A friend in need is a friend Indeed March 24, 2020

Our friend Jenny of Miss Vie Diary deals with a medical crisis

Jenny’s Channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_I9PYaufwqQ

My Facebook facebook.com/paul.mcgill.71

Jenny’s PayPal https://www.paypal.me/msviediary061493


  1. Love your channel Paul. Sorry it’s so slow for you to monetize. So strange. My channel was quickly monetized and my language is a lot saltier than yours. Keep going and one of these days they’ll enable you. Or start a second channel. Anyway thanks for the good humor!

  2. Paul and Mae… Thank you so much. I really appreciate your effort guys. I am very much blessed and grateful to have a good friend like you..

  3. I already support a boat load of Filipinos (especially now that everything there is locked down), but because I enjoy Paul’s sense of humor so much I did contribute $10 to help Mrs. Vie’s diary.

    Also Paul, i was following your Facebook page but since you changed your privacy settings I’m not able to get your updates anymore ☹☹☹.

  4. funds availability date through PayPal is mar 30:/ This is pretty piss poor for an electronic payment platform. Is it the same for you guys?

    1. Paul, I’ve followed her long before I found you and Geo. Im one of her original subs. Im sorry for the babies arm. But where is that boyfriend? She is getting monies. She has all modern stuff. Someone shelled over some money. I’m sorry but my gut tells me something. That said, I love you guys keep up the Great content and stay safe.

    1. @Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks Paul I love ya but he has a point😂😂. I’m not a troll. I have content. Check me out. I was married to a Indonesian Woman for 18 years. I need to change the name of my channel. Asking for help. I think you should name you chicken the “Gay Rooster” 😂😂😂

  5. Mae’s 1000! subscribers!!! Way to go Mae and way to support her Paul! It has been fun to see a hardworking gal achieve her goal. On her way to 2000 and Utub hopefully will “show her the money”! : ) Portland, OR.

  6. I think Ms Vie is being taken care of and you should know you had a significant part in making that happen. We can’t have Baby Mae being sad and distracted from all her other videos now can we? Based on the donations from your subscribers and Miss Vie’s, as long as the hospital gives her credit for incoming donations, she will be just fine. Best wishes to all and God Bless

    1. Thanks for your generosity as always Gary, I chatted with her this morning and apparently she is getting the money, God bless and take care there in Africa

  7. Thanks for the video! Looking forward to your banking videos. I opened a second checking account with my CU so I will have a spare ATM card when I move there which is on hold now. Stay cautious, safe and healthy.

    1. All that traveling she just did, and she can’t come up with money for her daughter? Something ain’t right here (not referring to Paul and Baby Mae, they seem great).

  8. Because I subscribe to your channel, You Tube is constantly recommending other (monetized) channels to me even though they won’t monetize your channel. Very hypocritical of them. You might want to lawyer up!

    1. @Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks mate just an idea for a vid, have Mae interview you on her channel. She could have some scripted questions ready.

    2. I actually like the freedom of just pissing them off, it was never about the money anyway, and Mae has a channel that will hopefully provide a long lasting income, peace my friend

    1. Sorry….you are the cartoon network………I’ve had my fill of your action. Have fun. …Sounds like a scam to collect as much as possible. Con Man BS!!!1@Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks

  9. Thanks for the heads up.. didn’t know about Jenny . I have been to her PayPal and donated 5000 peso.. poor kid looking very distressed.

  10. Western Union is a lot better option than Paypal.
    I don’t use Paypal at all anymore.
    Problem being Ms. Vie would have to give out her personal info, which isn’t ideal..

  11. I have used remitly to send my self money from one of my accounts that I can’t access here in the Philippines.
    My other account with chime bank works great here and I always get paid 2-5 days early which comes in handy as well sometimes.

    I can help Ms Vie Friday when I get paid.

  12. Thanks for letting me know. Hopefully what has been given will be more than enough for the surgery and help with the medications after the surgery. God bless both of you.

  13. hey Paul and Mae, just donated but wanted to say bless you both for helping her and her daughter, it’s in giving that we receive. Can’t wait to see your next video it’s a good subject.

  14. One of the other American Philippines vloggers can’t access his money from the ATM, so might also be a problem for you Paul.Take care cheers

  15. You’re a good man Paul and a real softy just like me. Your heart is in the right place and I’d like to help if I can. God bless you and Baby Mae and your friend.

  16. Paul this is the first time I will speak negatively to you personally, you have a right to ask yes you do that’s your channel we have a right to stop watching you and this is our right and you know that and I’m sure many people will stop watching you after this video I’m not one of them I just want you to understand a little better because it sounds like you’re losing your mind.
    I live in Cebu for a past one year and I also have many friends, Filipino friends that now in bad times of coronavirus are texting me calling me and asking for help Financial help crying on the phone and telling me they have no rice they have no food for them the little kids brothers sisters mothers grandfathers and grandmothers and they crying a lot now personally I have helped to the ones that are very close to me by giving us 5000 and this is something that I’m not looking to get it back for the total of 45,000 for some of you that’s a lot of money and for me it’s OK to help people but I would never go and ask others to start helping to people that you don’t know because everyone is in need around the world and trust me Philippines is a less country right now in need of help I understand the kids his broken arm then what you should’ve done is help them and shut up about it and do not ask your subscribers for a help.
    Still respect you sir it’s just my point of view on this.

  17. Here is my two cents on the subject – there is nothing wrong with a friend(Paul) trying to help a friend(Vie). Everyone here is an adult and can make the choice to either help or not help. The negative BS is not needed. She is a mother concerned and worried about getting help for her daughter – it does not matter what her relationship status is. You can choose to help as much as you can or not at all. She asked because she did not know what to do and the health care system in most places in the Philippines sucks. If you watch the video there is obviously nothing fake about it. Just a very distraught mother worried about a little 5 year old girl with multiple breaks in her arm. If you have to bash on someone like that you are less of a man than most. I understand the concern about scammers – but I just don’t see it in this situation.

  18. Been out of pocket as a government servant for the last three days. Man the feces hit the oscillator here. LOL I tuned in and saw Vies little one on day four and she is recovering well. What a cutie. For the haters glad Paul does good things for others with his you tube channel. If you want to participate great, give if you can. If you can’t that is okay as well but all you butt hurt snowflakes put some cake in your pie holes already. Love to everyone even those eating cake. Peace be with you or peace out. Up to you.

  19. Don’t use a credit card here. I used a credit card at Outback and they stole the info and charged 250$ to Honest Bee, it’s a food delivery service.

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