A Jeepney Ride in Cebu – Philippines

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  1. It must be hard sharing a jeepney full of giggling young Filippinos. Ha.
    So how long did the bus trip take and how much was the fare. Any tips you can think of? I will be taking this trip southbound Sept 5th.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Thanks. Was it a nice view on the ride. I am wondering how big the seats are. Thinking I may need to buy two side by side for comfort 

  2. Hi Henry, how are you there in Cebu, I just wanna remind you when taking up your video cam please be careful there in colon st . or in going SM or Ayala their so many Snatchers there,pls.turned your eyes anytime.

    1. I live in Saint-Denis, on the border of Paris, France, and snatching stuff has “always” been here.  It’s a drag.  I can think of three areas in Paris where you don’t want to be seen with a digital camera, et c.  People think “Paris is safe,” but there are some risky, even bad parts, for sure.  I was going to make a clip in the Stalingrad area of Paris not terribly long ago, and my Parisian spouse advised me not to.  I thanked him — I hadn’t been aware enough to realize where we were, on the way to a movie …

    2. Yes, the nursing student told me the same thing after I was done taping.  I know about the snatchers but sometimes take my chances to provide the video.

  3. CrusaderRabbits:   Her name is Maribel, she’s a nursing student there.  After shooting the video she told me to be careful of snatchers who steal cameras and we got to talking until she got off on her stop at the school.  Nice girl, about 19 years old.

  4. Good to see ya still here. I am about to go to the NSO and CFO about other matters for the process after being married here. The CENOMAR you should have been able to get the same day in Dumaguete. here in Cebu it is 5 working days. I am pressed for time since i need to return to the states for matters concerning my mother’s health. i am also in Cebu city here at the Cebu Parkland hotel in Ayala. I found a GoPro Hero3 for 11,999 at the Ayala mall. but none in stock and left my number. Going to the NSO in the morning to get the Certified copy of the marriage certificate for 140.00php each copy. But you just need 1 and then make photo copies. CFO is for Commission on Filipino’s Overseas which you need to take your spouse to the states. need to be there by 5am to register at 6am and only 12 slots open per day for USA CFO’s. I think the class is in the afternoon but you can google CFO and get more info. Be prepared to come back to NSO for the marriage cert. which can be the next day. You pay get reciept and come back. Take care.

    1. @bj drawh CFO is if you want to bring her to the US or other country. But you must have the Marriage contract from the NSO office first not from the wedding. She will need to know about your past wife’s if any and other family info so you can show ties beyond her and yourself. parents names, living or deceased. If the man is divorced 3 times or more i think it is a no go. I will need to ask my wife about it. She did say 1 lady was denied because her husband met that quota but may have been going somewhere other then USA. If you go to CFO go early like 3am to fall in line. There are only 12 slots per day for USA and also if you need to go to the DFA go at 1am. Ppl slept at the DFA the night before. They process about 500 per day to get new updated passport. Anywhere i been ppl have been very helpful and friendly. Just be sure to have all forms filled proper and copies of all they ask for in the instructions.

  5. Henry, I feel so sorry for you being single and so Jammed up in that small Jeepney with those cute Filipinas giggling at you and just dying on the inside because they all want a good looking rich man like you! Life is so rough for you. Your hardest decision each morning is what resto do I go eat at and which one of the million of sexy Filipinas do I chat with today. Again, I feel for you my friend. Hopefully life will get better for you. Good luck and keep a stiff upper lip. 😉

  6. Ive been a jeepney fan since I first got off the ship at Subic in 1986. Ive been back to PI with the Mrs 6 times since then and I like all the progression that Jeepneys have made over the years. Especially the airbrush art that has started appearing on them in the last 10 years or so. When we retire were going to live in Zambales for extended periods, or maybe for good. Wife has already promised to let me have a Jeepney made to my specs. Im going to trick it out good. My only complaint about Jeepneys in Visayas are the ones that don’t have the jeep type front ends, hoods and grills. To me those aren’t real jeepneys.

  7. Maribel is the girl in white? She looked like she wanted to be anywhere but in that jeep with a camera running. Gotta hand it to you for being able to go from that to getting her name. Oh Lord,to be 22 and single there again!

  8. Thanks for the ride, man. You had a great time, obviously! I’m just following your trip and enjoying your every clip since I’m so out of the country. Miss my Philippines, yeah. Keep it up. God bless.

  9. Good vlog today. Keep up the good video’s. It would be good to show and explain what to do when you enter the jeepney. Like the pay system. And how to look at the signs.

  10. Great video! I have been to Philippines a few times but haven’t been on a jeepney yet but it looks fun! I have been on a trike before but the young man driving it was weaving in and out of traffic, cut off a big bus and scared the crap out of me so i’m not sure if i would ride it again. Could you do a video on a trike ride? Maybe i was unlucky and got a crazy trike driver…

  11.  All viewers take note !!! the zero 1 Jeepney in Cebu is where it’s at,
    so forget about hanging around in malls to meet girls. Henry had a
    whole bus load of giggly girls, that looked like they were very amused
    by him doing his video on the Jeepney. Looks to me like there is no
    shortage of pretty girls there. No scooters for me–only Jeepney rides !!!
      I think I’m becoming addicted to Henry’s videos!!!

  12. Notice the woman sitting there. She keeps putting the cloth to her face. I would think its because diesel or gas exhaust fumes are in back there.   It smells…… You have traffic stalled there, all motors running with no wind.             I have been there, done that.

  13. How about a video on the Maribel and all the other girls you see in uniforms in the morning holding towels/rags over their mouths.  Does she think she is going to the US  if she gets a RN degree?  In the past they would get a bonus to go to the US then it changed to where they had to pay to go to US to work.  El cheapo employers like to sponsor the nurse and then pay them less and cheat them.

    1. The US is not the only place Filipinas go to work.  Many go to Dubai, Singapore, Canada Hong Kong or Japan.  The US is just one option for them.

    1. @stephen clark Honestly.. the best way is to land at Cebu Airport and avoid Manila altogether.  Manila is one of the top 2 worst air terminals on the planet, year after year.  Schedule a flight in to the Cebu/Mactan Airport and save yourself a world of grief and get there without Manila.  Otherwise you’re looking at either another flight or a 14+ hour boat ride.  Cebu is so much better than Manila, trust me.

  14. I found the site but a little confused or dumb, perhaps both…lol…it says:
    a) Twenty-four (24) months for visa-required nationals; and
    b) Thirty-six (36) months for non-visa required nationals.

    I’m an America here on a tourist Visa btw….thanks

    1. Thirty six months I can stay in the Philippines as a non visa national is great news.
      My ultimate goal is to be living back in the Philippines for good in early October of 2017.
      I’m so anxious to get back there, I’m in the process of selling off everything I don’t need
      want, and being where I live in the Loser City Tucson Metro area, the metro area has
      deliberately, intentionally & on purpose made it so difficult for people to have yard
      sales, plus the TUCSON area people don’t want to pay fair price for what you sell,
      it’s that way in Arizona-The worst state to sell items in the United States.

    2. @bob jones As an American, you qualify as a ‘non-visa required’ national.  There is a list of countries, I think at the bottom of that page, of all nations that do not require a specific entry visa.  (Passport Only travelers, in other words.)

  15. Gregory Mahal;..  I’m not a diver but I know quite a few.  I’ve ‘heard’ that Mactan doesn’t have much to offer, but that either Malapascua (norther Cebu) or Moalboal, Apo Island (near Dumaguete) are better places to check out.  Perhaps other divers here know of some good places to recommend.

    1. @peter nilsson actually, anywhere in the city where there is traffic, there is lots of smog.  both men and women wear scarves over their mouth, use handkerchiefs or even medical masks to diminish the pollution they breathe daily while commuting.

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