A Leftover Woman tried to SEDUCE me!

A so called “Left-over” woman tried very very hard to seduce me and perhaps I can help you understand this bizarre phenomenon in China where although there is a massive gender imbalance, successful and attractive women are not wanted…

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leftover woman


  1. Ha ha ha Winston! I can already see your detractors already using this video to paint you as a cad and say that all foreign male English teachers are in China only for the sex.

  2. You just gave me a lot more respect for you and it’s simply the fact you said you don’t believe in cheating. Believe it or not I lose respect for those who do. Great to hear. I’m absolutely sorry you were put or tried to be pushed into the situation.

  3. your baby 7 months take loads of vids n pic the first 5 years they change so much my baby girl is 10😭
    i used to hold her n she would just smile n she weighed like a bag flour now shes 10

    her first word her trying to say words to actual saying the words clearly walking like a doll toddler soo cute
    to walking like little madam
    😢 its not fair she grew up too fast

  4. I like your videos but this one makes me feel sorry for the lady. I think her new husband can easily recognize her by the photo and her profession. It’s just not cool to kiss and tell.

  5. The East is so different from the West.
    Over here there are leftover men (Must be something wrong with him since not married by 30 – 40) and of course divorced women.
    The divorced women fall into at least 1 of 3 categories…
    (1) Aren’t really after a relationship or
    (2) Expect you to earn 6 figures after tax, to own a big house, BMW or Mercedes and to take them on holidays constantly.
    (3) Have mental issues or social issues where they will mistreat you / abuse you.

    For this reason it is better to stay single or if desperate for sex go to a brothel. NOTE: I’ve never been to a brothel but it is a solution for some I think.

  6. I am sad to say that very few of the commentators thought the way you did Winston. Most men just had wet dreams, or called her a ho, they did not appreciate that she was desperate to have a real life and a career. There was very little angst and lots of belittling. Very sad.

  7. The women also have high expectations of which men they will accept. 🤔

    Classic case of over valuing themselves right out the market.

  8. I can respect the woman’s hustle here. She knew what she wanted and she took steps for that end.I do feel for her, the rejection will hit hard, but good to hear she caught a frenchie.

  9. Winston- It is stories like this why I love to listen to you and Matthew, to get an inside view into China. Having watched ADVChina for a few years prior to the CCP virus, it was SO cool to have an inside knowledge of China to help understand what was going on…The perspective offered by the western media compared to what I knew thanks to you guys really showed me how much people do not ‘get’ China. Stay AWESOME!

  10. Why is it so hard for a man to say No to a woman? They would not hesitate for one second to tell you to piss of. Just act like them. They want equality, I say : give it to them!

  11. From my experience, the “left over” tag starts at age 27 in China. And women who are educated and successful do not want a Chinese man that is less educated and successful than her. There are more females in Chinese universities than males. The cities of China are full of available women, especially for foreign men. And if you are reasonable handsome, it is amazingly easy to date women. And married women as well, China is full of loveless marriages that after a baby is born the marriage becomes sexless.

  12. You did the right thing, it could not have ended well, it’s not a normal situation if she knew you were not available .
    A similar circumstance happened to me 5 years ago she was 25 I was 60 both available, she was on holidays out of China, above average beautiful, highly educated, successful, talented.
    We talked over a couple of nights, the chemistry and attraction was strong and the signals were obvious, but common sense prevailed on my part.
    It was too good to be true, if I was a younger man I would’ve been hooked, she would’ve been many men’s dream woman.
    I tested her with many probing questions, she was a leftover woman at 25, I could see this would not end well in the future, so I stepped back with in myself to make a rational judgement, she sensed it and took it as rejection then took off in an angry huff and that was it.

  13. Because YOU sir are a stud muffin!

    But seriously, I know what it’s all about. In Asia, having a foreign boyfriend raises a woman’s status. I am not rich or sexy. I am quite the opposite. But I actually had ladies fighting over me.

  14. Creepy … Imagine for one moment if the roles (genders) were reversed. In any case, that behavior is called “sexual harassment” … and it is unlawful.

  15. Having another woman is ok in many cultures. European and Western men who are controlled by today’s women are brainwashed to think that it is cheating. She is a woman who needed a man. A woman who needed love and companionship even if she was rich. She is human and women must be loved and honored.

  16. Over aggressiveness it’s self is a turn off. It’s a bad sign to having a successful relationship, at least that’s how I see it. …Stay Awesome!

  17. HI Winston!! You, my friend, are selling yourself short. I understand you were an English teacher, not making a ton of money…but have you ever looked in a mirror?? Your wife is very lucky & you are a gentlemen!! Thanks for a different “life” video..can’t wait to see the new car!! Stay healthy! Stay Awesome 😎💕

  18. Mate, that’s a really funny and frank account of a situation most men will find themselves in, somehow, some time or other. Cudos for relating it in a sensitive, mature and humble way.

  19. China : we have shortage of women .
    Also China : we called Unmarried women on her 30’s leftover .

    I guess the quote ” age doesn’t matter ” in china really doesn’t matter

  20. I wouldn’t be able to deal with “leftover women” purely because they would be so pushy for marriage (even though that’s the point)

  21. funny story, but i disagree with what you said about women don’t want to leave china because i met plenty that are obsessed with guys from “rich” countries and they would wanna date them and marry them just because of their nationality ….. so perhaps some would want to import their guys but most cases I’ve experienced were the opposite

  22. This word ‘leftover’ makes me so uncomfortable. There is so much less compassion to people around when we use words like that.. No one is leftover in the nature!

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