A Mornin walk in Japan | Is it safe?

In this video….we take a walk outside of Tokyo and around Koshigaya Saitama. Are there people out in the streets? Let’s find out!

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Keep it real ya’ll
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Garden walk by Jingle punks
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    1. @Tokyo Drew I work until about 2pm or 3pm then need to head back at 5pm to sanitize construction worker portacom as the airport still getting expanded so busy Monday to Friday now. Weekends is best time to catch a Livestream now.

  1. Good to see people staying home…unlike California, folks flooding to our beaches, so we’re preparing for a 2nd wave. Hubby and I have a secret look out spot that we go to, where we can overlook the ocean, no one around us. Outside of that, we stay home. Thanks for another tour…please, you and Hiromi stay safe.

  2. The soybean curds can whistle for me 😂😂.
    20:40 🤣 fail dude. Cigs in UK are between £9-14 for 20. Which is ¥1200-¥1800.
    Relating to the age question, I just made it into Generation X in 77.
    Reckon you could fix my name in description please Drew?

  3. Sorry I missed this, fell asleep. Did have it on but passed out before I could say Hi lol Watching replay later. Hope you, Hiromi and pups are well. 😊😎

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