A Rainy Night In… The Philippines

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  1. Just a comment on the snails in the rice paddies.
    When I grew rice in the P.I I spread carbonized rice hulls over the paddies and drained a lot of the water out of the paddy. To me it seemed like it slowed up the movement of the snails over the most critical time which is just after transplanting seedlings and the plant becomes fully established.
    Maybe the snails didn’t like going over the carbonized rice hulls when it was dry.
    I had to replant some patches because of only planting 1 seedling. But I was not prepared to spread poison over my paddies because I was going to eat some of the rice.
    I used to wander around the paddies for a short while every day in that critical establishment period and picked up any snail I saw.

  2. Trees and plants have a flowering cycle .
    Some trees where I live flower every 2 years. Some every 4 years and one species of eucalyptus every 7 years.
    The grasses and clovers and native brush fill in the gaps.
    The weather a year prior to the tree flowering and temperatures during flowering influences nectar and pollen production of the flowers.

  3. Hi Brian, your pronunciation of my name was spot on.
    My advice would be to get 1 hive of native stingless bees as a trial hive.
    I think coconuts have some trees flowering all the time.
    Do you have lantana flowering there.
    If you have 1 hive you can watch to see if the bees are bringing in pollen .
    Keep a diary and over time you will get an idea of the flowering cycle of plants in your area.

  4. Hey to get good wifi we need to go to Mars, only service in town.😆🤣
    Sugar n water that’s not go for them
    Like hummingbirds . Flag it if you find it . I would like to have a hive but I am getting stung daily and not from honey bees .. I am not into the pain .. Charlie is growing fast real fast . They said because of the virus they are having to kill the pigs in massive amounts. So prices are dropping real low ..they have to for flowers. People are raising bees because the farmers have sprayed until they are destroying all of them so they make a living driving around with thier hives ..

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