A Mindanao Farm: 1 of 3 Corn goats peanuts

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My brother sent me some updates on his farm in Agusan del Norte, Mindanao. This is part 1 where he talks about his corn field, goats, peanuts and some info on chickens.In part 2, he goes into delicious detail about his chickens (costs of feed, profit potential, etc.) Part 3 is a very detailed description of his water well and filtering system.
Ha ha In uploading this video YouTube asked me…”Before you publish, check the following:
Do kids appear in this video?”
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  1. Great to see and hear from you again Lance ,I remember seeing you and your farm When your brother Bud visited ,your looking really well and hope your family there are well also ,yep those kid goats can really jump high just like a springbok does in Africa ,they bouce around the grass like a rubber ball lol so cute to watch 🙂

  2. Lance you could feed the mash of the left over peanut press operation to the chicken and any pigs you might have. Beautiful place. The goats I would just pen that buck up to keep it away from that mean momma. I am stuck In the states until this is over. Give me a shout while you are in the US. Your brother has my email adios

  3. I really appreciate your brother sharing his farm videos (and you for uploading them). Doing a bit of Philippines hobby farming myself in my retirement, and it is a great way to spend your time.

  4. The video now is much better ( not side up). The farm cages and rest of the area are clean. A well maintained farm your brother has there Sir Bud. I love life in the farm. No need to buy more foods. He has the foods he will buy already. No mosquitos coz his farm is basically clean. Awesome video today. Thank you for sharing to us Sir Bud.

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