A Quick Check At Mitch’s Farm

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  1. Thank you Brian for teaching Filipinos about animal welfare. Hopefully conditions for “street dogs” unwanted dogs will change in future generations.

  2. Im not like that Mitchs workers mans attitude walking around with the machete

    threateningly.Face sucking tapping eyes.He should be fired for poorly managed work..

  3. Brian, could you exchange that dog the one in your house? this one you tie him so that she can’t go to the house of the old caretaker.

  4. Brian with a longer leash honey could get tangle up in the tab!e legs in the hot sun without water I have seen this happened with dire consequences.

  5. Honey was so used to run around freely, it saddens me to see her tied up, I doubt that she would run away if she’s well looked after. Does she have access to water?

  6. Maybe she goes under the table and goes round n round the table leg and get herself tied around tight to the neck. Maybe that’s why they didn’t want to put her on a long leash.
    With a long leash, they need to move the table away or anything she can go around with a long leash or she’ll get tied stuck..unable to move.

  7. PLEASE PLEASE BRIAN take honey home them caretakers cant even take care of them selves i see theres no water or food for honey .i begg you to bring honey home until mitch comes back

  8. Might be an idea, to take honey around for a walk around the farm a couple of times a day, so she can do her business and get acccustomed to her new place.
    Doesn’t look like they have too much to do now, after the pigs have gone.
    Would just ask tho, I recall Mitch have people in to manage the Mangoes. Is he going to start up that again, has struck a deal, recall he had a firm idea if how much he was demanding etc.

  9. I for one and i bet others are very interested in seeing more of Mitch’s outside kitchen. That looks very interesting.

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