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  1. My God is this Breitbart ,Reading the comments is Some Cra Cra .The USA will be OK Just Maybe The Covid shit Might Get Better And people will Be able to get back to Tailand.

  2. Dude, I’ve been watching you for a long time now. Keep it going. You are aware that the news doesn’t pick the president right? They only project one. This is going to be going to court it will be a while until we find out who wins.

  3. Hello Rob! Its nice when I tune in to Thailand to get away from the p-word chaos here. And I really dont like getting my defenses up when I hear people expressing views of nihilism & discord. Tourism has suffered world wide from denying the ongoing health hazard. It will be excellent not to have a rabble-rouser as the loudest voice in America for once. With that said, lets enjoy what Thailand has to offer for keeping people smiling… d:)

  4. Not a good topic to cover right now. Best stick to Thailand or you may lose viewers. Crooked stuff going on big-time. The election isn’t done yet. Despite what the lamestream media want you to think.

  5. Sorry Rob , you should not have said anything yet about the Election , because you have secluded yourself from the information that is out there . If the U.S. goes down ,the world is in deep crap .Therefor another thumbs down.

  6. Tip top job again rob.can’t wait to get back to my Thai family and partner again.will be 12 months soon since I haven’t seen them.take care buddy from 🇬🇧

  7. maybe wise not to talk politics as a you tuber, everyone has the right to their own choice, i for one supported Trump, he has done alot for the USA. am wondering if this video will affect subscriber numbers. One finial thought, i am in No way suggesting people leave Rob’s channel, i have always enjoyed his content creation and will continue to support both here and as a patron.

  8. What do you think Thia people think about trump?
    Do you agree with the democracy movement in Thialand?

    Hey stay safe man hopefully my wife and I can meet you when we go back there after this clears up!

  9. Rob. Would you like to see thais become a minority in their homelands? If so why would this be a good thing? Do you think thais would agree to becoming a minority in their homelands? Biden has said there will be non stop waves of immigration into America and that white people will be for the first time an absolute minority in America. He said this is a source of strength. Why is diversity a good thing for the west ie America and Europe etc but bad for all other countries such as Thailand? Ask yourself who brainwashed you to think this way. As Whites are becoming a minority Biden is bringing back trumps ban on critical race theory which is an anti white ideology. The future looks good for people who look like you.

  10. Biden will reverse trumps ban on critical race theory which is an anti white ideology. He will start wars in Syria and Iran for the benefit of Israel. He will open wide the borders. He will ship American jobs overseas. He is a globalist and a communist. Bad for America, bad for the west bad for the world. One step closer to global communism and the new world order.

  11. When I went to Vietnam in 1968 the USA government told me to Kill commie’s for Freedom,now Vietnam is called the “The Democratic Socialist Republic of Vietnam”so Communist are now Socialist’s,so why can’t we kill Socialists in the USA if there Commie’s???Like the Democratic party is.We use to have a saying in Vietnam”,Lets kill them all and let God sort them out”

  12. Trump was entertaining only to those who think that destroying democracy is entertaining. “I don’t talk about politics.” followed by ten minutes of insipid commentary.

  13. The great American people have spoken. And they chosen Good over Evil, justice over crime, care of the planet over its destruction, and equality over fascism.

  14. Prior to Covid, the last three years in Thailand had never been so prosperous ever… Great idea talking Politics on your channel Rob??? Brilliant, Really.

  15. Sorry to Disappoint You but ;
    Biden is not or ever going to
    be your President … though
    you are Giddy now you are not
    Though you claim not to be political,
    you stepped in it with this video.
    You unintentionally revealed it.
    Don’t Lie to Us
    ” Stand Up For Something or Fall
    for Anything “

  16. I know you don’t follow the news much but it is not done and it is not good. Try watching Newsmax or citizen free press or one American news network.

  17. Defund the police, sanctuary cities, no bail, Forget fracking and energy independence, not to mention raising taxes and that means everyone. No school choice. Open borders illuminate ICE what could go wrong?

  18. Nice little change for the country??? You do know that Trump was elected because of the division not the cause of it. But people that live in a bubble wouldn’t know that! If Biden had won without all the ballot drops in the middle of the night it would have been different. Unsubscribed!

  19. Hello Rob I agree with you it’s never good to talk politics. Living here in the US all I want are things to calm down and we get a good handle on Covid. Take Care has Fern made it back yet?

  20. The circus is all over and “Thump” the clown has to pack up all his crayons and disappear just like Covid19. Are you crazy? 4,700 Baht for a bloody dead bird? F#%k! That’s $211.00 Aust. Does it play a ukulele whilst giving you a BJ before committing suicide and jumping onto your dinner plate Rob? Shit! 🦚🍽

  21. As far as that entertaining crack he was busting his ass for this country day and day out with little sleep and got so much accomplished and got no recognition for it three Nobel peace nominations etc. etc. gas prices are below two dollars most of the country I could go on

  22. I believe the comments below is a real pulse of what’s going on in the USA. Approx 70% pro trump. The crowds at rally’s, signs on lawns, etc lean heavily towards trump. So the results are a bit suspect. If trump can legally prove fraud then we need a recount/redo. If he can’t prove it then we have a new president.

  23. I think I dislike people that say “I don’t talk about politics” even more than Trump supporters. I see it over and over again. If you have an opinion, then say it. What can happen?
    I can not take americans serious when they talk about freedom of speech, and then all americans say “I do not talk about politics/gun laws/racism/…”. Great freedom of speech, if you talk about nothing but gossip.

  24. Biden couldn’t get 10 rental cars full of his staff in a parking lot Trump was getting tens of thousands five times a day all across the country even in California and you say Joe Biden won the election

  25. There will be recounts and lawsuit to see if you think Joe Biden won his election fair and square and I’ve been following anything it is a farce and I hooks and a fake and a fraud

  26. I’m in Lipa City P.I…. you dems in the US don’t realize the shit storm coming,,, I do feel bad for you… luckily the Senate will keep the socialism in control, a little…No comment needed cuz I already left that situation.. Hi from the Philippines

  27. Trump will be remembered fondly by history when people actually give him credit for what he has done in the Middle East. I advise staying away from politics Rob.

  28. You need to wake up brother and not follow the leftist crap. `Sleepy joe is NOT president. The phukwt mass media cannot authorise this. Fraudster Sleepy Joe is going to court next week for voter fraud, so please wise up as `i like your channel but today you got it all wrong. Also do care because if Biden wins (its not done) Chin will absorb Thai.

  29. The Quantum Financial system was used along side the voting system as Trumps team knew they would be trying to Rig the voting, the QFS system was used as a Sting operation, you fools celebrating are being lied to, but thats what MSM etc want, then when TRUMP stays in office you will be trying to burn and smash up America again all orchestrated by the deep state and MSM, you fools play right into there hands everytime, the QFS showed 80 % Landslide victory for TRUMP and it’s all calm and being Dealt with, big Arrests will be made also.. TRUMP 2020 And it was clear hes way more popular than 4 years ago so to try and steal the vote is just comical. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Read and Weap Suckers.

  30. Rob, don’t trust the Main Stream Media or anything they say. There is so much irregularities, improprieties and inconsistancies not to mention the blatant fraud with this election.
    As far as the democrats go, they are about to ass rape the US and turn it into a woke, intersectional communist country. They have grossly mislead the stupid, ignorant and naive US vote (or what we call “low-information” voters) basically people who can’t think for themselves and now in 4 years, tehre will be an election but it will be a communist election where no matter who you vote for, you vote for the democrats.
    The country is fucked. And the UK will soon be joining the US.
    Check out Tim Pool on youtube or Timcast, not to mention Anthony Brain Logan, RSBN, One America News Network. The truth is out there but people are not getting the truth because the main stream media and social media is heavily censoring the truth from the right side.

    Be glad your in Thailand, well until China invades because they already have their eyes on Taiwan, Indonesia & vietaim.

  31. People who hate Trump hate him based solely from watching MSM every day for there daily dose of Brain Washing, people are Lambs to the Slaughter like the same sheep we see believing the number 19 bullshit, MSM controlled by the Cabal deep state to control these idiots minds, Mass election Fraud has happened and big court cases are going down, MSM are Evil and LIARS, all the hate and violence antifa BLM etc created and controlled by the same deep state also to guess what confuse you leftist Sheep to think it’s all trumps fault, you TRUMP haters are clueless… and the 1s outside America are even worse, Biden should be in jail not the Whitehouse, this election ain’t over yet, oh wait…. MSM have told you it is . 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤜💦💦💦💦💦 Braindead Sheep.

  32. Biden will be the worst president ever ,China will take over now ,goodbye to all Asian country’s welcome to the new republic of China 🇨🇳

  33. A nice change indeed.
    A majority of Americans hate Trump. Around the world, he’s extremely unpopular and has brought down the reputation of the US, and damaged it almost beyond recognition.
    Trump’s corruption, incompetence, overt bigotry, ignorance and hatred needed to end.

  34. Trump will be president for four more years once Biden’s mail fraud enters the Supreme Court in a few weeks… it will be like 2000 election when Al gore gave up the president seat to bush TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  35. If Biden is declared the winner it will be the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people how can you elect a man who is probably implicated in a corruption and money laundering investigation of his son Hunter, B L M Bidens laptop matters.

  36. @Rob hadn’t it been messy for the past 3+ years with the dems refusing to concede and allow a democratical elected president to be the president? As soon as biden takes over china will no longer be afraid to carry on with its theft of the South China seas, invading Taiwan will be first on its agenda, then maybe the Philippines? I know Thailand has historically never been defeated, but don’t think it will not be on the CCPs hit list, Aae you not fearful? Guess that’s the problem with corrupt politicians, uncle Joe has already had to much money from China in his pockets to deny them anything! On the upside he can keep his family of of prison now.

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