrimp. Are you related to Barry Bumma Jordan?

  27. Been there, done that. Am waiting until i get my pension to go there. I did the same, but did not go into building so much. With so many people not working or just part time work, the economy sucks there. Do you have income from the states?
    One thing you can do is turn your piggery into green houses. Figure out what veggies are popular and faster growth. Cucumbers, tomatoes. Can put wood on top of pens, you have the soil and fertilizer and maybe compost. If it is humid, will work good. If not just wrap thick clear plasitc around with openings inside. Maybe you can let consing do that to make income. Local grown veggies is better.
    Maybe in future you will just buy a piglet for your own consumption. That is my plan, small farm, few sows, chickens, geese and veggies that i love to eat. Sell the extra.
    Good luck brian and maricel. Is not about becoming rich, is about keeping your head above water and food on the table.
    Good luck brian.

  28. Well, ya gotta do what ya gotta do, but it’s not the end, you still have the pig pens etc etc, maybe in a year or two when either the shrimp, tilapia or bangus (hopefully all 3!!!!!!!) are making you a decent profit, you can return to pigs if you desire to do so. It’ll truly be a weight of your shoulders worrying about how to juggle finances to enable the purchase of P15k/month for feed. I’ll NOT be skipping any Ads, hopefully us subs/viewers could make that little extra effort and even though Consing is not needed per say, her only source of income could be saved……come on folks…use those playlists for Consing’s sake….

  29. Our condolences, but on with the vegetables and shrimp. I was rewatching your math in the Philippines video—good fun.
    I still use the one where you asked Maricel if she wanted fish at the market. Which fish? those fish, you mean these fish,
    BolBan fish. are they good to cook, what cook, those fish, these fish……I am going down and buy some chicken for dinner.
    I suppose if you are getting eggs and can eat a few roosters keeping some chickens might be good. Later on you might change the breed to the ones you did a video on in December. More a hobby than a business. My asawa is getting into mushrooms when we can get back. Those used rice hulls would seem valuable for that and they just get more composted. Aurora is going to grind up the mushrooms to make hamburger patties for school children. A feed the poor sort of thing.
    Do you need some curved strips screwed onto the gate to seal the slit on top of the blue barrel?

    george and aurora.

  30. I am really sorry to hear this sad news Brian. It’s not only you that is suffering because of the virus. I build a shop like a 7/11 and just want to stock it but luckily I listened to my filipina and not stock it up. I am stuck in New Zealand due to the virus and send her a few million pessos for the stock but she refused to take the money out of the bank for stock and I thank God that she is a clever girl. People don’t have money to buy and lots get help from the government. I am very proud of my filipina she did the right thing. Once again it’s heartbreaking to hear that things have turned out the way it did for you. I hope you will at least keep this channel going.

  31. We suggest you reevaluate your payroll. You seem to pay everyone about double the going wage. πŸ€”

  32. Brian & Maricel I’m saddened to hear the news about MB Piggery I’ve watched you through the years and will miss it God Bless and good luck!

  33. Wow we were not expecting that 😒 lessons learned I guess. Just to many fires πŸ”₯ not enough water to put them all out. On to the next project shrimp … shrimp….shrimp looking forward to your first harvest.

  34. Pigggery, lost money
    Chicken project, no profit
    Fish pen, lost money
    Azolla pits, big boondoggle
    Shrimp pond will go the same, no profit

    Brian seems like a great guy and tries hard, just not a good farmer.

  35. Awwe so sorry and You, Brian are an animal lover.. That comes across always… Maybe give time to think about using the pigery stalls to grow mushrooms to sell.. No feed costs or huge overhead expenses.. Sending good energy for the shrimp tank, pond and talapia ponds.,riice field and bananas πŸ™‚πŸ’š

  36. BRIAN you should SELL some of your BIG Land to get ahead and KEEP the 4 SOWS and a LESSON LEARNED. Do not go.in hard and Over Capitize in Marcels Businesses. Stay HUMBLE and RESPECTFUL too ALL FILOPINO People.Always remember. You are a. Foreigner in their Land..GOOD LUCK.

  37. open fish box BRIAN fast !!!and materials for filter crafts …….2000- 3000 kg tilapia and resolve problem ,,,,,,,,and second box with water for azzola culture ,take out water pomp of two circle and down into two circle for agriculture sustenable

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