A Good Look At The Tilapia Left In The Pond

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  1. We have 3 times rain here in cebu..sir this week..you can put shade for your tilapia in middle made of coconut leaves to cool down temperature. On water..4×6 wide..

  2. They look fairly stressed. Looks Like the larger fish are surfacing for air. The large ones will be the first to die off
    Time to remove them or add aeration to the water.

  3. ecologic fish triple price —–more protein make grow up fast and ecologic food have meat clean and meat fish are superior quality

  4. food oven for workers farm TILAPIA —–BRIAN MASTER OVEN ,,,,,,,,,energies solar become good life . Muscle they birth of protein , protein complete have 10aminoacid and azzola have ,this are reason if fish grow up fast or chicken……..grass green old 40 000 000 years are first form life of on earth and are avantage for there climate . One big problem have one solution —– key solution are = ,,,,,,,,, = are a balance between hand left and hand right , where are climate witer azzola function not good ,where temperature pass over 20C` function very good . Grass green are gold green and only solution for grow up standard life at other level into time

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