A Return to Ocean24 Resort, with the GoPro Hero3

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    1. Wow! Finally, I got in! Nice view! We have a 1, 000 hectare of a land in Dumaguete, I would love to see it someday.Nice to hear that you are safe and sound! God bless! Think positive!

    2. Just record and save what you record then send it to share it
      To whoever you want to share it too. People do it all the time. I know I do. Well, God bless.

    3. Easy I’m sure if you have a video on your cell phone or tablet or laptop you can make a video of yourself and put it on YouTube for people to see or on g+ or even Facebook. So its simple if I’m making myself clear on how to create a videos like this guy. Its so easy a kid can do. I hope I explain the best i can and you go from there.

  1. Henry , Another nice vid . You seem to have no prob. finding a friend ther to hang with. nice to see you  out and having fun again. Thanks again . Aloha

  2.    You Gotta Wonder ??? when you see a nice resort like that, just how
    much that would cost to develop ??- a lot of bucs $$$ and there’s not
    a lot of people there to really pay for it. The owners–if their private people,
    must have lot’s of money. I guess it could be owned by the state though??
        All those steep rock like steps remind me of Pueorta Vallarta in Mexico,
    where they have a lot of those steep type of rock stairs in resorts along the
    ocean, and very scenic as well. I could just imagine how many guys they had
    to hire to build that resort there–I’ll bet a lot of workers.- “very nice”

    1. @Steven Hardy – I’m sure your very right there Steven, and I guess
      you would know, with your wife having hired people. Labor rates are
      very cheap there, and I guess some private people got together and
      developed it. Because labor is usually around 50-60% of the cost in
      North America, I would think they built that at a very reasonable cost,
      if the labor rates were anywhere close to what you suggest. Thanks for
      your input on that Steven. ( Grant in Canada)

    2. @Grant Bedard it is designed very nicely and efficiently, not haphazard or piece-meal like i’ve seen elsewhere.  it is in a remote location but i’ve seen other expat locals there in previous trips.  it’s beginning to get well known in the area, still is very new.. maybe less than 2 years.

    1. @atran35 here in dumaguete there are two gyms that i know of.  for more info, ask Ned at PhilippineDreams (link at my main channel page).

  3. How nice!  Uprated, will share.  I’d be all over this place.  I don’t mind not being able to smoke, and like to neatly take in what I can, and fun stuff to read, my supplies, a little food, water, et c.  And be tidy!  Not pester anyone.  Chill!!  I have some clips up from May of this year at the Silver Beach on an island off Hyeres-Les-Palmiers, French Riviera.  I am disabled but was able to walk there alone (far), and swim and relax and get myself out alone.  A grey or slightly grey day has fewer people and is wonderful.  I like to do watercolors (have a portable kit), take photos and clips, write, et c.  All portable I can manage.  🙂

    1. @Badeye sewergirl In Dumaguete, an affordable, clean, secure place to stay is the Check Inn, located just a few blocks from the boardwalk, around the corner from the smaller McDonalds and the POS Marketing building.    (yah, it’s actually called POS.  ha!)

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines  either way i can’t see it as a bad thing.  after all  as human beings we’re really not meant to be alone… for too long anyway.   i look forward to your videos.  have a good one. 

  4. I would bet that about 99.9% of North American men just wish
    their wives had a body like that at 44 yrs old, and 4 kids-WOW,
    you can’t get much better than that. No wonder guys are heading
    for the Phils–get away from all the fatties here.

  5. off topic Henry, but I’;m wondering if you can update us about the small piggery you started…Thats my dream. is that still possible in dumaguete or would you be stepping on others feet doing that? 

  6. do they let you use the electrical outlets for charging your phones and or camera batteries, ?  is the same electrical outlets as in the USA or do you need a special attachment / Plug?     any spare batteries for your GOPRO, ?

    1. @BenFern kay i didn’t notice any outlets available there.  i have an adapter that charges my gopro via a usb cable that plugs into a standard 220v outlet here in the ph.

    1. @Paul Eguales i’m glad to do so. i enjoy my visits to Ocean24 every time. nice job on the newly added pool, btw. it would be nice to have bbq served at a set time of day, so people can plan on when they can order hot food there. thanks for providing such a nice place to swim and relax.

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